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Chapter 2783: First stage conceptualization (2)

Huang Zixiao lowered his head and looked at the little brat who was only at his knee level. Then he delved into his thoughts.

Little w.a.n.g Cai felt that he was looking down on him and puffed his chest even higher!

“I’m telling you! My bloodline is very n.o.ble! Today you’re treating me with such disrespect, tomorrow I will make sure I’m out of your league!”

Huang Zixiao’s eyes flashed past a cold glint and he said, “That’s right. Speaking of this, your bloodline is indeed not bad and you seem to be part of the Phoenix’s royal family…”

“You’ve got good eyesight!” Little w.a.n.g Cai’s face surfaced with a delighted smile.

Huang Zixiao hurriedly added, “Too bad, this la.s.s really doesn’t know how to rear a Phoenix! Last time I remember I pa.s.sed her a > book but in the end, she didn’t study it properly. Furthermore, she lets you grow so fat, totally not releasing your potential! Surely this young la.s.s wasn’t only concerned about her relations.h.i.+p, right? No way, I can’t let her delay a n.o.ble Phoenix’s future…”

Little w.a.n.g Cai felt his hair rising on end when he heard that.

“Wait, although I don’t understand what you are mumbling about, why do I have a bad premonition? What do you want to do?”

Ever since Huang Yueli received the >, she did train Little w.a.n.g Cai excitedly in the start.

Alas, Little w.a.n.g Cai was very lazy and he was determined not to give up on his benefits. So every day when it was training time, he would resort to all kinds of trickery and throw all sorts of tantrums, refusing to cooperate with her.

Huang Yueli initially thought of many different ideas, hoping to train him properly. In the end, Li Moying suddenly fell ill so she totally had no time to look after Little w.a.n.g Cai at all.

He took the opportunity to let loose of himself. After he did that, there was no way to pull himself back.

Huang Yueli was grateful to it for saving her so she felt embarra.s.sed to coerce it. In that way, her training plans had gone down the drain once again.

He stretched out a hand and picked Little w.a.n.g Cai up. “As a member of the Phoenix’s royal family, all you do is eat chicken drumsticks all day. It’s simply a disgrace to your n.o.ble bloodline! If your brother were to know about it, he would probably cry to death! It’s all your master’s fault for not raising you properly! That la.s.s must be too soft-hearted. She can’t even train a young bird well. Let me, her senior, do it on her behalf then!”

Little Phoenix was shocked and instantly started to struggle violently. Its two short legs kept kicking in mid-air.

“No way, you have no right to coerce This Lord! Female Devil doesn’t even bother about me, what right do you have to do so? Let me down, quickly let me down! I am determined not to join whatever training you say! I want to accompany Female Devil, I want to eat drumsticks, and I want to sleep!”

However, Huang Zixiao picked him up by the back of his collar and he was much taller than Little Phoenix. No matter how Little w.a.n.g Cai struggled, he had no way to escape from his clutches.

Little Phoenix turned anxious and started screaming, “Female Devil, save me! Quickly save me! Someone wants to abduct your adorable little Phoenix and turn me into child labor, menial labor! I’m going to be tormented into a non-Phoenix shape. Quickly save me…heyi, Female Devil, what’s the matter with you??”

Little Phoenix’s eyes suddenly widened and let out a shocked scream in a weird tone.

Huang Zixiao’s lips tugged and laughed coldly, “Don’t even try to use this kind of lowly tricks to deceive me. I’ve lived for eighty thousand years so I’ve seen all sorts of tricks. Save your energy!”


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