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Chapter 619 – Clan Evacuation

After drawing distance between them, Lord Bahlzacs cast his gaze at Duna with a grave look before forcefully stopping the bleeding with his contracting muscles.

“You…what the h.e.l.l are you? You’re not human!” Lord Bahlzacs questioned with gnas.h.i.+ng teeth.

At the same time, Duna also retreated before clicking her tongue in disappointment, “Tch! How decisive!”

If Lord Bahlzacs had only hesitated for even a fraction of a moment longer, the Destruction Law would have reached his main body.

If that had happened, he would have been as good as dead.


Leon appeared beside Duna in a flash.

After giving her penetrated chest a quick inspection, he inquired her with concern, “Will you be alright with such a wound? It looks pretty serious.”

Not just serious, but anyone else would have already died in Duna’s case after having their hearts ruptured.

Nevertheless, Duna casually answered his question, “Nothing to worry about. Don’t forget that this body is only a mere vessel for my spirit.”

“I know that. I’m asking if your spirit is okay?” Leon stated with a hint of speechlessness. Even in a state like this, she was still trying to act like nothing is wrong.

“Don’t pretend like you are okay. I know that your spirit overlaps with your physical body. Considering Lord b.a.l.l.sacks’s attack puncture right through your chest, your spirit must have taken damage as well.”

“If you know, then why are you asking me?” Duna rolled her and said, “Should I also blow a hole in your chest then proceed to ask if you were okay or not?”

“Anyway, you don’t need to worry about my injury.” Duna added before licking her lips in a flirtatious manner, “I can hold on for now, but I am going to need your help after we are done with this person.”

Leon blanked out under her seductive smile, immediately feeling a reaction coming from his lower body before Duna snapped her fingers at him, “Focus! Did you seriously just get an erection while we are in the middle of a dangerous situation?”

“You… I don’t know what to say about you.” Duna gave Leon a disdainful look, yet on her face also hung a teasing smile.

Leon was speechless.

“It’s hard to say which of us don’t know what to say about the other. Are you really going to blame me? It’s your fault for getting me d.i.c.kstracted.” Leon smiled wryly with an awkward posture.

“Hmph!” Duna snorted.

But a smile hung on her face shortly after.

Suddenly, Leon’s gaze flickered before he quickly warned, “Careful! He’s coming!”


The ground shortly cracked underneath the strength of Lord Bahlzacs’s stomp as he catapulted himself over with incredible speed!

Leon and Duna immediately stomped the ground and leaped away in opposite directions, causing Lord Bahlzacs to come to a forceful stop before shooting straight after Leon with another strong stomp on the ground.


Lord Bahlzacs closed the distance between them very quickly, gaining on Leon like he was hunting down his hated enemy with a frosty look on his face.

Nevertheless, Leon was far from moving at his maximum speed and did not feel pressure from facing a Mid-Rank 2 Transcendent despite the person well above his own strength.

More importantly, he was astonished that he was the person’s target.

“Yoh~! Why are you going after me?! Did I tickle you in the wrong spot with my words?!” Leon hollered, immediately exerting his strength to increase his pace.


The distance between them was increased several yards in a single instance.

At the same time, Lord Bahzacs’s expression grew colder as he snorted and pressed on with his pursuit before suddenly shooting feathered projectiles!


The black feathers cut through the air with even more incredible speed than Lord Bahlzacs himself, quickly reaching Leon in the next moment!

“Careful, Leon! He’s a Mid-Rank 2 Transcendent with roughly 3 million jins of physical strength!” Duna warned from a distance.

“I know!”

Leon responded while twisting his body to dodge the feathered projectiles.

He pulled out a black spear from his Worlds.p.a.ce while flying at low alt.i.tude before stabbing it into the ground and used it as a spring, launching himself in the air.


Leon evaded Lord Bahlzacs’s claw after the person caught up due to his delayed maneuver in dodging the feathered projectiles!

In the next moment, the black spear shot out of the ground, flying straight into Leon’s grasp under Metal Manipulation before his arm bulged with swelling muscles that increased to 30% of its original size!

“You want to play with projectiles? Then eat this!” Leon immediately hurled the black spear at Lord Bahlzacs in the distance.


The black spear shot over with great speed, but it was only met with disdain from Lord Bahlzacs as the person slapped it away with his remaining arm.

“Early-Rank 2 Transcendent? Not bad. Unfortunately, It’s not enough—!”

Lord Bahlzacs did not finish his words when he suddenly noticed his damaged claws; a result of contacting Leon’s black spear.

“This is no ordinary spear…!”

Lord Bahlzacs immediately viewed Leon’s Tier-3 Black Spear as some treasured weapon, causing him to cast his greedy eyes on it.

Seeing that the black spear was being recalled back to Leon again with Metal Manipulation, Lord Bahlzacs’s immediately shot over to s.n.a.t.c.h it!

“How can you use such a good weapon like some disposable trash?! This black spear will only exhibit its true worth in my hand!!” Lord Bahlzacs spouted.

But just as his hand was about to reach the black spear, he suddenly sensed incoming danger from behind!


Duna’s shot an Arrow of Destruction Law over but ultimately missed due to Lord Bahlzacs’s quick reaction, albeit cutting it a bit close as the corners of his black-feathered wing crumbled into ashes.

“Hmph, I plan to deal with you later, but since you are in a hurry, I will deal with you first!” Lord Bahlzacs’s gaze glinted with killing intent before he immediately shot towards Duna with his broken claws.

Alas, his attack was interrupted by another strong hurl of Leon’s black spear.


The black spear impaled itself into the hard ground, just half a step away from Lord Bahlzacs’s feet.

It was immediately picked up before Lord Bahlzacs laughed boisterously, “Hahaha! You never learn, do you? Now that your weapon is in it my hand, what can you—”

Lord Bahlzacs almost choked on his following words upon witnessing another three dozen bone spears suddenly floating around Leon—all of which were not inferior to the black spear.

His smug look disappeared without a trace.

“The strength of you two are beneath me, but your attack powers are a little too frightening…” Lord Bahlzacs commented with a frown.

At the same time, Leon gazed at the Mid-Rank 2 Transcendent with pity as he muttered, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, huh?”

“Never mind. Have anyone told you that you talk too much nonsense during a fight?” Leon shook his head before stating coolly, “Let us end this once and for all!”

“Hmph, very well!” Lord Bahlzacs nodded.

He tightened his grip on the black spear. With the black spear in hand, his combat power definitely increased—even if he only had one arm left to wield it!

Meanwhile, the Desolate Crow Clan was plunged into chaos due to the sheer strength of Leon and Lord Bahlzacs’s physical attacks.

As Jorn and the other Transcendent-level Beastkin Warriors arrived at the periphery of the water fountain, they saw the clansmen fleeing for their lives from the area.


Jorn’s expression was grave.

The situation of the Desolate Crow Clan was not particularly good enough to endure a battle on the level of Transcendents within its city.

With each transcendental attack, the area shook, forming cracks in the dome-shaped frame holding up the countless rat above the Desolate Crow Clan.

“If this situation continues, I’m afraid the supporting dome frame will collapse, and the Desolate Crow Clan will be buried in the truest sense!” Jorn stated gravely.

The Transcendent-level Beastkin Warriors were quick to agree with Jorn’s statement as one of them spoke, “Right. If that really happens, many of our clansmen will be crushed under the immense weight of the”

“I fear only the Transcendent-level clansmen would be able to survive the collapse…” Another spoke before asking, “Do you have a plan, Brother Jorn? What can we do to remedy this situation?”

“There’s not much we can do. Quickly order the clan’s evacuation!” Jorn spoke with a frown after a moment of contemplation before adding, “A battle of this level cannot be stopped!”

“Even if I can get Prince Leon and Miss Duna to stay their hands, Lord Bahlzacs would definitely not do the same, causing them to fall into a disadvantageous position.”

“Go, evacuate the clansmen with haste!” Jorn quickly urged before stating, “I will go look for the Little Princess.”

“Understood, Brother Jorn!”

The Transcendent-level Beastkin Warriors nodded before barking out instructions to each other before they headed off into different directions.


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