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As Shen Longxuan flew, he familiarized himself with the flames. Along the way, his strength broke through from the Peak of Martial Master Stage to the Second Stage of Martial King Stage, and his mission had already been completed.

It was still too early to go back. He wanted to partic.i.p.ate in the Fire Spirit Sect’s Alchemy Meeting to obtain the excess rewards, but the disciples of the Fire Spirit Sect were always obscenely refining pills, and the elites within were not people he could compare to.

Their experience and pill refining skills were way beyond his. If he did not concoct fifth grade pills, it would be difficult for him to win, so he spent the rest of his time cultivating and researching on pill concocting.

Two months later, he was already able to skillfully refine the Martial Extreme Martial Pill, one of the four grade four pills. This could be considered the peak quality of all grade four pills.

The flames of the Martial King Stage were difficult to meet the requirements to refine a fifth grade pellet. Unless there was some fortuitous encounter and the alchemist obtained some kind of strange fire from heaven and earth, it was impossible for ordinary Martial King Stage alchemists to refine only fourth-grade pellets.

But Shen Longxuan was different. Because he ate the Five Elements Spirit Fruit, he evolved into a body of five elements. Not only did his cultivation speed increase, his control over his strength was stronger than a normal martial cultivator.

In addition, his ability to comprehend the natural power was also heaven-defying. In fact, this had a lot to do with the five small fishes in his golden core. Under certain circ.u.mstances, the natural power was attracted to him.

However, this power could be considered to have been integrated into Shen Longxuan’s body, so it could naturally be used.

Because it was still too early for the Pill Refining Conference, Shen Longxuan purposely slowed his footsteps, he even took out the precious fifth grade s and Martial Grandmaster Pill s to observe them, not sparing to grind them to study.

He had also swallowed a pill to experience its medicinal effects, but he had almost died from his body exploding. That was why he said that every alchemist was a madman. This saying was completely correct.

This was because during this period of time, it had never eaten a delicious barbecue. Every time it caught a Demonic Beast, either it would burn them or they would not be cooked properly by Shen Longxuan.

“Woo woo …” At night, the wind-thunder beast could only howl and vent the discontent in its heart!

After two months, Shen Longxuan finally managed to get a hold of some clues, but it was difficult because he did not have the Fifth Rank Pill Cauldron, so he could only simulate the process within his mind.

“Fifth Rank Pill Cauldron, huh?” He suddenly remembered that when he attacked Lan Family, he had once obtained a small pill furnace and a scroll with no words.

He was not in the mood to study the scroll, so he quickly took out the small cauldron. This little thing was only the size of a palm, it had eight ears on top of the cauldron, a small round window under his ear, and below the small window were eight lifelike green dragons.

After careful observation, Shen Longxuan found that the little cauldron was crafted in an exquisite and exquisite manner. It was carved in an exquisite and extraordinary manner, but how could it be used to refine pills at such a young age?

He flicked a wisp of flame through the fire outlet into the pill furnace, causing the small pill furnace to release a large amount of light. It spun around and around, and in an instant, it was the size of a normal pill furnace.

Shen Longxuan was completely shocked by the sight, “Eight seals, doesn’t that mean that this is the Eighth Rank’s crucible?!”

The seal on the pill furnace was made using a special method. The strength of sealing could ensure that the pill energy inside did not leak out, thus, the more seals one had, the higher the grade of the pill.

No one had ever seen a Eighth Rank Cauldron in the Outer Realm before. Even in internal domain, it was a phoenix feather horn, and could be said to be a heavy treasure.

“Lan Family did get a lot of treasures!” Shen Longxuan secretly sighed, then began his first attempt at refining a fifth grade Pill.

Time flowed like water, and the sun and moon flew like shuttles!

In the blink of an eye, three days remained before the one year promise. Shen Longxuan finally put down all his training and flew to Fire Spirit Sect.

At this time, the Fire Spirit Sect was already bustling with activity, there were more alchemists than just here, it was just that they had more authority in the Outer Realm, thus alchemists from all over the world had already arrived here a month ago.

At this moment, the entire Fire Spirit Sect was already packed full of people. Not only were the alchemists, many famous people from other realms also came, including the three sect masters of Dragon Martial Sect, Dragon Void Sect and Longmiao Sect.

Of course, there were also many alchemists who did not belong to any sect or clan who came here hoping to display their talents and be chosen by the Fire Spirit Sect as a disciple.

Since the Pill Refining Conference would only officially begin three days later, the venue for the conference was already in the process of being prepared.

The entire outer appearance of the Fire Spirit Sect was like a huge cauldron that was located on top of a volcano.

There were four tall mountains as the foot of the cauldron, and the location was set on the side of the cauldron of the Fire Spirit Sect’s tripod sect. There were Elders commanding from the sides, the disciples had put in effort, and the preparation for the auction was nearing its conclusion.

On top of a huge circular platform, it was divided into countless small square boxes, neatly reaching over a thousand of them. Around the platform were tall grandstands that tightly hugged the platform, enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people.

“Yu’er, is Shen Longxuan still not here yet?” An old man whose face was covered in red light asked. This old man was Zhang Yu’s master, and also the Great Clan Elder of the Fire Spirit Sect.

After seeing Shen Longxuan last time, he had broken through his original mindset and made a major breakthrough in the fire controlling arts. Although he had not refined a sixth grade pellet, he was not far from it.

It was all thanks to Shen Longxuan’s strange method of controlling the fire that he got inspiration from it, and that was why he kept thinking about him.

“Teacher, Junior Brother Long Xuan has already promised me that he will definitely come. I believe he will come by tomorrow or tomorrow, and I’ve already registered for him. Once he’s here, he can directly partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion.”

Zhang Yu replied as he finished adjusting the b.u.t.tons in the square on the platform.

“En, that’s good. Don’t relax too much. The Martial Extreme Martial Pill is the peak grade four pill creation. You must master it in the next two days, otherwise it will be very difficult to achieve a good result in the compet.i.tion!” After giving his orders, Huo Tianxiong turned around and left.

But this wait lasted for another two days, and it wasn’t until the day before the compet.i.tion that Shen Longxuan arrived. Zhang Yu hurriedly pulled him along and explained the rules of the compet.i.tion to him, otherwise, he might be a little uncomfortable tomorrow.

“Youngest junior brother, do you see this platform? This is where the compet.i.tion is tomorrow …” After the introductions were complete, Zhang Yu took Shen Longxuan to see his master, Huo Feng.

When Huo Kuang discovered that Shen Longxuan had levelled up to the Second Stage of Martial King Stage, he was also quite shocked. This kind of speed was even faster than riding on a rocket.

“Kid, how the h.e.l.l do you cultivate? Are you really as infuriating as human beings? Do you have any goals for tomorrow’s match? ” Huo Zhenghong asked with a smile.

Shen Longxuan rubbed his nose, “I think entering the top ten should not be a problem, right?”

“Haha, you have guts. In that case, can you refine the Martial Extreme Martial Pill now?” Huo Kuang asked excitedly as he stared at Shen Longxuan.

If he could refine it, then that brat’s talent would simply be heaven-defying. Although the Martial King Pill was also a grade four pill, it would only be at the level of a mid grade four pill while the Martial Extreme Martial Pill was at the peak of grade four.

Therefore, during the compet.i.tion, this was also the evaluation criteria.

“It should be possible!” Shen Longxuan did not speak the truth.

“Hahaha …” “Alright!” Huo Kuang praised, while Zhang Yu had an envious look on his face.

At this time, a voice came in from outside the Elder’s Hall, “Elder Huo, what has made you so happy?”

When Shen Longxuan heard the voice, he was overjoyed. This was because the voice was very familiar!


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