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Chapter 588: Sit down, w.a.n.gye’s thigh (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu stood at the door. She was hesitant to step forward: w.a.n.gye was seriously working, can she go to him and interrupt his work at this time?

Better not, she will just wipe her long hair dry slowly.

Lin Chujiu thought for a while and then turned around decisively. But before she could take another step, she heard Xiao Tianyao say: “Come here!”

“Are you calling me?” Lin Chujiu was taken aback for a moment, then turned around and looked at Xiao Tianyao blankly.

Isn’t he angry with her?

“Apart from you, is there anyone else here?” Xiao Tianyao asked and put down the folding notebook in his hand.

“No one else.” Lin Chujiu walked towards Xiao Tianyao. What more, she didn’t stand in front of the table, but instead, she stood beside Xiao Tianyao. This distance made Xiao Tianyao very satisfied. His tone even became soft: “Is there something you want benw.a.n.g to do?” with

“It’s okay. I finished taking a bath, so I come over to talk to w.a.n.gye.” Originally, she wanted to ask Xiao Tianyao to dry her hair, but she found it wrong. Why does she always think of asking him to dry her hair after taking a bath?

Sure enough, a hobby was a terrible thing.

“Really?” Xiao Tianyao curled his lips. Obviously, he doesn’t believe it. He swept his eyes on Lin Chujiu’s hair but said nothing.

“Cough.. …” Lin Chujiu lowered her head awkwardly and said with some embarra.s.sment: “Um… w.a.n.gye, are you free?”

“I’m free now.” Xiao Tianyao smiled, waiting for Lin Chujiu to say it.

“Then…can you wipe my hair?” Lin Chujiu raised her head and looked at Xiao Tianyao imploringly. She was afraid that Xiao Tianyao would be unhappy, so she quickly explained: “My hair is too long. It takes a long time to dry it, and I can’t simply leave it like this.”

“Sit here.” Xiao Tianyao leaned back, widening the distance between him and the table so that Lin Chujiu could sit on it.

“Sit?” Lin Chujiu’s mouth twitched slightly.

There were no other chairs inside except for the chair that Xiao Tianyao was sitting in. Was Xiao Tianyao sure to ask her to sit down?

“If you don’t sit, how can benw.a.n.g wipe your hair?” Didn’t she ask him to wipe her hair in a good manner?

“Uh…or else, I’d better wipe it myself.” Compared to sitting on Xiao Tianyao’s lap, Lin Chujiu was more willing to wipe her hair by herself.

Lin Chujiu took a step back and turned to leave, but… …

People have delivered themselves to the door, so how can he let her leave now?

Even if Lin Chujiu didn’t take the initiative to sit on his lap, couldn’t he do it himself?

The moment Lin Chujiu turned around, Xiao Tianyao stretched out his hand to hold her. Lin Chujiu staggered two steps unsteadily, Xiao Tianyao took the opportunity to hug the person in his arms and put it on his lap.

“Benw.a.n.g is free now.” Xiao Tianyao imprisoned the person in his arms, preventing Lin Chujiu from moving.

After sitting on Xiao Tianyao’s lap, Lin Chujiu didn’t pretend and said generously: “Then I will trouble w.a.n.gye.”

Lin Chujiu relaxed her body, put away his defenses, and leaned a little bit onto Xiao Tianyao’s arms, without a trace of resistance or dissatisfaction.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t expect Lin Chujiu to be so cooperative. His eyebrows were slightly raised, but he didn’t say anything, just folded Lin Chujiu’s long hair, and… …

Not long after, he wiped Lin Chujiu’s hair.

It was actually wiping her hair, instead of using internal force to dry Lin Chujiu’s long hair in an instant. Lin Chujiu wanted to say something, but thinking Xiao Tianyao might suddenly get angry and ask about her secret once again, the gain was not worth the loss.

Wasn’t it simply wiping the hair dry slowly? Xiao Tianyao was happy, then she will let him do it. Anyway, she was simply sitting, it was not tiring at all.

So, with someone’s intentional cooperation, the previous quarrel was tacitly forgotten by the two people… …


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