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Chapter 557: The letter of Surrender, tomorrow is very important (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu thought for a moment and said: “You go and talk to the Northern Army, let them change the day of submission of the letter to you in the afternoon.”

“Change the time?” Liu Bai was stunned.

“Yes, when we change the tome in the afternoon, we still have four more hours. Maybe w.a.n.gye will wake up by then.” If she doesn’t sleep tonight and prepare for the surgery, tomorrow afternoon… … Xiao Tianyao should be able to wake up.

As long as Xiao Tianyao wakes up, Lin Chujiu believes that he will definitely get out of bed and show up in front of people with vigor, proving that he was not injured.

“Suddenly changing the time, will the Northern Army be suspicious?” This was what Liu Bai worried about, but… …

“If you don’t change the time, won’t the Northern Army get suspicious?” Lin Chujiu asked with a sneer.

Liu Bai explained hurriedly: “No, I didn’t mean that. I mean, if we suddenly change the time, won’t the Northern Army can make other arrangements? I’m afraid that we will face more danger at that time.” Liu Bai was afraid. If they suddenly proposed to change the time, the Northern Army will be more sure about Xiao Tianyao’s injury.

“It’s all the same. If they didn’t see w.a.n.gye tomorrow, we will also be in danger.” In some cases, Lin Chujiu likes to gamble. If there was a chance, she was willing to put in chips to gamble.

“Well, I’ll try it.” Liu Bai gritted his teeth and nodded heavily.

The Northern Army was defeated, they had no right to speak in front of the Eastern Army. He only needs to persuade the Eastern generals to change the time. However, the Eastern generals were not that easy to persuade. Liu Bai couldn’t guarantee that he would succeed.

“You go now. I’ll decide whether to make a move now or not after you succeed.” If Liu Bai can’t persuade the Eastern general, then she doesn’t need to rush to operate Xiao Tianyao tonight.

Two major surgeries will be performed at the same time, it will not be over until tomorrow. Since Xiao Tianyao can’t wake up in the morning, why should she rush?

“I’m going now.” When Liu Bai understood the meaning of Lin Chujiu’s words, he didn’t dare to delay. He immediately turned and left.

Mo Qingfeng hesitated for a moment, but then followed behind him: “w.a.n.gfei, I will go with him.” He was really worried about Liu Bai.

“Mmm.” Lin Chujiu didn’t hold him back. After the two went out, Lin Chujiu turned and walked back to the inner room and began to make preparations.

Regardless of whether Liu Bai is successful or not, she will perform craniotomy and thoracotomy for Xiao Tianyao. She will prepare the surgical equipment in advance, and at the same time…

She will practice!

Although she was now accustomed to performing operations by herself and was extremely efficient, she has never done such a large operation alone. She needs to make simulate again and again to make herself more familiar.

Human life was very fragile, not only she will be responsible for Xiao Tianyao’s life but also her life!

If Xiao Tianyao died in her hands, she wouldn’t have to live anymore.

Lin Chujiu lined up the surgical instruments and wiped every part of the inner room with disinfectant alcohol. Lin Chujiu was very slow because of the injuries on his legs. It took her a full hour before she cleaned the inside of the room.

However, an hour pa.s.sed, but Liu Bai and Mo Qingfeng had not returned yet!

Lin Chujiu was almost certain that Liu Bai and Mo Qingfeng would succeed if he had not returned yet.

The reason was simple. If Eastern generals do not agree, they will not give Liubai and Mo Qingfeng a chance to persuade them. They haven’t returned for so long, which shows that the att.i.tude of Eastern generals was not so firm. At least, there is room for persuasion.

However, as long as there is room, it will be easier to handle!


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