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Finally, an elder announced the start of the compet.i.tion.

Before the elder could finish his sentence, a black shadow landed on the platform. This person was holding a long staff, which was engraved with a pattern.

“Shen Longxuan, I am a Fourth Stage of Martial Master Stage cultivator, please advise!”

Shen Longxuan only said three words, “Give it your all!”

This person nodded his head. He brandished his long rod, bringing with it the wind and moon. Strands of rod shadows hacked down on him, lighting up the area and merging into one.

“Sky Splitting Rod!”

A four Zhang long pole shadow instantly attacked with a whistling sound.

“Do you guys think that Shen Longxuan will finish it in one move this time?”

“How is that possible, this is the Fourth Stage of Martial Master Stage!”

“If he still wants to defeat his opponent in one move, I’ll buy him 20 matches!”


Following the discussions of the crowd, the dramatic scene of the fight started once again. The man holding the rod threw himself out of Battle Platform along with his staff, the scene was extremely similar to the scene from two days ago.

“Ah, another move? How did this guy do it?”

“Too overbearing!”

“How fierce!”

At this time, another person dressed in green flew up to Battle Platform. This person had an ancient longbow on his back and his hair fluttered in the wind.

“Shen Longxuan, you are very strong, so if you can take my three arrows, I, Xu Ming, will admit defeat!”

Shen Longxuan looked at the guy in front of him, who was full of confidence, and didn’t care at all.

“Then I’ll give you three chances. Let me witness the might of your bow and arrow!”

Xu Ming did not speak any further and quickly retreated a few hundred meters, arriving at the edge of Battle Platform.

Shen Longxuan only felt a faint aura locking onto him, as if he could not escape his pursuit no matter how hard he tried to dodge.


With a wave of Xu Ming’s hand, the G.o.dly bow appeared in his hands. Without any arrows or arrows, the bow was drawn to the full moon as the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth began to converge at an insane speed.

It was as if there was a giant hand grabbing, compressing, and stretching the spirit energy that had gathered over. A huge, malevolent light arrow shot out.

“Heavens, Xu Ming is proficient in absolute arts! I see that Shen Longxuan is in danger this time!”

“Xu Ming’s combat power is long-range, with his current condition, even the Fifth Stage of Martial Master Stage would crumble, so Shen Longxuan’s loss is because he should not be given the chance to display it.”

Xu Ming smiled coldly. The reason he had agreed on three moves was to seize the opportunity to unleash his ultimate skill. It was a long-range attack and required time to prepare.

He did not expect the foolish Shen Longxuan to instantly agree, his arms overflowing with power, the Spirit Qi in his body circulating crazily, the huge arrow of light instantly shooting out of its bow.

“Monarch of the world!”

The light arrow transformed into a huge dragon with its tail trailing behind it, as if it wanted to rule the world, and swallowed Shen Longxuan whole.

A distance of three hundred meters was covered in the blink of an eye. Shen Longxuan was calm as he faced the gigantic dragon formed by the light arrow.

However, there was no pressure at all on him. Under the cover of the light, he gently raised his fist and the colossal dragon shattered like a mirror, dissipating into the air with a bang!

The domineering might that was previously filled with grandeur and grandeur vanished into thin air in the blink of an eye.

“What?” “How is it possible to kill such a powerful attack with a lift of a hand?”

“Just what level of strength does Shen Longxuan has? Could it be that he is hiding his cultivation?”

Xu Ming was also shocked, but this did not exceed his budget. This was only the first move, his three moves, Martial Arts, were stronger than the first.

Thus, he only heard a loud shout.

“Second move, Void Arrows!”

An aura even more powerful than before rose up. Xu Ming’s figure could no longer be seen on the Battle Platform; all of the people around him were illuminated by the light.

A dozen or so arrows of light suddenly shot out, and the surrounding air seemed to boil, shaking the surroundings to the point that ripples were formed. A terrifying pressure came crashing down.

“This move is really marvelous. It uses the mutual gravitational and repulsive force of the light arrows to create a mystical array of arrows. This array of arrows resonates with the air.

Not only is the power of the arrow extremely shocking, even the power of the vibration is not something that an ordinary person can handle. Shen Longxuan will lose to this move. “

Ren Laifeng curled his lips. What did this matter count for? Youngest junior brother was able to kill a Scorching Beast as fast as the Seventh Stage of Martial Master Stage with a single punch.

“Haha, I bet on Shen Longxuan to lose this round, don’t disappoint me!”

Facing the arrow, Shen Longxuan nodded his head, the method was clever and the power was astonishing, but this was still far from the standard of being able to harm him.

The Five Elements Spiritual Strength s in his body gathered their fists and suddenly threw them out. A fist imprint over seventy meters long appeared out of nowhere, shining with a golden light. In the blink of an eye, it struck the arrow formation.

Puff puff ~

The sound was like the sound of a candle being blown out. The seemingly powerful light arrow was instantly shattered. It didn’t even have the chance to explode before dissipating into thin air.

“Xu Ming, you still have one last chance. If you don’t use your full strength, I’ll send you off the Battle Platform.” Shen Longxuan brushed off the dust on his body and said loudly.

“What?” This was easily solved by him, could it be that this guy has the strength of Sixth Stage of Martial Master Stage again? “

Many of the disciples below the stage were surprised. How could a Third Stage of Martial Master Stage martial cultivator be so powerful?

He had previously heard that he had a defensive spiritual treasure, but now he did not see one. Instead, it was his own strength that was so terrifying that many disciples of the Sixth Stage of Martial Master Stage were interested in it.

“This boy is qualified to fight with me!”

“If it were me, I would have definitely subdued him within three moves!”

“When everyone has played enough, I’ll kill him. Fifty thousand Spirit Stone are mine!”

At this time, Xu Ming’s face became unsightly. His confidence from when he first stepped onto the stage wavered a little, the feeling Shen Longxuan gave him now was like a mountain that couldn’t be shaken!

“Alright, the final arrow. If you are not defeated, I will admit defeat!”

After Xu Ming finished speaking, he immediately retracted his aura and summoned his battle spirit. It was a Blue Crystal Bow of the eighth level of the yellow rank.

“Arrow Hands the Universe!”

Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth rushed towards his bow and arrows. His still body seemed as though it would erupt at any moment, causing an ear-piercing buzzing sound.

Xu Ming spat out a mouthful of blood as a black arrow suddenly appeared on his huge bow. It was like a black hole was constantly devouring the surrounding spiritual energy.

With an endless amount of pressure bearing down on him, Xu Ming’s body trembled violently. His eyes were bloodshot and his hair stood on end. He let out a loud roar.

The black streak instantly disappeared and he seemed to have expended all his energy before falling to the ground.

Shen Longxuan was shocked as well. He did not expect Xu Ming’s final strike to come at the price of a backlash.

Shen Longxuan frowned, the black light arrow had already reached him, although Xu Ming had used up all his energy, it was still shattered by Shen Longxuan.

That fellow directly fainted.

After these two battles, Shen Longxuan no longer had any patience. Some of the Fourth Stage of Martial Master Stage s that were trying their luck were no exception, all of them were smashed down by Shen Longxuan’s fist.

In the blink of an eye, Shen Longxuan had already won ten consecutive rounds.

The next to enter the stage was the martial cultivator of the Fifth Stage of Martial Master Stage, but he still did not manage to join the battle.

In a blink of an eye, Shen Longxuan had won twenty consecutive rounds. At this time, a silver light lit up on the stage, reaching through the heavens and penetrating the earth. On the stone tablet in front of the Battle Platform, Shen Longxuan’s name had changed.

Silver medal contestant, Shen Longxuan!

“Heavens, that guy has become a silver-medal contestant. Is there no one else who can defeat him?”

“Let me teach a little guy from the Third Stage of Martial Master Stage what a true expert is!” A black-clothed man instantly appeared on stage.


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