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Chapter 2598: Split Soul! (6)

“You… don’t even think of scheming me!” He could barely speak properly.

Although the both of them could never have done anything over the line.

But if she walked out of his room early next morning under everyone’s burning gazed, that number one vinegar pot would definitely fly into an instant rage!

Moreover, even Bai Liufeng who loved his daughter dearly might chop him up into pieces!

He couldn’t afford to offend any single one of them!

Huang Yueli knew he was scared and she had even lesser restraining fear, “How can this be called scheming you? I came over to look for Senior Brother just to ask some questions. I had the intention to leave after I’ve got my questions answered. Whoever knows that Senior Brother refuses to tell me, so I had to keep asking and asking. So in the end, I can only spend the night over at your place!”

Although it was indeed the truth, for those who didn’t know the truth, it would reflect the effect of ambiguity.

If Bai Liufeng or Li Moying were to hear of this, Liu Buyan wouldn’t be able to wash his name clean even if he jumped into the Yellow River

He almost cried out when he heard her threat, “Junior Sister, please show me mercy! Don’t fool me in this way!”

Huang Yueli leaned against the chair as she tapped her fingers on the table.

This action was Li Moying’s star move when he was pondering and Huang Yueli managed to copy this perfectly.

“I don’t wish to make things difficult for Senior Brother. But Senior Brother doesn’t care about our Senior and Junior sibling relations.h.i.+p. You aren’t willing to tell me about this small thing!”

Liu Buyan wanted to plead with her to leave his room. But unfortunately, she was unmoved.

Liu Buyan’s cultivation was much higher than hers, but every single time he wanted to use his power to drag her out, Huang Yueli would put up with a look as though she was going to shout out to awaken everyone. That made Liu Buyan turn into a coward as he cowered in a corner shakingly.

One hour had pa.s.sed and Huang Yueli was still seated inside his room.

Liu Buyan finally gave up struggling and he clenched his teeth hard. “You really want to know what Mu Chengying did after your death that year? You will not regret it?”

Huang Yueli’s gaze deepened but her tone remained resolute, “I will not regret it!”

He nodded his head and said, “Alright then! I can’t personally tell you what happened then, but if you recall this on your own, it has nothing to do with me!”

“I recalled this on my own? What do you mean? I can’t recall anything about it, that’s why I came to look for you.” She said puzzledly as her brows creased together.

Liu Buyan explained, “No, from the way you described those fine details, you have actually recalled everything. But as the memory was just too terrifying, it made you forgot part of it subconsciously. These memories are very hard to recollect on your own, but if we use a little bit of medication to help you, you will still be able to recall everything.”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli’s eyes lit up. “So it’s like this! Senior Brother, you’re indeed the Continent’s Number One Divine Doctor and you’re so knowledgeable! I bet you have this medication at your side, right? Quickly give it to me!”

Liu Buyan hesitated for a moment but proceeded to take a medication bottle out from his realm ring.

“This is an eighth level Soul Scattering Pill. It is essentially an extremely malicious poison and taking this on a long-term basis would weaken a pract.i.tioner’s primordial spirit. Not only would it lead to a decrease of one’s cultivation, it is also capable of making one’s senses disorientated.”


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