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Chapter 1886: Love rivals for two lifetimes (8)

Cang Po Jun was originally worried that the both of them would get into trouble so after he led Liu Buyan in, he had been standing guard at the entrance, totally not daring to take a step away!

Earlier the room kept echoing clas.h.i.+ng sounds and it had already scared Cang Oi Jun stiff but without Li Moying’s command, he didn’t dared to push the door open to step in on his own, so he could only wait outside while strolling up and down in frustration, hoping that Liu Buyan could quickly come out.

In the end, Liu Buyan really stepped out, but looking at their poses…..

They seemed to really be prepared to take action!

Cang Po Jun hurriedly walked in between the both of them, in an attempt to stop them, “Sovereign, Divine Doctor Liu, you two… what are you two trying to do? Can’t you talk things over properly? On account of your past relations.h.i.+p…..”

Liu Buyan gave a cold snort, “Who has any past relations.h.i.+p with him? The day that Huang Yueli died, we had already become enemies!”

“But….” Cang Po Jun wanted to continue.

However, Li Moying also followed suit and chipped in, moreover he made it in even simpler terms, “Scram!”

Following Li Moying’s tone, he had already swiftly made him move as the electric currents in the sky were crying out and that rampaging presence kept on increasing, forming a burst of dazzling and eye catching light pillar, charging towards Liu Buyan!

Liu Buyan flicked his sleeves, “You only have this bit of ability? Not even ten percent of your past ability in your past life!”

Amid his ridicule, he also immediately retaliated!

The two of them went round Cang Po Jun and when they exchanged blows, they were totally inseparable.

In terms of cultivation, it was Liu Buyan who had gained an obvious upper hand. Ninth stage realm peak versus ninth stage realm first level, the total power in terms of Profound Energy was totally incomparable.

Moreover adding up, Liu Buyan had cultivated hard for the past decade so no matter if it was in terms of cultivation method or Profound Skills, or even actual combat experience, he was much stronger by many times as compared to sixteen years ago. The current him, had already squeezed into the Sky Chart’s top three ranking!

To the point that while Mu Chengying was in “closed door cultivation”, he was practically considered as the Number One under this heavens!

This ability was apparently not something which Li Moying could counter under the fact that he did not have enough cultivation and when his primordial spirit was damaged severely. If it was under normal circ.u.mstances, it wouldn’t even take one incense’s time before he lost.

But the location where the both of them had exchanged blows, was unfortunately at Levitation Sword Palace.

Levitation Sword Palace was in Blue Profound Sect’s core, and also Li Moying’s old nest. Every array and the spiritual artery under this place were most advantageous to thunder attributed pract.i.tioners to exhibit their powers and even if Li Moying didn’t intentionally use the sword array’s might, his ability virtually got an extreme uplift.

Under these circ.u.mstances, Li Moying’s disadvantage in ability obtained a certain complement and adding on to the natural thunder attributed advantage, it made him tangle around Liu Buyan for quite some time.

Cang Po Jun was watching on the side as he was so anxious that he was perspiring so much that the back of his s.h.i.+rt was soaked in cold sweat.

He really wanted to pull them apart but from the intensity of their battle, if he abruptly charged in, it might injure the both of them and if Li Moying suffered any harm from this, he would be the biggest sinner.

Just as he didn’t know what he should do, an attendant suddenly ran over to report that Huang Yueli had already returned from Sky Emperor City.

Cang Po Jun simply wanted to kneel down and thank G.o.d!

This saviour…. Really came back at a timely moment!

He hurriedly turned around and sped towards Blue Profound Sect’s entrance, welcoming Huang Yueli back.

The moment Huang Yueli heard the news of those two fighting, she immediately turned pale with fright.


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