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Chapter 277 – Yin Poisoning

“You’ve fallen in love with his Highness?” Melody widened eyes with surprise. “We can be considered quite pretty, but everyone by his Highness’s side are flawless beauties. Besides, we are also of common birth. I’m afraid his Highness would not be interested in any of us…”

Ellie shook her head with a dampened look. “I know, but his Highness was too dazzling. I do not have high hopes, but I also cannot control my feelings. I only hope that I can accompany his Highness on his journey, staying by his side and tending to his”

“That’s might still be difficult. His Highness is so powerful. We would just be baggage slowing him down…”

“So… does no one want to keep those?” Sherry asked hesitantly while to point the three slimy pills the crippled Darcy had “excreted” from her flowerpot.

Ellie and Melody glanced at the slimy pills with a repulsive look before looking at Sherry with aghast.

“Don’t tell me, you still want to consume those pills?!”

“Of course not! Even if I clean it, I will still find it disgusting!” Sherry blushed.

“Then what do you want it for?” Melody asked with doubt.

“Of course, I want to ‘gift’ it to those seniors when they ask for more tuition fees from us during next month’s quota allocation,” Sherry said with a wicked smile.

“That is so… evil.” Ellie was shocked, but her lips curved up. “But I like it.”

“I don’t think his Highness will leave things as they are now that his Highness knows that the other sisters and we are being bullied by the seniors.”

“Hehehe, it’s alright. If that happens, we can just try to really gift it to them then.”

“That’s true. Sherry, you are so mean~ But I like how you think!” Melody smiled.

“Hmph! They asked for it! You don’t know how shocked I was when I saw you two! Especially, you Ellie! I was so scared! I thought you were a goner!”

“I thought I was too.” Ellie held her hands close to her chest with a mesmerizing look. “But then His Highness came and save me like a prince charming. Eh? That’s not right. His Highness is a prince and he is charming.”

“He’s a real prince charming!”

“Mmm, Mmm.”

The girls chatted for some time until the wounds of Ellie and Melody were fully healed. There was some awkwardness in the movements of Melody’s fingers, but she felt it would return to normal with some time and practice.

“Eh? I think that was Senior Lily on his Highness’s shoulder, wasn’t she?”

“Oh yeah, I think it was.”

It was only now that Ellie and Melody recalled the ‘dead log’ on Leon’s shoulder throughout the whole ordeal.

“What does his Highness want to do with Senior Lily?”

“I think his Highness was just bringing Senior Lily back to her room?” Sherry answered with uncertainty.

“Let’s go take a look.”


Leon had shortly arrived outside the room in the furthest left of the Violet Plum Courtyard after leaving the third room. The metal door was closed and locked, but no metal lock was truly a lock in front of a metal-user.

Of course, Leon could just search Lily’s body for the key, but it was inappropriate. Plus, using Divine Will was quicker.


The metal door opened, and a nauseating rush of strong medicinal scent a.s.saulted him as he entered.

“Lily? Are you back?” A sickly woman tried to get up, but she could only turn her head while coughing heavily. She immediately froze on the sight of the unfamiliar figure carrying her daughter. “Who… Who are you? What did you do to my daughter?”

“You must be Lily’s mother. I… I am the divine doctor your daughter found for you before she fell asleep as you can see here.”

“Divine doctor? Aren’t you a tad too young, lad? There’s no need to try and deceive me with vain hope. Neither the chief physician nor the doctors were able to find a cure in the past six years. I have already come to terms with my illness.”

Simply put, Lily’s mother, Sara had already given up on getting cured. Leon understood her doubt, but he simply smiled without a comment.

He proceeded to place Lily onto the empty bed next to Lily’s mother like he was unloading a bag of rice from his shoulder. The springiness and softness of the bed ensured that no harm befall Lily as a result of his coa.r.s.e actions.

Lily’s mother’s brows were slightly furrowed as she noticed two swollen b.u.mps on her daughter’s forehead before she became slightly nervous.

Rather than falling asleep, it looked like her daughter was knocked unconscious. Was this person actually a kidnapper? But that would not make sense either. Would a kidnapper bring the person to their home, and in the palace no less?

“Why does my daughter have two b.u.mps on her forehead?”

Leon’s lips twitched slightly when the question was raised, before he shamelessly answered, “She fell asleep while standing, causing her head to hit the wall before her body slanted and hit her head on the ground after.”

“Is that so?”

Sara’s forehead was furrowed with dark lines with strong doubt. The two b.u.mps were so evenly matched. There was no way hitting the ground would be softer hitting the wall, right?

“Ahem, let’s talk about your illness instead, Madam.” Leon interrupted her train of thoughts with a cough.

Looking at Sara’s condition, Leon drew in a sharp breath and became serious after a thorough inspection with divine sense.

Lily’s mother’s body was filled with casts keeping her body in place from the neck down, but Leon could see that it was already a thorough mess despite the preventative measures. The bones were all out of places and some were even applying pressure on her core organs.

Two small bones also protruded from Sara’s forehead like horns, coupled with poor blood circulation that makes her complexion deathly pale, it appeared like some devilish transformation.

Leon could see that this was not the result of some illness or rare disease but poisoning, or rather yin poisoning to be exact.

This type of yin poisoning was very volatile and likes to hide within the bone marrow, eating it from inside out.

It was a small amount of yin poison, but it had wreaked havoc in Lily’s mother’s body for so long, her bones have become very fragile and deformed.

The yin poison itself can be easily cured, but the problem was no one had the skills nor technology to locate it. As long as the yin poison was not removed, even if the person continues to consume recovery elixirs, the condition will still continue to deteriorate, albeit slightly slower.

Continuously consuming elixirs was only delaying the inevitable and not a solution. Not everyone could have divine sense and directly see the source of the problem plaguing Lily’s mother like Leon.

It was quite surprising for someone like this to still be alive, but the heavy scent of medicine made him understood that a lot of rare elixirs and herbs had been used to prolong her life in the past six years.

“There’s no need to be despondent, young man. Like I said, I have already come to terms with it. No one can cure it.” Sara took Leon’s frown as a look of incapability. She had already expected this.

“You’re wrong. It can be cured.”

“Really?” Sara was surprised. “Then why do you frown?”

“It’ll be a very painful process. The question is, are you up for it?”

Sara quietly looked at her sleeping daughter. She did not have much time left. For the past three days straight, her daughter had not slept in order to take care of her due to her health taking a turn for the worse.

Even so, she wanted to stay with her daughter for a little longer. She did not know the young man and could not trust his skills. If anything went wrong, she might just die on the spot. She was ready to reject his offer.

“You don’t seem to trust me.” Leon shook his head wryly as he read her thoughts. “Your body should be in a lot of pain right now. It’s admirable that you were able to endure it for so long. Allow me to demonstrate some of my skills by easing the pain for you.”

Leon did not wait for Lily’s mother’s agreement. Silver needles flew out of his hands shot into various parts of her body.

The bones were deformed, organs have s.h.i.+fted and even the acupuncture points were slightly off, but Leon could see everything through his divine sense as the silver needles were inserted into their rightful place.

Sara was colored with surprise. Her body felt numb, but the pain had been reduced to such a low level that it even feels comfortable like taking the weight off a person who carried a big boulder on his back all his life.

“It appears that I have severely underestimated you, young man. I apologize for doubting your skills.”

It would not have been so easy to convince Sara, but Leon did not even touch his silver needles. She could see that the young man possesses mystical skills and decided to pin her hopes on a miracle for one last time.

“Please begin the treatment.” Sara gritted her teeth in preparation. If Leon said it was going to be painful despite being able to numb her pain, then it means that it was truly going to be a painful process.

Leon nodded.


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