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Chapter 793: The Tip of the Iceberg

The Radiant Heaven Realms.h.i.+p has its own independent world, but it is not cut off from the outside world—just like any other s.h.i.+p in the sea with its interior walled off by the hull and bulkheads, albeit incomparable in size.

Just because Leon couldn’t see the boundless sea and vast skies of Gaia, it didn’t mean he isn’t on Gaia—that is if the realm spirit didn’t lie to him about its location.

That being said, Leon was not completely sure that he could reach Gaia’s Core like the past two instances. 

He might be sitting on earthen soil, but it wasn’t the earthen soil of Gaia; it was the earthen soil of the Radiant Heaven Realms.h.i.+p’s subs.p.a.ce and the Eternal Night Demon Empress’s inner world.

‘Well, there’s only one way to find out,’ Leon thought to himself. 

Shortly after closing his eyes, Leon spread out his divine sense and sunk his consciousness into the earth. 

The moment his consciousness contacted the earth, his consciousness was quickly swept in the powerful currents of the earth as if he received a power boost as his senses greatly expanded. 

His earth sense formed an entire image of the underground cavity known as the Abyssal Wood Demon King Tomb before it continued to spread and reveal the rest of the earth alongside his expanding senses.

Soon, his senses covered the entire Abyssal Wood Forest before it spread further to other regions and deeper into the earth.

And not long after, he discovered the buried remains and ruins of the war between Celestials and Demons, cut off from the surface, but br.i.m.m.i.n.g with priceless objects—the likes in which ordinary demon tomb inheritances couldn’t even compare.

More Tier-7 Divine Artifact, Celestial bodies, Celestial Sparks, Demon corpses, and their Demon Lord-level and above demon cores lay scattered under deep layers of earth. 

The ruins of old cities and mountains of bones were also found. 

Whatever treasures people have found on the surface were only the tip of the iceberg; the more valuable treasures were all buried in the ancient battlefield below.

‘With this many priceless and divine objects laying around, the Radiant Heaven Realms.h.i.+p’s subs.p.a.ce truly deserves to be called a secret realm,’ Leon thought to himself with a hint of antic.i.p.ation.

Opportunities were hidden throughout the place.

Once he binds the Radiant Heaven Realms.h.i.+p’s heart, they will belong to him; he will be the sole owner of everything the secret realm had to offer.

Unless he permits it, no one else could take any more treasures. 

‘Well, I’ll put that aside for the time being. I still need to visit the seniors in Gaia’s Core,’ Leon thought as he suppressed his excitement.

Shortly after, he sunk his consciousness deeper into the earth. 

He believed that even if the two seniors knew nothing about Empyrean Infinite Void, he would gain something from the trip. 

After all, Senior Voidflame had the word ‘void’ in his name; his law comprehension is most likely related to s.p.a.ce or fire.

Unfortunately, when his consciousness reached the hull of the Radiant Heaven Realms.h.i.+p, he was bounced back and unable to proceed further. 

There was no earth between the Radiant Heaven Realms.h.i.+p and Gaia to connect his consciousness, just a thick layer of the metallic hull and a large body of water beyond it. 

‘No good, huh? I should have expected this, but alas, I was too hopeful… Even so, my attempt was completely fruitless,’ Leon smiled wryly after his eyes snapped open. 

His Authority of Earth is applicable on the earthen soils of the Radiant Heaven Realms.h.i.+p, allowing him to scan all the hidden treasures buried underneath.

‘The core is said to be in the western parts of the secret realm; I could use my earth sense to confirm it, but I shouldn’t wilfully expend my mental energy without a care either…’ 

Leon pondered for a moment before making his decision.

He will make his way over to the western region first before using his earth sense to confirm the layout of the underground world below; that way, he will conserve some mental energy.

That being said, he took out a Tier-3 Spiritual Replenishment Pill and ingested it. 

Mental strength was the basis of many of his abilities. 

Until he had absolute control of the Radiant Heaven Realms.h.i.+p, he had to keep himself in peak condition to face any arising problems.

“Haiz… Let’s go and explore other parts of the secret realm,” Leon said to Aria with a sigh. 

“Eh?” Aria uttered with surprise before asking, “Did you visit the seniors already, Leon? Hm, but you just sighed… Was there a problem?”

“Yeah, I couldn’t reach them. The earth is not connected,” Leon explained. 

It was unfortunate, but his concerns about Darlene’s G.o.d fragment can only be resolved after he leaves the secret realm.

Sometime later, Leon gathered the dark faes. Then, he went to regroup with Darlene and the One-Eyed Venerable Shaman with Aria.

At the same time, Chief Skyhawk and the other three tribe leaders also gathered for a discussion.

“What do you guys plan to do from here onwards?” Leon sought their opinions. 

Chief Skyhawk and the other three tribe leaders, Dustdawn, Riverstar, and Moons.h.i.+ne, glanced at each other for a moment. 

“We would like to follow you, Young Master Leonhardt; I believe uniting the human forces will play a pivotal role in resisting the demons, but it seems you have other plans?” Chief Skyhawk spoke.

“That’s right,” Leon nodded and said, “I plan to explore the sky before making my way to the western region; unless you can fly, you won’t be able to keep up with me.” 

At those words, Dustdawn, Riverstar, and Moons.h.i.+ne expressed disappointment in their eyes while Chief Skyhawk furrowed his brows. 

“Young Master Leonhardt doesn’t intend to challenge the Bone Sea?” he asked. 

“No, at least not for the time being,” Leon shook his head and said, “I have something to do in the west. I won’t challenge the Bone Sea until I finish with my business there.” 

“I see… That’s unfortunate. We will probably stay in this forest for some time before looking for other tribes to challenge the Bone Sea with us,” Chief Skyhawk said. 

Dustdawn, Riverstar, and Moons.h.i.+ne expressed similar ideas. 

Since they couldn’t follow the Divine Doctor, they didn’t want to cling to the person and hold the person back.

“I hope we will meet again, Young Master Leonhardt,” Dustdawn stated.


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