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Mo Yuer!

Princess Fushou Zhang!

Lin Furen!

The Empress may be counted, as for the crown prince?

Because she still lacking in ability, Lin Chujiu doesn’t have the intention to go against him. As long as the crown prince didn’t find her trouble, she will also not find him trouble in a short while.

Out of the four people listed in Lin Chujiu’s mind, only Princess Fushou Zhang is the easiest to solve. The others were difficult or untouchable. For example, Mo Yuer.

“An Pu, I ask you to go to Jiangnan to find people, did you find one?” Princess Fushou Zhang liked the handsome and gentle-looking young man, and many people in the Jiangnan area looked like a gentle prodigal son.

“Yes, this subordinate will bring that person in three days.” In order to find a suitable person, he took great pains, because… …

The emperor guarded Princess Fushou Zhang too tightly. Now, Princess Fushou Zhang can only be with eunuchs. They didn’t consider to find someone like this before, so the person they found suddenly became unsuitable. They needed to look for someone else again.

“You don’t need to bring him to me, just arrange for him to be with the princess.” Lin Chujiu admitted that she was not a good person, but she wasn’t that bad either. Some things must be carried out to lessen the discomfort in her heart.

After handling the matter of Princess Fushou Zhang, Lin Chujiu sat alone in the study and think whether to calm down the rumors outside.

Although the rumors could not bring her any harm, she shouldn’t always turn a blind eye when being bullied. It is too easy to give people a weak image. She also created a vicious and fierce image before but has no good effect.

“The best way to calm down the rumors is to create another bigger rumor.” Lin Chujiu leaned her head on her left hand and unconsciously tapped her finger on the table: “Ordinary people love the scandal of the upper cla.s.s. I should let the shadow guards find out who has the most interesting scandal.”

Lin Chujiu thought a couple of candidates in her mind, and in the end, she wandered between the crown prince and Nannuo Yao.

Regarding her rumors, the crown prince and Nannuo Yao also played their hands, so she will also use the same strategy to cause them trouble.

Moreover, she didn’t need to “do” anything at all, because the two people she wanted to give trouble had a scandal of their own.

“Should it be the crown prince or Nannuo Yao?” Lin Chujiu was a little tangled, but before she could decide, the crown prince gave her a great opportunity.

In the late summer and early autumn, the prey got fat. The crown prince invited Ji Fengyu and Nannuo Yao to go out to hunt. Nannuo Yao, who was a girl will get bored on her own, so the crown prince also invited Lin Wanting to accompany her.

Originally, the crown prince planned to bring the seventh prince, but the empress refused and said he was feeling uncomfortable.

The crown prince didn’t care, he picked a good and beautiful day, and then went to the royal hunting ground with Ji Fengyu, Nannuo Yao and Lin Wanting.

When Lin Chujiu heard the news, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud: “If you doze off, someone will really give you a pillow. The crown prince lends me a helping hand.”

Lin Chujiu was in a good mood, so she wrote a letter to Xiao Tianyao. She wrote down her plan about how she will transfer her rumors in the capital to someone else.

Lin Chujiu was so happy that she wrote five pages in one breath. She wanted to save the other two pages to send it next time, but she found out she couldn’t cut them off, so she had to put them all together in the envelope.

After putting them in the envelope, Lin Chujiu once again thought a very serious question she mentioned before. It’s been half a month since Xiao Tianyao left to go on the battlefield, but he didn’t send her a reply. What is wrong with Xiao Tianyao?

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