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Chapter 1477: Saving a life (3)

“B… But…..” Luo Jiyun lowered his head, “Even if you managed to save me, I… it’s difficult for me to leave by myself. My leg has already been broken into several pieces and my meridians are heavily injured so I can’t even summon up any Profound Energy, can’t…. can’t get up this cliff. This place is so far away from the peak and even if Eldest Senior Brother you, want to pull me up, it’s…. it’s almost impossible right?”

When Li Moying heard that, his brows rose and he secretly felt a little fortunate.

When he descended, he had not expected Luo Jiyun to be so seriously injured, not even able to work up any Profound Energy. If he had met with this sort of ad hoc situation, it really wasn’t easy to deal with at all.

Luckily he brought along Huang Yueli’s Immortal Binding Rope so things were much easier.

He didn’t say anything and Luo Jiyun misunderstood his intention, “Eldest Senior Brother, I know…. that this matter isn’t easy. You’d better go on up first, don’t stay around here, it’s really very dangerous! I can sense that below this cliff, there’s a horrifying existence of something and moreover…. Sometimes they would fly upwards. I… my life would be ending here anyway so Eldest Senior Brother, please don’t be dragged down by me…..”

Li Moying frowned as he cut him off, “Alright, stop nagging. I said I can save you so there’s absolutely no problem! Why> Do you feel that your Senior Brother I don’t have the means to do so?”

Luo Jiyun hurriedly shook his head, “No, it’s not that… but….”

“Stop with the buts. Where are you stuck exactly, I’ll first think of a way to pull you out.” Li Moying said.

Luo Jiyun heard the resoluteness in his voice and he knew that once Li Moying had a decision, other than Huang Yueli, everyone else can forget about changing his mind.

He could only reply, “This stone on my chest is allowing me to remain stuck in between these two rocks. I don’t dare to move. If I move, this rock will nudge and if it falls, then I too will fall.”

Li Moying heard his description and without a change in his expression, he concentrated on sizing up the rock pile which was below Luo Jiyun.

Alas, the fog below the cliff was even thicker hence the sunlight totally didn’t reflect this area hence it was especially dark. He and Luo Jiyun were only ten over meters apart but due to the angle and light, he was still unable to clearly see the situation at Luo Jiyun’s side.

Li Moying’s finger flicked and a light ray flew out from his fingertip as it went around the cliff wall and flew towards Luo Jiyun, revolving one round around his body as it illuminated the surroundings allowing Li Moying to borrow the light to check things out clearly.

When Luo Jiyun saw that, his expression changed immediately and cried out urgently, “Eldest Senior Brother, don’t… quickly extinguish that light!”

Li Moying was stunned momentarily, “What?”

“Be… Below….”

Li Moying was just trying to comprehend the reason when he heard a roaring sound coming from the bottom of the cliff. Immediately a sinister looking magical beast came flying from below the rock, directly charging towards Li Moying’s direction!

This magical beast was radiating a blue purplish glow entirely and its body was thin but it had a pair of huge wings which spread out to a total of ten over meters. It’s two bronze bell eyes popped out from the side and looked extremely ugly.

Even Li Moying couldn’t recognise what magical beast that was! Even with his experience from both lifetimes, he actually had not seen it before.

Whereas this magical beast apparently belonged to one with the thunder attribute. The minute it saw Li Moying release a small bundle of lightning, it immediately pounced upwards as it swallowed it into its tummy in one mouthful.


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