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Chapter 267 – I Can Explain

After leaving the Lancaster’s mansion, Leon headed to check on the Golden Lion Gang in the new Lower West District. He wondered if they had reverted to their old ways and up to no good during his absence.

The Golden Lion Gang’s headquarters was one of the buildings that took priority during the reconstruction project. Not only was it one of the first buildings to be completed, but it was also opened for business.

This was an amazing feat to accomplish in such little time. The building was not very tall, having only three floors, but it was very wide and capable of housing over two hundred people.

Considering that he left the wealth of the Four Great Families in their hands to manage, even if the Golden Lion Gang did not open for business, it would still be enough to support the Golden Lion Gang for a lifetime.

That being said, the wealth was considered the prince’s property. The Golden Lion Gang would not dare to use it wantonly without his permission. Given that Leon rarely visits to manage the gang, they had no choice but to open business early to produce some form of revenue.

That is alright. This was not a problem. However, the problem was the type of business they were doing!

When Leon arrived at the finished building, he almost spat blood in anger.

“What the… f.u.c.k!”

A big plaque was hung in front of the Golden Lion Gang’s main building depicting the building’s name in three big, conspicuous, and… jarring words!

“The Lion’s Paradise…!”

The building design based on a brothel from his previous world had turned into a real f.u.c.king brothel!

At the front entrance, there were two pretty courtesans with voluptuous figures in incredibly attractive and seductive maid uniforms, serving as the front entrance receptionists. They enticed customers with sweet words and welcomed them with alluring smiles.

No matter how Leon saw it, this was without a doubt, a brothel!

Leon stood there like a block of wood, too shocked for words. He had this urge to collapse the entire building and erase its proof of existence! Such a building! Such a name! This was too damaging to his image! Or perhaps, the damage had already been done!

After all, there was only a letter difference between Leon and lion, not to mention that they essentially have the same meaning.

‘The Lion’s Paradise? f.u.c.k, might as well call it the Prince’s Harem!’ Leon almost fainted from anger.

“Hi~ Handsome, why are you just standing out here? Would you like to dine in and have a good time?” One of the pretty courtesans came over and greeted with enticement.

Leon calmed himself before glancing down at the two giant ‘mounds’ pressing against his arm. His mouth twitched unnoticeably.

‘Very big, but strange.’ He frowned. Something was off.

They were very domineering and stood out like two pointy erected mountains. He did not notice from a distance, but now that they were up close and personal, everything about these two ‘mounds’ was very unnatural. In fact, they were more like oval melons. The shape and size defied the logic of gravity.

‘Torpedo t.i.ts.’ He secretly labeled the two big pointy melons that managed to stand without being weighed down by gravity. It looked quite uncomfortable and the person most likely experienced bad back pain quite often.

“These are fakes, right?” Leon said drily as he pointed.

‘How rude! Hmph, just you wait! I am going to milk you dry!’

The alluring courtesan was immediately irked by his words with pursed lips, thinking Leon was also making fun of her breast like the rest of the male customers.

However, in order to attract Leon, the courtesan tried not to show her displeasure and bit her lip enticingly like a temptress instead.

“Won’t you know if they are fake or not after you touch them? Do you dare? It’s not free though~ ” The courtesan said seductively as her lips curved up into an alluring smile.

She had studied Leon’s features. He might not have the best of faces, but he had the presence and looks of a n.o.ble, and n.o.bles usually tend to be rich.

The pretty receptionist lady with odd was already secretly concocting an evil plan to make Leon select the most expensive menu and empty out his pockets.

Women were vengeful creatures. One rude remark could put you on their blacklist for life!


Such seductiveness was quite a lethal weapon against men! If Leon had not awakened his memories and merge his past and present self, the innocent version of himself might have already gotten a nosebleed from the excitement like other ordinary boys would.

However, Leon was not someone ordinary. He would not shy away from something like this, not to mention he was quite curious how such voluptuous melons were able to defy gravity unnaturally and stand.

“How much do you charge for a touch?” Leon’s lips curved up and looked like a big bad wolf. Despite that, he was not interested in the courtesan. Strictly speaking, he only wanted to cop a single feel for scientific research purposes.

The courtesan was surprised by Leon’s response. She thought he would at least blush as young boys do, but she was wrong. This person was an experienced veteran. His wicked smiled made her feel uncomfortable like she had been stripped bare and seen through.

She unconfidently raised on five fingers and sound him out. This was not part of the establishment’s provided service, but her own special service for rude customers who doubt her own a.s.sets.

She could prove their authenticity while collecting some interest. It was killing two birds with one stone.

“5000 Craws, huh? Alright.”

Leon found it quite pricy, but he was not one to haggle over such minor details and just nodded. The courtesan stunned at his Leon’s misunderstand. She only meant to say 500 Craws, but before she could correct him, he had already inserted the 5000 Craw notes in between her melons and copped a feel.

“Here you go.”


A soft moan escaped her lips and made her fl.u.s.tered. She did not expect to lose her composure so easily to a brat. She looked at the boy’s hand like they were a pair of magical hands. It was strange. She had not felt this great from having her bosom touched before.

It was a single touch. Nothing more, nothing less. Leon had got what he wanted to know.

The secret behind the courtesan’s abnormal melons was quite simple. There was a congestion of earth elements that acc.u.mulated inside, which caused them to become stiff and rigid.

It was not some rare disease or anything like that and would only cause some minor inconvenience in the back for a normal person. Any cultivator with a slightly stronger body than normal people will not have this problem. The only problem would just be the appearance.

“Young Master, you have misunderstood. I only meant 500 Craws. You can touch me some more—No, please touch me some more.”

The courtesan said pleadingly with pink l.u.s.ter in her eyes and rosy cheeks. She was immediately ashamed that she was actually making such a shameless request.

However, Leon pretended not to have heard her.

On the second floor, Manager Doug was sitting by the balcony while looking up at the sky with a pensive mood. It has been some time since the prince, the boss had visited them, but there was also a part of him that hoped the prince does not. He was a bit afraid of what could happen.

He sighed as he looks down at the bustling street. In the next moment, he was shocked at the sight of a familiar figure and immediately ducked down into hiding.

‘Oh s.h.i.+t, the boss is here. Did he see me? Is the boss angry?’ Manager Doug thought nervously. In truth, there was no reason for him to be.

‘Weird, why am I hiding from the boss, and why am I so nervous? It’s not like I did anything wrong nor am I operating any illegal business, right?’

Manager Doug peeked over the balcony, but he froze in the next moment as his eyes directly met with the boss’s gaze.

“Come out and greet me now, Doug.”

The boss’s young voice was heard. Manager Doug secretly cursed his bad luck that he was the first to encounter the boss and not any of the other core members.

Since the boss called, he dared not delay and quickly went down to the entrance. Having not seen the boss for a while, the boss’s pressure and aura were stronger than ever.

“Hahaha… You are finally back, Boss! We really miss your presence!”

Seeing the Manager of the establishment bootlicking and hugging the young boy’s thigh, the courtesan was stunned.

‘The Manager is calling this boy the boss? But the boss would mean…” The front entrance receptionist with odd gasped with surprise and her eyes began to sparkle along with the other receptionist. They had finally met the prince.

“f.u.c.k off.” Leon kicked away the bootlicking manager and glared at him. “Quickly explain to me what the h.e.l.l is going on here, and what the h.e.l.l is up with that name? You have some galls to open a brothel under my name, huh?”

“B-Boss, I can explain. I-It’s not what you think.”

Manager stuttered with a bit of embarra.s.sment as he also knows that the current establishment had strayed a bit from the adventurer’s guild plan the boss had envisioned.

“It’s not a brothel!”


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