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Chapter 2650: It’s my turn to haunt you (2)

As long as Huang Yueli was able to escape in time and reunite with her parents, then his death would absolutely be worth the price!

Lord Zhan could naturally tell what Li Moying had in mind.

But he totally could not be bothered about Li Moying at all.

Lord Zhan had already absorbed the Sacred Phoenix Race clansmen’s blood essence twice. Under the support of this powerful strength, even if Bai Liufeng was around, he would not be able to take one strike at all! Not to mention Li Moying, who had not even reached ninth stage realm peak cultivation yet!

Lord Zhan’s right hand waved and a gust of thick blood mist wrapped around Li Moying’s body!

The blood essence energy refined using evil arts was not only powerful, but it also carried a kind of corrosive nature. It could swallow all the Profound Energy nearby and corrode the pract.i.tioner’s body.

The Amethyst Light Sword in Li Moying’s hands was shrouded in the blood mist and it instantly gave off a miserable sword cry!

Li Moying’s thunder attributed Profound Energy was being pushed back by the coercion of the blood mist. After the Amethyst Light Sword gave off a “buzzing” sound, it started to vibrate violently and broke into half from the middle!

Following the disintegration of the Amethyst Light Sword, Li Moying’s body was thrown out by the impact and he landed on the ground with a loud crash.

“Lowly human race, how dare you challenge This Seat’s authority!” Lord Zhan’s eyes had already turned into a horrifying red color, and he cast a look at Li Moying from the corner of his eyes.

“Your innate talent isn’t too bad, much better than those human race’s trash. Since you’ve sent yourself to my door, it’s just nice! You can offer your blood essence and spiritual root, along with my niece, for the Blood Moon Great Array!”

Anyway, no matter how fast Huang Yueli ran, she wouldn’t be able to leave Snow Phoenix Palace’s boundary within such a short amount of time.

Li Moying’s blood essence and innate talent should not be wasted. After capturing Li Moying, there should be more than enough time for him to chase after Huang Yueli.

Lord Zhan walked forward complacently, as he wanted to drag Li Moying away.

At this point, Li Moying could feel that most of the meridians in his internal organs had shattered. The intense pain shot through every inch of his body!

His head also started to feel dizzy and painful once again. He was just too familiar with this feeling. It was the exact feeling that he had in the past. Every single time he fought with someone, his Soul Detachment Illness would act up.

It seemed that his actions of forcefully using the secret technique to raise his ability had still caused damage to his primordial spirit…

He had severe injuries and his primordial spirit was so weak. So if he wanted to obstruct Lord Zhan’s movements, then he could only…

Li Moying endured the pain and squinted his eyes. He kept a close watch on Lord Zhan’s movements as the latter walked near him. At the same time, his hands started to clench tightly…

Ten steps, nine steps, eight steps…

Just when Lord Zhan was just three steps away from him, Li Moying suddenly jumped up from the ground!

His hands raised and he was about to strike out at Lord Zhan—

“Moying! No! I won’t allow you to self-explode! I will rather die than let your soul and spirit disperse! Huang Yueli’s terrified and desperate cries were heard coming from his back.

Immediately following that, Li Moying felt Huang Yueli pouncing onto his back. She hugged his back tightly and stopped his actions!

Li Moying’s body stiffened. Never had he expected Huang Yueli to not follow according to his wishes. She did not grab the chance to escape, and she even saw through his motive of self-exploding his primordial spirit just to stop Lord Zhan. She even ran out to stop him!

He shouted exasperatedly, “Li’er, what are you doing back here for? Quickly leave!”


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