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Chapter 1390: Close call (3)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Li Moying felt that he had almost used up this entire life of self-restraint before he could barely control his own actions.

Many times, he wanted to ******, that his Li’er didn’t need to become so powerful and he could protect her for life! He didn’t need her to go through such harsh experience training to seek breakthrough, to raise her own potential!

But in the end, he still controlled himself.

If he really broke Huang Yueli’s experience training plan, then this young la.s.s would definitely be angry.

She had always been so eager to be first, so arrogant. In her past life, she wasn’t willing to be the woman behind the number one top exponent which was why he was deeply attracted to her….

He couldn’t affect her in her pursuit for the things which she wanted….

Just as Li Moying was unable to sit or stand still, a sound came from his back.

“Young Sect Master Li, what good determination you have ah. Your fiancée is already severely hurt and yet you still don’t give any reaction at all? Celestial Light Sect’s people were saying just how much you pamper your fiancée but from the looks of it, it’s just so-so only!”

Li Moying slowly turned his head around as he stared at Leng Yi Feng who was standing right behind him, and he slightly frowned.

“What concern is it of yours?”

Leng Yi Feng sensed the powerful aura which was emitting from Li Moying and subconsciously became anxious. The disparity between the both of them was simply too huge and if it was usual, he wouldn’t dare to provoke Li Moying in this way.

But seeing that it was at the event of an official tournament between the two Sects and his Master was also around, Leng Yi Feng’s guts inflated by quite a bit.

Recalling that Huang Yueli exhibited such powerful cultivational innate talent in the arena, Leng Yi Feng’s heart got even hotter!

Originally he thought that she was just a genius Armament Master. Even so, she was already an extremely rare match for marriage.

Now? She actually exhibited her potential in terms of cultivation, fourth stage realm versus sixth stage realm! If he missed this kind of talented young lady, he would absolutely not be able to find a second one!

With the thought of getting Huang Yueli, Leng Yi Feng’s heart started to burn, even forgetting the injury which he had suffered from Li Moying’s previous attack, standing out to challenge his love rival.

At this present moment, a burst of shock screeches could be heard from the stage below once again.

Apparently, Huang Yueli was injured yet again.

Leng Yi Feng couldn’t help but said, “Miss Bai is so severely injured but yet you didn’t go and stop this. In actual fact you don’t like her at all. You merely feel that she’s an Armament Master and has such talent in cultivation so you abandoned Murong Fei to be together with her right? Did you think that no one can tell?”

Li Moying’s gaze was icy cold, “What a joke! How do you even have the cheek to say that about me? You should ask yourself, why and for what reason, do you even covert my fiancée!”

Leng Yi Feng was rendered speechless but very quickly he started to rebuke him.

“I…. I’m different from you! I truly admire Miss Bai! Earlier when my Third Junior Brother dealt a heavy hand towards Miss Bai, haven’t I gone over to stop him? What about you? Where were you? Did you think that Miss Bai is an idiot? She knows very well who is the man who is true to her! After today, she would definitely be utterly disappointed with you! You’re totally not worthy of her!”

The last sentence managed to poke through Li Moying’s Achilles heel.

His gaze turned extremely cold as his brows rose, following which his aura surrounding him exploded instantly.


He coldly spat out a word and although his voice wasn’t very loud but it was powerful and resonating.

Leng Yi Feng was forced back by his aura as he instantly fell backwards!


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