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Chapter 1758: Kicked an iron plate (6)

Huang Yueli was saying that and lifting up her feet as she stepped on the longsword’s blade hard.

A crisp “Click clack” sound resounded and the long sword was broken into two halved from the middle.

The taller pract.i.tioner’s blurry mind only had one thought – that was a fifth tiered upper grade Profound Weapon! Even for a seventh stage realm pract.i.tioner, it was worth a small fortune but this young la.s.s actually just destroyed it directly?

Moreover the reason was…. because this sword had slashed the shorter pract.i.tioner’s *that part*…..

F**k, tyc.o.o.n!

The taller pract.i.tioner’s last conscious slipped away gradually.

Huang Yueli usually didn’t like to kill people but when two kinds of people fell into her hands, they were definitely doomed. The first kind was those who dared to get fuzzy with her and the second kind was those who dared to her fiancé!

These two black robed men had violated both taboos of hers so she totally didn’t show any mercy towards them.

After certifying that the both of them had already breathed their last, Huang Yueli patted the dust off her skirt and turned around as she prepared to leave.

But just at this moment, she suddenly felt a kind of uneasy feeling, as she subconsciously looked around her surroundings.

The night was late now and she was in a desolate place without any people around. The surroundings were filled with murky stones and spa.r.s.e trees. When she looked from far, she couldn’t tell if there was anything abnormal about this place.

But, she still decided to leave quickly.

No matter what, dragging till this timing and not returning back, Cang Po Jun and the others should have gone mad with anxiety!

She immediately jumped up the carriage and shook the reins as she flew back along the road which she came from!

Right after Huang Yueli left not too long later, a figure suddenly appeared beside those two black robed men’s side.

The person was an elderly man with a bushy ash coloured beard and a pair of small eyes which radiated gloriously, apparently a top expert.

He took a look at the two corpses on the ground and immediately stopped as he pulled the black clothes on the two masked men’s faces.

“d.a.m.n it! It’s indeed these two fellows!” Elderly man appeared an apparent frustrated look!

” I knew these two fellows aren’t reliable and in the afternoon they didn’t even mind using the Sect’s secret transmission technique to inform This Elder that they had already captured Li Moying’s fiancée. In the end, after so long, these two fellows didn’t appear at all. I know things were going to be bad…. indeed, they had been counter-killed?”

Elderly pract.i.tioner frowned as he apparently found it strange, “But they’ve already reached this place which is obvious that they’re already bringing the person whom they captured back so why did they suddenly come out with an accident? Moreover, they aren’t wounded that much, all killed in one instance…. Could it be that that young la.s.s has a life saving Profound Artifact which she managed to take out at the crucial timing, taking the chance while they were unprepared to kill them in one shot?”

The elderly pract.i.tioner frowned as he pondered over this for a moment as his eyes suddenly turned clear.

Because he suddenly thought that since these two fellows had died here, it didn’t mean that it was something bad.

From the condition and temperature of their corpses, they should have just died no longer than a quarter of an hour. If Li Moying’s fiancée depended on the Profound Artifact to kill them and escaped, then she apparently had not left for too huge a distance!

Moreover, her life saving Profound Artifact was already used up and now facing this ninth stage realm Elder like him, could be put that she completely lacked the ability to resist!

This was an opportunity that Heavens had chanced upon him!

If he was able to capture her, not only would he be able to obtain the reward which clan leader had promised, he would also not need to split the gains to these two dumb disciples!

Originally he was still concerned about his own dignity, hence was unwilling to follow those young disciples to lie in wait for a chance at Blue Profound Sect’s entrance.


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