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Chapter 2779: Into the drawing (2)

Forming a domain in Soaring Heavens Continent wasn’t a scarce thing.

When Li Moying was in the sixth stage realm, he had already formed his own thunder domain. Although Huang Yueli wasn’t as incredible as him, she also formed her fire domain after advancing to the seventh stage realm.

For ordinary pract.i.tioners, as long as they break through the ninth stage realm, they would only form their domains.

Huang Zixiao indicated, “Unleash your fire domain and show me.”

She nodded and her right hand started drawing up a hand gesture. In an instance, the secret room’s fire attributed Profound Qi was all pulled by her, corresponding to the fire-attributed Profound Energy in her body into a huge fire domain. The entire secret room was scorching hot with blazing flames, as though it was about to swallow the both of them.

Huang Zixiao was totally not affected by the blazing flames.

He took a look at it and asked for her to retract her fire domain. At the same time, he gave an approving look. “Not bad, no matter in terms of fire-attributed energy’s saturation degree or explosiveness, it’s all first rated. Your comprehension toward the fire domain is rather perfect.”

He paused for a moment and said, “Then do you know that in terms of domain, there are even higher leveled domains. That is the fire attributed conceptualization and principle!”

Huang Yueli blinked and delved into her thoughts. “An even higher level comprehension…”

Actually, when Huang Zixiao was talking about these, she already had a faint guess in her mind.

Toward the use of the fire domain, she was already very experienced in it. Both lifetime’s battle experience was sufficient for her to control her fire domain.

But when the fire domain’s might reached a limit, she started to wonder if there was any other stronger energy to replace it.

In the past, she had discussed this question with Li Moying.

“My husband once said that the fire domain can only control the surrounding existing fire attributed energy. The power depends on the surrounding Profound Qi’s intensity. Moreover, the boundary is only limited to the perimeter of one’s surroundings. If one increases their comprehension of the fire attributes, does that mean that we will be able to create energy? Furthermore, the power and boundary could also be widened… could this be the conceptualization and principle that you are talking about?”

Huang Zixiao was stunned to hear her say this. “This is what your husband said? No wonder you said he is a genius! As a lower realm pract.i.tioner who had never touched with conceptualizations and principles to have this kind of comprehension. It could be said that the distance to forming his own conceptualization is only a step away! The thing he talked about is conceptualization. If a tenth stage realm pract.i.tioner can comprehend conceptualization, then among the same leveled pract.i.tioners, one would already not lose. But the principle is a stronger kind of energy. So basically, as long as you break through to the Life Profound Realm, you will be able to comprehend it.”

Huang Yueli had basically understood what was going on, so her face revealed a joyous look.

“So to speak, as long as I can comprehend the fire attributed conceptualization, my ability will take a huge step forward, right? Then what should I do?”

He smiled and nodded his head, then said, “That’s right. Actually, the third stage trial in the inheritance tower is for you to comprehend your fire attributed conceptualization! To tell you the truth, even if it is in G.o.d Realm, it’s practically impossible for those pract.i.tioners who had newly ascended into the tenth stage realm to comprehend the conceptualizations. But starting to comprehend it earlier is an advantage. Even if there’s no way to complete the conceptualization, at least it will raise your ability by quite a bit.”


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