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Feng Lang looked down and saw Shen Longxuan’s figure. “Shen Longxuan, why aren’t you coming to your death, what are you waiting for!”

The crowd automatically opened up a path in the direction of his gaze. Shen Longxuan had changed into his favorite white clothes today.

“Feng Lang, the grudge between us has been resolved today, I hope you can live a good life in the next life!”

“Haha, arrogant, I, Feng Lang, have joined the Dragon Martial Sect for two years and have advanced into the Martial Master Stage. I now have the qualifications to be promoted to an inner disciple.

Today, I shall tear you into pieces to comfort my brother’s soul in heaven. After Feng Lang finished speaking, he extended his claw out like lightning.

Many people below the stage did not see clearly, Feng Lang’s figure had already rushed to Shen Longxuan’s front, his finger that was as sharp as a blade grabbing onto’s neck, planning to kill him in one strike!

“This speed is too fast!”

However, Shen Longxuan’s right fist flashed with a gold light, and at the same time, he punched out, “If you only have that little ability, you can die now!”


Bang! With a loud explosion, Feng Lang who was on the stage arrived quickly, and he was forced to retreat by Shen Longxuan’s punch, almost falling off the stage.

The Wind Martial Arts that he himself cultivated in valued agility; he also did not expect Shen Longxuan’s strength to be so great; he had obviously suffered a small loss.

“What?” How is that possible, Feng Lang is a Martial Master Stage after all? “

“Seems like Shen Longxuan really has the qualifications to be so arrogant!”

Following the sounds of discussions below the stage, Feng Lang was completely enraged. With a wave of his hand, he summoned a set of wind blade s, and in the blink of an eye, the wind blade s had grown to more than ten feet in length.

This was an ability that he only had after levelling up to the Martial Master Stage, he could casually release wind blade s, but it was destroyed by Shen Longxuan’s punch.

“Shen Longxuan, try this!” In an instant, the arena was filled with howling winds, causing even the surrounding area of the arena to be affected.

Those with weaker cultivation all retreated, but Shen Longxuan was like a rock, standing tall and straight.

Although Feng Lang’s attack was ferocious, it was as if he had met his nemesis, and it did not have the slightest effect.

Shen Longxuan circulated the Spirit Qi in his body, suddenly erupted, his left fist struck at Feng Lang’s face, his right hand formed a palm, and for the first time, he released Wave-Folding Palm.

In that moment, the gale disappeared, and his hand became as violent as the ocean waves, crashing towards Feng Lang.

“What is this Martial Arts?” Feng Lang was shocked, he felt that the energy in the palm was endless, as though there were two forces attacking him at the same time.

He retreated quickly and unleashed his strongest attack. At the same time, he summoned the battle spirit of the eighth level of the yellow realm, a huge bell.

“Sky wind blade!”

A protective barrier formed from hurricane appeared in front of him, and in the next moment, it turned into a sharp blade that slashed towards Shen Longxuan.

Boom boom!

Two consecutive explosions resounded, causing the stage to shake, waves of Qi flew, and a light curtain rose up on the stage, blocking the remaining waves.

“The attacks of these two are too strong. The defense of the arena has automatically risen.”

“My little brother is really brave! What I just displayed seemed to be the Wave-Folding Palm, this kind of Martial Arts can even be mastered by him, it’s really amazing! ” Huo Changqing’s face was full of praise.

“It seems like he cultivates a body tempering cultivation technique. Otherwise, that attack earlier might have caused him internal injuries.” Xiao He also nodded in agreement.

At this moment, the two figures on the stage were separated from each other, and Shen Longxuan dusted off the dust on his body before walking over to the figure in front of him.

Feng Lang’s appearance was miserable, his entire body was covered in blood stains, his own Martial Master Stage cultivation was not a match for a martial cultivator, he was feeling extremely aggrieved in his heart.

This was the advantage of Profound Rank. Shen Longxuan had already fully displayed this advantage, Feng Lang’s Martial Arts was only at the high level of the yellow level, so he was no match for it.

However, he still didn’t understand. Although he had just broken through and didn’t have the time to stabilize his cultivation, there was still a huge gap in cultivation levels. How could this be?

“Feng Lang, your brother tried to kill me because of his greed, but unexpectedly, his own strength was not good, and he ended up losing his life, this is something he brought upon himself.

“You are even more sinister and merciless, directly wanting to kill me without a care for my life. This is how I am. If no one offends me, I will not offend them. If anyone offends me, I will definitely be killed!”

After Shen Longxuan finished speaking, he started circulating his cultivation, the Spirit Qi in his body started to surge, and he started using the Wave-Folding Palm.

“This fellow actually understands the principle of good attacking and attacking the heart. It seems that the victor of this duel has been determined!”

“You don’t plan to save Feng Lang? After all, his talent is still good.”

“Since your heart is dead, what’s the use of saving it?” Deep within the Hall of Life and Death, two black figures flashed before vanishing.

After the two of them disappeared, Feng Lang managed to hold on for a few rounds before being killed on the spot by Shen Longxuan.

Following the end of the duel, Shen Longxuan became the strongest person in the outer sect. What made him even happier was the distribution of the Tongtian Tower’s rewards.

Last month, his rank was fifty-first, so he had two hundred and forty-five Spirit Stone. The battle spirit smoothly rose to the ninth level of the Yellow Ranked, and his cultivation speed doubled once again.

After the duel, Shen Longxuan went back to the Gesun Realm and started his mission. As his cultivation level increased, the amount of spirit energy he could gather reached 900 meters.

Finally, when the spirit rice ripened, the Essence-Condensing Arts leveled up and all the spirit energy in the area was gathered in one go. So with excitement, he activated the Essence-Condensing Arts at large and slowly formed a Spirit Stone in his hands.

The refinement of the first Spirit Stone was rather slow, and it took a full incense stick of time. However, the most important thing was the comprehension during the refinement process.

He could feel the spiritual energy within the meridians in his body, reaching the level of his arm. From the center of his palm, the spiritual energy turned into pure spiritual energy in the process.

It was as if he could see through the essence of things and turn them into his own origin! As the Spirit Stone condensed, this kind of subtle feeling became more and more obvious.

In fact, this was a Strength of Law that only the Martial King Stage could feel, and the Essence-Condensing Arts used this kind of power to transform spirit energy into a Spirit Stone.

“Hahaha …” In a year and a half, he had mastered Essence-Condensing Arts. This meant that this technique was extremely difficult to cultivate, if not the number of spirit refining master in the world would not be so few.

However, because his cultivation was too low, there were only a hundred Spirit Stone that he could condense everyday, and they were all low ranked Spirit Stone. However, all of this proved that he was a true spirit refining master.

To condense a Middle-Grade Spirit Stone, one needed to raise one’s hand to condense the spirit energy within the surrounding hundred meters of s.p.a.ce after the Essence-Condensing Arts had reached its perfection stage. Shen Longxuan felt excited just thinking about it.

Two days later, the battle spirit broke through to the tenth level of the Yellow Ranked, but in the next ten days, the battle spirit swallowed a thousand Spirit Stone but there was still no reaction.

At this moment, news came from the sect. An outer sect disciple, Cao Jingui, had come home to visit and had sent out a distress message. There had been no further news since then.

Therefore, the sect issued a mission and sent ten people over, with Shen Longxuan being one of the ten, the sect arranged for him to not disobey, and to pack up and prepare to set off.

What he did not expect the most was that Chu Ling and Han Lingxue were actually in the convoy as well. Chu Ling joined the convoy because of the special battle spirit that he could transmit information to them from afar.

As for Han Lingxue, Shen Longxuan was too lazy to bother with him. With Han Lingxue, there would definitely be Hou Xiaofei and Jiang Ling Tian, the two Flower Protectors.

The other five were all inner sect disciples with cultivation bases around the Fourth Stage of Martial Master Stage. One of them was called Yu Fang, and his cultivation base was already at the Sixth Stage of Martial Master Stage.

These inner disciples were all favored by the heavens and were proud and arrogant. They did not understand why they brought Shen Longxuan along.

However, they were extremely friendly towards Chu Ling and Han Lingxue, asking questions after questions, and asking all sorts of questions.

“Beauties are always the focus of attention wherever they go!” Shen Longxuan sighed inwardly.

The sect’s flying Demonic Beast only sent a few people to the point where the message was sent out, after which the ten people proceeded on foot.

“Little junior brother, do you have a backer in Dragon Martial Sect? Why else would such a low cultivation realm follow you out? This is simply a drag! “


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