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Chapter 1256: Lack discerning power (4)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

A loud “Bang” sound reverberated as Feng Li Kun’s body crashed heavily onto the ground, as he fell in between the two stalls by the side.

These two stall owners had long been frightened by the fighting and had hidden themselves by the side.

Hearing the sound of Feng Li Kun falling flat on his face, the surrounding crowd all s.h.i.+vered!

All of them shot an unfathomable look towards Huang Yueli.

Feng Li Kun was always riding roughshod over people in the marketplace, taking people’s items and not paying for it. It wasn’t just for one or two days already so no one could do anything to him at all.

As he was a direct disciple in Celestial Light Sect, he was considered as a first rated top expert and the only people whose abilities were much stronger than his were Sect Master Murong De’s disciples. But people like Li Moying and Murong Fei would not possibly come personally to the marketplace to buy things.

In this way, Feng Li Kun couldn’t find any opponent and every time someone dared to oppose him, he would deal a heavy blow to that person. So after continuously hurting several inner disciples, no one dared to jump out to oppose him anymore.

Although the people who set up stalls here were more or less being exploited by him before, but all of them could only suffer to silence since their abilities weren’t comparable to his? In Soaring Heavens Continents, those without actual abilities had no human rights!

But now, this powerful and abled Feng Li Kun had actually…. actually been defeated by a young lady and sustained such heavy injuries??

Moreover from her uniform, she seemed only to be an outer disciple??

The disparity of potential and innate talent between outer disciples and direct disciples was a world of difference!

How could Feng Li Kun be defeated by an outer disciple?

Just as the crowd were shocked beyond words to speak, Huang Yueli snapped her finger and immediately, a black silhouette appeared out of nowhere by her side.

“Third Miss, what are your commands?” Mo Yi bowed at her respectfully.

Huang Yueli pointed at Feng Li Kun who was laid on the ground like a heap of mud, “Brother Mo Yi, earlier that fellow surnamed Feng took the initiative to attack me, so is this a violation of the Sect’s regulations?”

Mo Yi nodded, “Third Miss, what you said is right!”

Huang Yueli then replied satisfactorily, “That’s right then. I heard that he’s some Elder w.a.n.g’s disciple. Help me throw him back to his Master and ask Elder w.a.n.g on my behalf, that him allowing his disciples under his faction to bully fellow disciples in the same Sect, what punishment should he get? If we followed according to sect regulations, how should he be dealt with?”

Her voice was extremely crisp and melodious, but when she said these words, it was filled with an imposing force!

Mo Yi bowed, “This subordinate obeys your command!”

Just as the crowd were completely awed into silence, Mo Yi walked towards Feng Li Kun.

Feng Li Kun had regained consciousness and had just heard the later part of Huang Yueli’s words as he was so infuriated that he wanted to jump right up, but in the midst of doing so, as his rib bones were fractured, he moaned and fell heavily back onto the ground.

Even so, he couldn’t helped but cried out arrogantly, “You…. wretched la.s.s, who do you think you are? Towards my Master, you dare to…”

He had just spoken halfway when he saw Mo Yi standing in front of him, as his voice came to an abrupt stop.

His eyes widened real big, as he stared intently on Mo Yi and spoke with a shaking voice, “Mo…. Protector Mo, you…. why are you here?”

Those ordinary disciples might not recognise that guru Mo Yi, but how could he Feng Li Kun not recognise him?

As Li Moying’s most trusted shadow guard, when direct disciples met him, they needed to treat him with respect!

Because many times when Mo Yi appeared, they represented Li Moying!


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