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Chapter 1874: Fame of the Number One Divine Doctor (1)

“No, no such thing! Our Li’er’s culinary skills are the best, who dares to look down on it? I’m just worried that you’re too tired and if you hurt your hand just for the sake of cooking, how much heartache would I suffer from.”

Li Moying’s flattery piled up as though it was free of charge.

Huang Yueli rolled her eyes at him as she couldn’t help but burst out laughing, “Hey, you’re too mushy! Saying this kind of things seemed to be said by those hedonistic evil young lads in those storybooks who tries to abducts those innocent young woman…..”

When Li Moying saw that she finally extended a smile, he silently heaved a sigh of relief.

Finally, his little fox smiled. Sigh, it was so difficult! Earlier looking at her furious look, it really made his heart ache.

Huang Yueli noticed his line of sight as she immediately stopped smiling and stiffened her little face once again while staring at him, “Alright, you’re not allowed to look at me, quickly eat! After you finish, I have tons of questions for you so don’t even think about trying to avoid the questions!”

Li Moying silently shook his head. Looks like his sweet nothings coupled with his handsome male scheme wasn’t able to smitten Li’er out of her senses…..

But if Huang Yueli was just asking about his medical condition, it wasn’t as if he was prepared to continue concealing this.

So after he finally gulped down the huge pile of medical cuisine, facing Huang Yueli’s interrogation, he owned up and explained every single situation where he acted up since he turned six years old.

After Huang Yueli heard that, she silently muttered irresolutely, “Looks like what Brother Mo Yi said were basically correct…. Later on have you ever got another doctor to take a look at you?”

Li Moying nodded, “Of course, I can’t be a sitting duck waiting for death right? Soaring Heavens Continent’s famous doctors were all called upon, including some Divine Doctors who went into seclusion, I’ve sent out my men to look for them. Most of them were interested in this mysterious illness of mine and were willing to do a consultation for me, only, none of them were able to cure me.”

Huang Yueli said, “Then in this case, from the start to the end, only Liu Buyan alone, was able to improve your illness? He’s really the Number One Divine Doctor, as compared to the other eighth ranked doctors, he’s on a totally different level…..”

Hearing her admiration towards Liu Buyan, Li Moying immediately recalled that man who coveted intentions towards his Li’er for two lifetimes, and a sour feeling immediately gushed up in his chest.

“In your heart, is Liu Buyan really that incredible?”

“Isn’t that obvious? There isn’t anyone else who could match Liu Buyan’s medical skills in the entire Continent! In our past lives, whenever we met with danger or were hurt, there were several times when we relied on his medical skills before we managed to escape death! He is worthy of the t.i.tle Number One Divine Doctor!”

Huang Yueli didn’t detect his jealousy as she was still piling on praises onto Liu Buyan.

Li Moying gave a cold harrumph, “What’s so great about him? In terms of cultivation, he’s so ordinary and whenever he goes to pick medicinal herbs, he still needs the both of us to protect him. Haven’t we often saved his life as well? Is there a need to be so grateful that you’re almost in tears? Moreover speaking, he had a way to cure my Soul Detachment Illness, because….”

Because Liu Buyan was the only one who knew about his ident.i.ty, who knew the cause of his Soul Detachment Illness.

Ordinary doctors totally can’t imagine what was going on, not to mention finding the cause of the illness, so naturally they weren’t able to prescribe the right medicine for it….

Li Moying’s last sentence was spoken in an extremely soft voice, practically m.u.f.fled inside his mouth.

Huang Yueli didn’t hear it clearly, but based on his previous words, it was so sour that one could not ignore it.

She blinked her large eyes, “Moying, what’s the matter with you? Isn’t Liu Buyan your best buddy? Ah, no… the two of you have already severed your ties! But, how is it possible for you two to sever your ties? What on earth happened?”


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