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Chapter 315 – Returning to Beijing!


Afternoon, at 3 pm.

The Korean Police officers stood in their station as they look at Dong Xuebing leaves. All of them were looking terrible.

The Chief of the Police Station had wanted to teach this Chinese youth a lesson, and all the officers were excited. They were eager to teach this Chinese guy a lesson and let him know that he cannot challenge the Taekwondo schools whatever he wants. But all these changed within a few hours after the order for Dong Xuebing’s arrest was given out. They were ordered to release Dong Xuebing after a few hours, and this made the officers mad. But they do not have evidence against Dong Xuebing, and China’s Foreign Affairs had demanded the release of Dong Xuebing with the higher-ups. This is a rare occurrence, and the Police Chief had to follow the orders.

As Dong Xuebing was leaving the police station, he turns and looks behind him.

The skinny officer was standing not far away with an angry expression.

Dong Xuebing looks at the skinny officer. “You all are the police and must be fair and impartial when attending to cases! Put this into your minds! You Koreans are human, we Chinese are also humans!”

The skinny officer shouted angrily. “Who are you to teach us what to do?!”

The other officers standing beside were staring at Dong Xuebing angrily.

“Stop staring at me.” Dong Xuebing coldly said. “I know you all are unhappy with me winning Korea’s Taekwondo schools. But don’t blame others and look at what you all did in the first place. You all are the ones who are responsible for all these! If you all had arrested those Korean students after they a.s.saulted the Chinese students, and make them compensate the medical fees, all these would not happen! You all are asking for it!”

Actually, Dong Xuebing had not wanted to stir up this trouble.

But no one is helping the Chinese students, and Dong Xuebing was forced to stand up for them!

Before Dong Xuebing left, he said. “I will be returning to China soon. If I know any Chinese were bullied in Korea, and the police are not doing anything about it, I will be back! We shall see who will have the last laugh!”

This Korea trip has left Dong Xuebing a bad impression of Korea police.

Outside of the police station.

“Brother Dong! Brother Dong is coming out!”

“Brother Dong, are you alright?”

“Xiao Bing…”

Yu Meixia, Li An, Chen Dahui, and tens of Chinese students rushed up to Dong Xuebing. All of them were worried about his safety.

Dong Xuebing was touched to see so many people waiting for him. “I am fine. Thank you.”

“What are these policemen doing? They are not arresting the ones that should be arrested, and they went to arrest you?!” Li An shouted.

Chen Dahui and the rest were furious. They thought Dong Xuebing will not be released and had rushed over to the station after they received the news. Luckily, Dong Xuebing is released.

At this moment, a black sedan car from the was parked by the roadside.

Two staff alighted and walked towards Dong Xuebing. “Are you Chief Dong?”

Chief Dong? Li An, Chen Dahui, and the rest were stunned.

Dong Xuebing quickly shakes their hands. “Thank you for coming over, and I’m sorry for troubling you.”

The staff laughed. “Don’t mention it. We are the ones who had arrived late and let you suffer.”

One of the staff noticed reporters arriving and quickly said. “Chief Dong, please get into the car.”

“Ok.” Dong Xuebing thanked the students again and asked Yu Meixia to board the car with him.

When Yu Meixia was about to walk over to the car, someone called out to her.

Li An asked. “Auntie Yu, is Brother Dong… a government leader?”

All the overseas Chinese students were looking at Yu Meixia.

Sister Yu felt uncomfortable with so many people looking at her. She replied softly. “Yes… Xiao Bing will be working with the Investment Promotion Agency after Lunar New Year.”

The jaws of those students dropped. All this while, they thought Dong Xuebing is a martial arts school’s owner or a Wushu instructor. If Yu Meixia told them Dong Xuebing is just a white-collar worker, they might not be so surprised. But… a government staff?! Chief?! The Chief of Investment Promotion Agency?! d.a.m.n!

Which government staff will dare to do such things?!

Which government department’s Chief dares to challenge seven Taekwondo schools overseas?

Also, the Investment Promotion Agency seems to be a department that wine and dine with investors all the time. They should be good at drinking but fighting… how can Dong Xuebing be so good at fighting?!

What sort of Investment Promotion Agency is this?!

The students were dumbfounded as they look at the car leave. This incident had changed their perspective of the leaders in the Investment Promotion Agency!

In the car.

The staff took out his phone and made a phone call. “h.e.l.lo, Minister Qi… Yes… Yes… we had received him… I will pa.s.s the phone to him.” The staff pa.s.sed the phone to Dong Xuebing and whispered softly to him. “Minister Qi of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China wants to speak to you.”

Foreign Affairs Minister?!

No… the Minister’s surname is not Qi. This should be the deputy minister who oversees Korea’s foreign affairs.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs is looking for me?! Is he someone Sister Xie knows? Or is he someone from the Xie’s faction?

Dong Xuebing took the phone and answered politely. He had no choice as this person is too many ranks above him. “h.e.l.lo, Minister Qi. I am Xiao Dong.”

A middle-aged man asked. “Are you alright?”

Dong Xuebing quickly replied. “I’m fine. Thank you, Minister, for asking.”

“Good to hear that. You cannot stay here any longer. My men had booked the air tickets for you, and you will return today.”

“Today?” Dong Xuebing looked at Yu Meixia beside him and said. “Minister Qi, I am here to accompany my friend for her skin grafting operation, and she will be removing her bandage tomorrow. I am worried that she is not fully recovered or need to continue treatment. If I leave, she will be alone in Korea. Can I leave the day after tomorrow, or…”

Yu Meixia quickly says. “Xiao Bing, just go back. I will be fine.”

“But…” Dong Xuebing is still worried about Yu Meixia.

Deputy Minister Qi said. “Just come back. You had created big trouble, and it’s not safe for you to remain in Korea. Don’t make Huilan worry.”

This person is someone close to Sister Xie!

Dong Xuebing thought for a while and agreed.

Deputy Minister Qi had helped Dong Xuebing is not because the latter is a Section Chief, and Dong Xuebing knows it too well. He had sent the staff to fetch him, and spoke to him politely is because of Xie Huilan, or the Xie family.

After hanging up and returning the phone to the staff, the staff said. “Your flight is in two hours. We will go to your hotel to collect your luggage now.”

Dong Xuebing thanked him. “Thank you.”

After collecting Dong Xuebing’s luggage from the hotel, Dong Xuebing sent Yu Meixia back to the hospital.

“Sister Yu, you will be alone…” Dong Xuebing is still worried.

Yu Meixia replied. “I will be fine.”

“Then… alright. I had paid for the medical fees, and you don’t need to care about anything else. After the bandages are removed, and you can return, I will ask Doctor Zhang Jingjing to arrange your flight tickets. I will be waiting for you in Beijing.”

Yu Meixia acknowledged.

After a.s.suring Yu Meixia, Dong Xuebing left for the airport.

On the way, Dong Xuebing switched on his phone, and calls start pouring in.

“h.e.l.lo, Chief Dong?” Hu Silian was the first to call. “Ahh… the line finally got through. Please wait for a while. Mayor Xie wants to speak to you.”

“… h.e.l.lo?” Xie Huilan said.

Dong Xuebing replied apologetically. “Sister Xie, sorry to make you worry about me.”

“When can you stop letting others worry about you? I am getting used to it. How does it feel to be locked up in a Korean Police Station? Is their heater warm?”

Dong Xuebing cleared his throat. “Our County’s lock-up is much better.”

“Oh, you can still joke about this? That means you are alright. Come back early. There are lots of work waiting for you in the County.”

“Ok. I am returning to Beijing today, and will be back in the County in a few days.”

There are people around the two of them, and they did not say much. Dong Xuebing knows it was Xie Huilan who got him out of the station and wants to thank her when he sees her. Hmmm…. What gift should I give to Sister Xie? Ring? Necklace?

Ring… ring… ring…

The second call is from Liang Chengpeng.

After Liang Chengpeng’s call, Dong Xuebing’s mother, Luan Xiaoping, called, followed by other leaders from the County Public Security and government.

All of them were concerned about Dong Xuebing and started scolding him afterward. Especially Luan Xiaoping and Huang Li. They scolded Dong Xuebing for a long time.

Dong Xuebing was reprimanded until he arrived at Seoul’s airport.

Just when Dong Xuebing was about to switch off his phone, his phone rang again.

“h.e.l.lo?” Dong Xuebing answered cautiously, preparing for another round of scoldings.

But Dong Xuebing heard Xie Hao’s excited voice. “Hahaha… Brother Dong, my brother-in-law! You are my idol from now onwards. I just found out you are the one who kicked those Taekwondo people’s a.s.s!”

Dong Xuebing returned to his normal voice. “It’s you, ah…”

“Brother-in-law, you are our national hero now! Come back to Beijing as soon as possible. My cla.s.smates want to meet you. I will give you a treat when you return, but you must tell me how you beat up more than a dozen black belts!”

Dong Xuebing got mad. “What national hero?! You better stop telling others about me, or I will get your sister to whack you!”

“Hehe… You should be proud of what you did. You are too modest.”


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