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The Second Prince looked at Shen Longxuan and said, “Shen Tian Hou, is this formation going to work?”

“Don’t worry Second Prince, this will definitely work. If we don’t have anything on us, that will prove that I’m overthinking things.” After Shen Longxuan finished speaking, he walked in first, and there was still the green light.

This time, everyone’s attention was on Second Prince, and the Martial Saint Stage Powerhouse that followed along were a little worried.

Second Prince closed his eyes and carefully felt his body. Then, without hesitation, he entered the array formation and a green light shone. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

But at this moment, the green light within the array suddenly turned red. The red light was so demonic, everyone was shocked by this scene.

“Hahahaha …” Shen Longxuan, you are really clever, to actually be able to find me like this. Although I cannot beat you right now, this Second Prince can still do it. “

At the same time a red light shone, Second Prince stood there in a daze. His eyes had turned black, and although he kept his mouth shut, he still heard a voice.

Everyone was shocked!

They had already lost the First Prince. If the Second Prince was also possessed, what would happen to him?

If that happened, it would create chaos, and they might even form gangs and fall into a chaotic battle.

“Who the h.e.l.l are you? What do you want to do? ” Shen Longxuan asked.

“Second Prince” came out of the array, the black fog hovered around his face, his expression could not be seen clearly, and he said sinisterly: “Shen Longxuan, I am the devil soul that you have been trying so hard to find!

You created the Xuan Yuan Hall for me, and made so many delicious foods. You don’t know how much determination I put in in order to resist the temptation of that delicious soul, but who would have thought that you would still find it in the end.

Do you think that I would be like that fool, Heavenly Soul, and pa.s.s down Soul Arts s to other humans? Relying on his cultivation of Soul Arts to raise my soul power, I don’t know how long it’ll take for me to reach the highest realm.

Therefore, I order you to give up on resisting and let me enter your Sea of Consciousness, then I will let everyone here go. “

“Boss, don’t listen to him. He’s definitely lying to you!” Before Shen Longxuan could say anything, Shen Tianlei shouted.

“Hahaha …” Little fellow, your soul is also not bad, and can become my snack. Shen Longxuan, use your life alone to exchange for everyone’s life, do you want to exchange? “

The devil soul said while laughing maniacally.

“devil soul, you’ve actually noticed me since a long time ago, right? At that time, the one who possessed the First Prince was you and not some Evil Dragon. The reason why you did not take action all these years is because your injuries have yet to recover and are currently very weak … “

“Shut up!” The devil soul seemed to be hit on the sore spot, it suddenly became furious, as if it wanted to prove what it just said. The demonic qi around its body surged, and two black lines shot out like lightning.

Wherever they went, more than a dozen of them fell to the ground. All of them had terrified expressions on their faces, but none of them made a sound. Their souls had perished.

“Shen Longxuan, the reason why I did not kill this Second Prince was to give you a chance. If you do not agree to my request, not only everyone here will die, I will also bring this Second Prince to kill everyone in the city.

If you make a move against the Second Prince, it would mean you killing your own monarch. The devil soul roared with laughter, as if it was certain that it would win this kind of transaction.

“Shen Tian Hou! I beg of you to save Second Prince, for a country to not have a ruler for a single day. Now that the Middle Emperor is no longer present, the First Prince is dead, and the Second Prince is no longer here, then the entire middle imperial city, and even the entire Dragon G.o.d Realm, will be in complete chaos.

If the underworld were to attack now, the consequences would be unimaginable, so, the Second Prince must not have any problems.

What right do I have to exchange my life with you? Boss, don’t listen to them, the life and death of these people have nothing to do with us, we will join hands and kill this devil soul. “

“You can’t!” The Martial Saint Stage guards Second Prince brought over immediately stood in front of Shen Longxuan and Shen Longxuan.

“Marquis Shen Tian, even if we die, we have to protect the entire Second Prince. If you want to kill him, we will protect him no matter what.”

“We pledge our lives to protect Second Prince!”

The middle imperial city s that came with him all shouted together.

Shen Tianlei was immediately enraged, “What are you all shouting? Go ahead, go protect your Second Prince. Boss, we’ve already killed the First Prince and Evil Dragon as per our agreement, so it’s not like we’re breaking our promise to leave now. Let’s go! “

He was really afraid that Shen Longxuan would foolishly agree to the request of the devil soul and use his own life to save some Second Prince.

“No!” You can’t leave, Marquis Shen Tian, if you save Second Prince, we are willing to pay with our lives! ” As an old man spoke, he sent a palm strike towards his own head.


Its head exploded into pieces like a watermelon, and the Spiritual Soul that rushed out looked at Shen Longxuan, and burst into flames.

“Please save Second Prince, Shen Tian, we are willing to pay with our lives!”

Bang Bang Bang…

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A dozen of people were killed right in front of Shen Longxuan.

“This …” Even Shen Tianlei was stunned, how loyal was this!

“Enough!” Shen Longxuan finally spoke up, and those who still wanted to commit suicide looked at him. They saw Shen Longxuan striding forward a few steps to the front of the “Second Prince”.

He asked faintly, “Will I die if I agree to your request?”

“Wahahaha …” Of course I won’t kill you. You have done such a great service for me, so I will keep you and let you personally watch me raise the’s food bit by bit, then eat it up bit by bit.

At that time, I will be the one and only soul in this world, and I will be the Overlord. No one in the Profound Dragon Continent will be able to do anything to me. “

The more the devil soul spoke, the crazier it became. He licked his lips and said: “You are the most delicious and delicious soul I have ever seen. I’m really afraid that I would be unable to resist eating you.

A ball of black fog flew out from Second Prince’s eyes and rushed into Shen Longxuan’s mind.


Shen Tianlei shouted loudly.

The others looked at Shen Longxuan, their hearts filled with mixed emotions. They didn’t know if forcing Shen Longxuan like this was right or wrong, but from today onwards, the strongest sky warrior of their generation would disappear.

Although he could not speak just now, he could still see that it was Shen Longxuan who had given up his life and saved him.

“Shen Tian.”

He had just called out, when Shen Longxuan’s figure suddenly flew up, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the horizon.


The thunder and lightning around Shen Tianlei’s body exploded, amidst the rumbling sounds, he chased after them like a madman.

Second Prince stretched out his hand, but in the end, he did not say anything and left with the rest.

He let the devil soul control him all the way to the bottom of the sea, because he wanted to find the original body of the devil soul. Although doing this was risky, it was worth it.

Furthermore, both he and Sky Soul had long planned all of this, the devil soul’s demands just happened to match their plans, so Shen Longxuan decided to make the best of it.

According to his soul defense, devil soul only came as a wisp of consciousness and could not pose any form of danger to him at all.

Because he had cultivated the Great Soul-Multiplying Arts, his soul’s strength was already quite abnormal. Forget about this wisp of consciousness, even if the devil soul himself came, it would still take some effort to devour his soul.

He watched as his body continued to move forward at an incredible speed, splitting apart the seawater and setting off enormous waves at the bottom of the sea. Along the way, he actually broke through the seawater and broke into the seabed, all the way until he reached the depths of the continent.

“No wonder we couldn’t find it, it was originally hidden under the sea, let’s see where you can run to now!” Shen Longxuan thought.

Finally, after breaking through the several tens of thousands of meters of seabed, the consciousness of the devil soul command Shen Longxuan’s body to stop. There were no longer any rocks in front of him, but an empty expanse of s.p.a.ce.

In the s.p.a.ce, Shen Longxuan actually noticed Lin Nantian. When he saw Shen Longxuan from afar, he immediately brought a group of people over.

“Ahahaha …” Shen Longxuan, I never thought that you would have such a day, looking at how you were captured by the adults, I can’t beat you outside, but here, you have to listen to me.

This is because I am the first person that Master devil soul trusted. Furthermore, for a very long time, I have already helped you to establish your personal guard.

Lin Nantian mocked.


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