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Chapter 1210: Past and present life (2)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Huang Yueli raised her eyes as she looked at him, as she spoke out the words distinctly, “Mythical Flame Palace’s Young Palace Master Huang Yueli!”

A clang sound was heard as a ceramic cup which Li Moying was holding on to, fell onto the ground, shattering into pieces.

His eyes widened like full moons, “What did you say? Your previous life…. Ws Mythical Flame Palace’s Young Palace Master Huang Yueli? Soaring Heavens Continent’s number one Armament Master??”

Huang Yueli nodded.


Li Moying felt that his heart wasn’t able to accept such a huge shock!

Who was Huang Yueli? Even though she had already pa.s.sed on for more than fifteen years, but her reputation still remained through the entire Soaring Heavens Continent, like thunder!

The previous number one beauty of Soaring Heavens Continent, number one Armament Master, and the strongest among the fire attributed pract.i.tioners! Her beauty, as well as her exceptional yet unconventional refining art, was something which no one could mimic even until today!

And… the tear jerking relations.h.i.+p she had with the number one top expert Mu Chengying…..

Thinking of this, Li Moying’s heart jumped swiftly!

But Huang Yueli didn’t notice his slight change of expression, as she continued listing down examples, trying to convince him of her ident.i.ty.

“I know this kind of thing sounds unbelievable. But if you think carefully, you’d discover many evidences which could prove my ident.i.ty. Armament refining is such a difficult skill to learn, but I’ve never had any Master, yet easily became an Armament Master. To the fact that even when I still couldn’t cultivate, I could already refine third grade Profound Armament, don’t you find it weird? That’s because of my previous life’s experience, which allowed me to display my potential to the greatest degree!”

“And, you also know that, I also know how to set up arrays right? Haven’t you ever thought of this, why is it that at my age, I had such high accomplishments in armament refining and arrays? Most people, even if they started learning while still in their mother’s womb, they couldn’t possibly be this incredible? That’s because, these are all things which I’ve learnt in my previous life. But because of my cultivation that I was limited hence could not display my full power!”

“Furthermore, in my first fourteen years, I had always been treated like trash who could not cultivate. But it has only been barely a year, not only am I not trash, I’ve also reached fourth stage realm in a jiffy, don’t you find it ridiculous? All these are because of the cultivation method which I’m using to train, which were also obtained in my past life’s memories!”


Huang Yueli added more and more examples, all of which were obvious evidences, just because she was afraid that Li Moying wouldn’t believe her, so she made it especially detailed.

However, Li Moying only heard the first few bits and had totally believed her saying.

Because these suspicious points on Huang Yueli, was something which he was knew especially well!

A strong, intelligent, elegant young lady, while attracting all his attention, she had indeed many suspicious points on her.

Li Moying always knew that his Li’er had secrets on her, and furthermore, a huge amount of secrets, so all these suspicious points which Huang Yueli mentioned, he had all thought of it previously.

But at that moment, Li Moying didn’t think of investigating thoroughly because the familiarity towards her came from the deepest depths of his heart, trusting and liking her…. Even though those are her secrets, it also made Li Moying felt that she was lovable.

Now that Huang Yueli expressed her past life’s ident.i.ty, then those suspicious points, had instantly became explainable.

In this way, what reason did Li Moying had, to not believe her words?

However, Li Moying remained silent.


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