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Chapter 233 – Jumping Inciden


Morning, at 6 am.

In the summer, dawn is earlier, and at this time, it is cooler and refres.h.i.+ng.

After breakfast, Dong Xuebing sneaked out of Xie Huilan’s house. He did not use the elevator as he might meet someone on his way down. He walked down the stairs quietly and left the quarters without being seen.

From far, Dong Xuebing could see his Mercedes Benz MPV covered in tree leaves, and water stains from the storm last night.

Dong Xuebing boarded his vehicle and drove to a car wash. After spending 5 RMB to wash his car, he drove back to the Public Security Bureau and entered his office. Dong Xuebing lit a cigarette and drank his tea, as he read some old unsolved case files. He wants to solve more cases and get more credits under his belt to get nominated for promotion.

But Dong Xuebing flipped through all the files and did not find any case that is prominent enough to give him credits.

Dong Xuebing was troubled. What should I do? Where can I find a case that will give me enough credits?

Maybe G.o.d had heard Dong Xuebing’s wish, and his phone on the desk rang. Dong Xuebing looked at the number, and it was from the Command Center. Normally, the Command Center will only call him when there is a new case, and it’s those emergency types. Dong Xuebing, who is only in charge of Hui Tian Village Station, will normally not receive new cases, as ordinary cases will be handled to the investigation team or Public Order section.

Dong Xuebing answered. “h.e.l.lo?”

“Chief Dong, I’m Hao Shun.” Hao Shun is the newly appointed Office Director.

Dong Xuebing replied coldly. “Oh, Director Hao. What is it?”

Hao Shun replied. “Someone is going to jump from the County’s Party Committee building. Chief Liang asked me to inform you to go there immediately.”

Dong Xuebing was surprised. “Jump from the building? Who is it? What’s going on?”

Hao Shun does not like Dong Xuebing, because during the meeting, Dong Xuebing had spoken up for Hu Silian and did not want her to be removed from her position. He had even argued with the other leaders, and it shows that he does not want Hao Shun to take over Hu Silian. Hao Shun felt he was not respected, but he is aware of what the notorious Chief Dong can do. That’s why he did not show his displeasure to Dong Xuebing. He does not want to offend the ‘G.o.d of Plague.’ “It’s like this. The person who wanted to jump off the building is an employee of the cotton apparel factory. Maybe he had been treated unfairly and went to the building’s rooftop to threaten the County’s leaders. He said he wanted to meet the Mayor and want the Mayor to settle his grievances. Sigh…”

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath. “The County’s Party Committee Building? How did he enter?”

“He barged in, and the security officers failed to stop him, and managed to make his way to the rooftop.”

Dong Xuebing knew the severity of this case and immediately drove to the County’s Party Committee building.

Outside of the Party Committee building is crowded, and a group of people had gathered to watch the commotion. Some policemen are stopping them from going nearer to the building. In the front yard of the County’s most influential building, it is also crowded with Civil servants and County Leaders. Hu Yiguo and Zhao Jingsong had arrived, and County Deputy Party Secretary Cao Xupeng and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee Huang Li are also standing there looking at the seven-story building.

On the rooftop, a man in a blue uniform is standing on the edge of the building.

“I want to meet the Mayor! I want to meet Mayor Xie!”

“Calm down. We can talk after you come down.”

“Don’t come any nearer! If you all don’t remove the Factory Director today, I will jump down!”

“Come down first. We will help you after you tell us about your problem.”

“Where is Mayor Xie? I want to talk to here!”

Everyone at the foot of the building could hear that man. Some officers and firemen should be on the roof, trying to persuade him to get away from the edge. That worker is emotionally unstable and could jump anytime. This is the County’s Party Committee building, and it a place where the County Leaders work. If this worker jumps off the building and dies, it will look bad on the County Government. This must not happen, and all the leaders at the scene were not happy.

Dong Xuebing parked his car outside and asked a police officer. “Has the firemen reach?”

That officer saw Dong Xuebing and replied politely. “Chief Dong, the Firemen, had reached, but the inflatable cus.h.i.+on is still on the way.

At this time, the inflatable cus.h.i.+on is crucial to saving that man, and Dong Xuebing’s face changed when he heard this. “Why are they so slow?”

“When this incident happens, the firemen are changing s.h.i.+fts. So, there are some delays.”

Not far away, Cao Xupeng was scolding two security guards of the County Party Committee Building. He seems to be questioning why they had allowed this worker to enter the compound. Hu Yiguo and Zhao Jingsong brought out an inflatable boat from somewhere and was instructing the firemen to place it at the foot of the building. But that inflatable boat is too small, and it is not thick enough. It will not help in breaking that man’s fall if he jumps.

The worker is still on the roof shouting, and what happened was not any big deal. For some reason, the worker was dismissed by his leaders, and he is unhappy with this decision. He had some alcohol in the morning and came to the County Party Committee Building to demand an explanation. The police officers tried to reason with him, but it’s impossible to reason with a drunk, uneducated man.

“Where is the Mayor?!”

“Mayor Xie is not in the building. Calm down and get off the roof. We can help you.”

“Call her here! If not, I will jump!”

d.a.m.n! Who do you think you are? You lost your job, and you come to the County Committee Party Building to create trouble? Do you still want to see Sister Xie? Dong Xuebing almost cursed out loud.

In another building, Hu Silian walked out anxiously.

Hu Yiguo immediately asks. “Secretary Hu, where is Mayor Xie?”

Hu Silian replied. “The Mayor had gone to the countryside for an inspection. She is on her way back now. Chief Hu, how are the worker’s emotions?”

Hu Yiguo sighed. “He is very unstable and insisted on meeting the Mayor. He might jump down anytime.

At this moment, a fire engine entered the compound with the inflatable cus.h.i.+on, and the firemen immediately ran over to set up the inflatable cus.h.i.+on.

Huang Li shouted at the firemen. “Hurry up!”

Dong Xuebing looked at the tense situation and secretly went to a corner to call Xie Huilan. The first time he called was engaged, and Xie Huilan answered on his second call. Dong Xuebing quickly asked. “Mayor Xie, you should have heard about the situation here. What should we do?”

Xie Huilan replied. “that man must be saved!”

Dong Xuebing said. “But… if he did not see you, he might…”

“Chief Dong, if I meet him, it will set a precedent. In the future, there will be endless troubles in the County Party Committee building. We must not allow this to happen. Ok. I am rus.h.i.+ng back now. Try your best to handle the situation, and remember, you must save that man at all cost.” Xie Huilan emphasized as she faces lots of troubles if this situation is not handled well.

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Don’t worry. I promise I will save that man.”

“Good. I trust you.”

After hanging up, Dong Xuebing understood why Xie Huilan was troubled over this incident. This is not a major incident, and if Sister Xie gives in to the dismissed worker, and replaced a factory director, the County Government will lose its credibility and respect. What if other workers come over every day and threaten to kill themselves if the Government doesn’t give in to their demands? The County Government leaders will not need to work and have to stop people from jumping off buildings every day.

Sister Xie must not meet this worker.

But if this worker jumps off the building, the County Government and Sister Xie’s reputation will be affected. Regardless of the reason, people will be wondering why the Mayor refuses to meet that work when he is about to commit suicide? If the Mayor had met that worker, he might not jump off the building. Xie Huilan will be made responsible for that worker’s death.

This is Sister Xie’s first test after she came to Yan Tai County.

Dong Xuebing was feeling the pressure. He must settle this issue for Sister Xie.

County Party Secretary Xiang Daofa is sitting in his office having his tea. He frowned as he looks out of his windows. But he does not want to interfere with this incident. He wants to see how Xie Huilan will handle this situation. If she did not handle this incident well and that worker dies, he can also hit her when she’s down. After all, Xiang Daofa does not like her.

At the rooftop, the worker shouted. “Where is the Mayor?”

Huang Li knew this could not carry on and shouted at the worker. “We will investigate why you are dismissed. Come down and tell us what happened to us to help you.”

The worker saw the County Government leaders giving in slightly, and immediately ask for more. “You all must dismiss the factory director! I… I want to be the head of a workshop!”

Huang Li’s face changed, and Dong Xuebing was furious when he heard this. d.a.m.n! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is too much!

The worker shouted at the top of his voice. “If you all don’t agree to my demands, I will jump!”

Deputy Party Secretary Cao Xupeng was furious too. “This man is drunk and is demanding too much!”

Hu Yiguo said. “The reporters are outside, and they seemed to be from the City. They are taking pictures too.”

Huang Li suppressed his anger. “Is the inflatable cus.h.i.+on ready?”

“Not yet… It will be ready soon.”

The worker shouted from the top of the building. “Why is the Mayor not here yet? If she is not here within one minute, I will jump!”

Dong Xuebing said furiously. “You dare to threaten the County Government? Do you know what crimes you are committing now?”

The worker stared at Dong Xuebing from the rooftop. “Don’t try to scare me! I had lost my job and cannot even take care of my family! This is worse than death! I am not afraid of anything.”

Hu Yiguo frowned and looked at Dong Xuebing. “What are you trying to do? Stop agitating him!”

But at this moment, something unexpected happens.

The weather in Yan Tai County had not been good for the past few days, and sudden gusts of winds will appear suddenly. A strong wind appeared and blew some dust into the worker’s eyes. The worker closed his eyes and rubbed his eyes with his hands subconsciously. With his eyes closed, he accidentally moved his leg and lost his balance. His body swayed… and to everyone’s horror, he fell off the edge of the roof.

“Ahhhh….” The worker shouted as he fell to the ground.

Everyone was shocked.

The inflatable cus.h.i.+on had just been inflated and was placed directly under the worker. But because of the strong wind, and the worker had kicked against the wall when he tried to regain his balance, his body moved slightly to the side. Everyone at the scene could see the worker is falling away from the inflatable cus.h.i.+on and will land around six to seven meters from it. The spot where the worker will land is concrete flooring.

A fall from the seventh story will kill the worker.

Dong Xuebing’s heart was left hanging in midair. Although he hated the worker, he does not want anything to happen to him. If the worker dies, his girlfriend’s reputation will be impacted. Xie Huilan is still new in the County, and this incident will affect her career progression. If Xiang Daofa or other despicable people make use of the media against Xie Huilan, her reputation will be gone.

Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth and prayed to himself. Please… don’t die…

“The cus.h.i.+on cannot reach him!”


Many people gasped.

Ten meters…

Eight meters…

Five meters…

Thud! A loud, dull ‘thud’ was heard.

The worker had fallen to the ground, and his head was smashed. Blood was flowing from his body. He had died on the spot.

One of the staff workers saw the body and vomited. Many people closed their eyes and turned away from the gruesome sight.

Dong Xuebing turns pale. Sister Xie is in trouble now. He still remembers what Xie Huilan had told him over the phone. “I trust you” and “save that man at all cost.” Dong Xuebing’s heart sunk and felt he had let Sister Xie’s trust down. Dong Xuebing is a prideful person, and this worker’s death will affect Sister Xie’s and his career. At this very moment, Dong Xuebing decided.

Dong Xuebing must not let this b.a.s.t.a.r.d die!

BACK 1 minute!


The scenes flashed before Dong Xuebing’s eyes.

“The reporters are outside, and they seemed to be from the City. They are taking pictures too.”

“Is the inflatable cus.h.i.+on ready?”

“Not yet… It will be ready soon.”

“Why is the Mayor not here yet? If she is not here within one minute, I will jump!”

Time had returned.

Dong Xuebing had wanted to go back further into the past, but he had almost used up all his BACK during the hostage situation and has less than 3 minutes left now. This is the best he can do. Dong Xuebing could feel a breeze on his checks, and this is the sign of the sudden gust of wind. The worker will lose his balance and fall from the roof soon.

Dong Xuebing must complete the task given to him by Sister Xie!

Dong Xuebing dashed forward towards the building.

Huang Li saw Dong Xuebing and shouted at him. “Chief Dong, where are you going? Don’t stand at the foot of the building! It is dangerous!”

No one was at the foot of the building, as everyone is afraid of the worker falling onto them. Dong Xuebing ignored Huang Li and looked at the inflatable cus.h.i.+on while running. The inflatable cus.h.i.+on is too big and thick, and it’s too late to get the firemen to carry it over to the spot where the worker will land. Furthermore, Dong Xuebing does not have a valid excuse to ask them to move the cus.h.i.+on. Dong Xuebing turns and saw the inflatable boat.

Although the inflatable boat is small and not thick enough, Dong Xuebing had no other choices.

A gust of wind appeared suddenly.

Many people behind Dong Xuebing gasped.

Dong Xuebing does not have time to look up and ran over to carry the inflatable boat to the spot where the worker will land.

One step… three steps… five steps… seven steps…


“He is falling!”

“Chief Dong, getaway!”

All the leaders and police officers at the scene were anxious and could not understand why Chief Dong ran over to the building. But now, everyone understood what Dong Xuebing was trying to do. They saw Dong Xuebing taking a glance up and threw the inflatable boat on the ground. But… but the boat is too small, and the chances of the worker landing on the boat are slim.

Ten meters…

Eight meters…

Five meters…

To everyone’s surprise, the worker was falling towards the inflatable boat! Everyone can see from the speed and angle of the worker falling, and he will land exactly on the inflatable boat! Chief Dong had predicted the exact spot where the worker will land!

This is unbelievable!

But now, there is another problem.

The inflatable boat is not thick enough to withstand the force of the worker falling from the seventh story, and he will still die from the impact.

The worker was screaming as he fell, and he was getting nearer and nearer to the inflatable boat on the ground.

Now, Dong Xuebing commands a lot of respect in the Public Security, and all the officers look up to him. When everyone sees Dong Xuebing is in danger, all of them got worried.

“Chief Dong, get away from there!”

“Yes! It’s too late to save him! Get away, and don’t let him fall on you!”

“Watch out!”

The officers are shouting out to Dong Xuebing at the same time, and in a split second, the worker is right before him.

Dong Xuebing cursed in his heart. Dodge? If he dodges, the worker will die for sure, and Sister Xie will be in trouble. Dong Xuebing does not know what the impact on Sister Xie’s reputation will be, but no matter what, he will risk everything to prevent this from happening. Dong Xuebing can only try his luck, and he still has slightly more than a minute of BACK left. To everyone’s surprise, Dong Xuebing stretched out both arms towards the sky. He needs to break the worker’s fall and reduce the force on the inflatable boat. This way, the boat can withstand the impact.

Everyone drew in a deep breath as they understood what Chief Dong was trying to do.

Does Chief Dong want to catch someone falling from the seventh story with his arms?! Is he crazy?!

Cao Xupeng and the other leaders were stunned. They wonder why Dong Xuebing is risking his life to do this. Is he doing this to score political points for himself? Indeed. If Dong Xuebing can save that man’s life, and helped the County Government and the Mayor settle this incident, it will be at least a third-cla.s.s merit! But one mistake, you might be killed!

Chief Dong is a mad man!

Does the government service still have people who dare to risk their lives?!

Everyone knew Chief Dong is daring, but no one expected him to be so daring.

Only the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee Huang Li knew Dong Xuebing’s relations.h.i.+p with Xie Huilan, and he can understand why he is doing this. Chief Dong is not doing this for political points or his reputation. He is risking his life to prevent Xie Huilan from getting into trouble, and Huang Li was touched by his actions. He felt Dong Xuebing was not worthy enough for Xie Huilan as the gap between both is too wide initially. But now, he changed his views on Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing is someone who dares to risk his life to protect his girlfriend, and Mayor Xie is the lucky one in this relations.h.i.+p.

One meter…

Half meter…

The worker had almost the ground.

Dong Xuebing gritted his teeth and caught the worker with both arms.

It was too fast, and Dong Xuebing had wanted to let go the moment he caught the worker. But before Dong Xuebing could even blink, the worker landed on Dong Xuebing’s arms, and the impact pulled Dong Xuebing along onto the inflatable boat. Boom! The inflatable boat could not withstand the G-force and burst. The worker’s head hit the ground and died on the spot again, and Dong Xuebing’s arms were crashed!

Dong Xuebing almost fainted from the pain. F**k! BACK 3 seconds!

Time returned.

One meter…

Half meter…

The worker’s body returned to midair.

Dong Xuebing took this opportunity to use his feet to adjust the position of the inflatable boat and lift his right arm slightly higher. This way, Dong Xuebing will be grabbing the worker’s leg first and changed the center of gravity towards the back to prevent his head from landing on the ground first. After that, Dong Xuebing’s left hand caught the worker’s back and shouted in pain. He is trying his best to slow the worker’s fall.


The inflatable boat burst again. The position is not correct.

Although the worker did not land head-first this time, after landing on his shoulders, his head still hit the ground and died again.

BACK 3 seconds!

One time, two times… three times… four times…

Dong Xuebing bears the pain, and he finally succeeds when he almost used up his BACK. He successfully adjusted the worker’s falling position and let his b.u.t.t land on the inflatable boat first. Boom!! The inflatable boat burst, and Dong Xuebing quickly move backward, withdrawing his arms from under the worker, and fell on his back.


The worker screamed in pain!

The worker is not dead!

This time, the worker is still alive!

Dong Xuebing exhaled in relieved and fainted.

“Chief Dong!”


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