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This was the tempo of courting death!

Jiang Ling Tian immediately ran over, “Xiao Fei, are you seeking death?” Then, he immediately turned around and said to Shen Longxuan, “Senior Brother Shen Longxuan, don’t lower yourself to the same level as him. He might be crazy!”

“Scram, you are abnormal, Shen Longxuan, kill me if you dare!” Hou Xiaofei spat blood and roared.

Shen Longxuan immediately discovered that something was amiss. Hou Xiaofei simply did not have that kind of courage, which could only mean one thing, that someone was manipulating him from the shadows.

His brain worked very quickly, he had to be punished by the sect rules for killing people, and the last time, because the wind-thunder beast indirectly caused many people to die, the sect master punished him to keep watch for a year.

The time limit had yet to be met. If he were to kill someone, he would definitely be severely punished. However, the mastermind must be found, otherwise, he would be put in a pa.s.sive position later on.

Thinking to this point, he no longer hesitated, using the sword intent within his body. The sword intent was incomparably powerful, and was the greatest dream of those who used the sword, but very few people could comprehend it.

Deep within Shen Longxuan’s right index finger, a multicolored, resplendent sword aura was instantly condensed.

“Since you want to die, I’ll grant your wish!” A terrifying pressure descended, and the Sword Qi seemed to pa.s.s through s.p.a.ce and time. When it appeared, it was already in front of Hou Xiaofei.


A sword had pierced through his forehead, and an extremely tiny sword mark had pierced through his head!

Hou Xiaofei never thought that he would die in such a way, he, himself, was courting death!

Jiang Ling Tian was also shocked, he never thought that Shen Longxuan would actually dare to kill someone in the sect, and even more so by killing an inner disciple.

“Come out. You’ve achieved your goal. Use whatever tricks you have left!” Shen Longxuan shouted.

Jiang Ling Tian was completely dumbfounded. This Shen Longxuan was also stupid, why did he still not run after killing the person?

However, all of a sudden, the sky darkened as a man in black appeared in front of the two of them out of thin air.

Jiang Ling Tian was forced to kneel on the ground, all the bones in his body released cracking sounds, and his seven orifices bleeding.

The feeling Shen Longxuan had when facing this person was exactly the same as the man in black in the valley offering blood for the first time. It was even stronger than that, he simply didn’t have the slightest ability to resist.

At that time, because his cultivation was low, he could not determine the opponent’s cultivation level. This time, he clearly felt that the opponent was definitely at the Martial King Stage, and could even be at the peak of it.

He unconsciously activated the Profound Dragon Transformation to resist this pressure. He stood on the ground and did not fall, while his feet were deeply stuck within the mountain rocks.

“Shen Longxuan, I’m very surprised. How did your little reptile ruin my good fortune twice in a row. Do you know how much you caused me to lose?”

man in black slowly walked forward. With every step he took, Shen Longxuan felt the pressure on his body become heavier, to the point that the various energies in his body automatically resisted.

Circle after circle of colorful light slowly rose from the Golden Light. Bearing with this pressure that was becoming heavier and heavier, he was completely unable to speak.

“What’s interesting is that you actually have the bloodline of our Ming clan in your body, and it’s even at the highest level. This is simply blasphemy.

I will not allow such a thing to happen, so I will take it back. “Haha …”

Shen Longxuan watched as man in black extended his hand out and grabbed at his heart. His sharp fingers instantly pierced through his skin and muscles.

He felt as if his heart was being grabbed, and with just a light pull, it could leave his body. He knew that his battle spirit was hidden inside his heart.

In addition, battle spirit had a connection with his soul. In short, blood and soul were the key to affecting the battle spirit.

“How does it feel to face death? You will die in extreme pain. My battle spirit, the Heaven Swallowing Beast, can devour everything. It also includes your bloodline, battle spirit and soul.

The reason why I am so strong is because of it. Be a good boy and take care of my food. I will have your talent.

Shen Longxuan felt a strong suction force suddenly explode out, behind man in black appeared a monster that was as sinister as a black fog, with eight dark cyan halos on top of it clearly visible.

It was actually an eighth stage Profound Rank battle spirit!

Shen Longxuan’s blood was currently being absorbed from the wound on his chest. He felt his consciousness slowly becoming blurry, and all the energy in his body was rapidly disappearing.

The battle spirit in his body wanted to resist, but the difference in level was too great. It was basically unable to resist, and Shen Longxuan seemed to be able to hear numerous unwilling dragon roars.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how dare you!”

Just at this moment, an explosive shout resounded like thunder, and a Sword Light more than three hundred meters long slashed toward man in black in an instant. But right at this moment, it was a crucial moment.

If the man in black stopped devouring him, his plan would not be able to go through with it, and there would not be another opportunity like this in the future.

Therefore, he made up his mind. Then, he split a group of black gas s from the battle spirit and threw them into Shen Longxuan’s body.

When Shen Longxuan fell to the ground, Jiang Ling Tian had long since fainted, so he did not know anything.

In the next moment, Great Clan Elder and the rest appeared one after another. This time, even Xue Zhentian was present.

“A Profound Rank level eight battle spirit, where did this monstrous genius come from?”

The highest level battle spirit in the Dragon Martial Sect was the Sect Master Zhan Tian, but it was only at the seventh stage of the Profound Rank.

As for Xue Zhentian, he was only a sixth stage Profound Rank battle spirit, while Great Elder Xing Yan was only a Profound Rank battle spirit, so they were all envious of him.

Shen Longxuan and Jiang Ling Tian were immediately treated, but as Shen Longxuan’s vitality was greatly injured, he was unable to wake up in a short period of time, and was brought back to the Elder’s Hall in external peak to recuperate.

Actually, all of this didn’t take long. From the time Shen Longxuan killed Hou Xiaofei to the time it took for Sect Master Zhan Tian to arrive, wasn’t even enough time for an incense stick to burn.

The man in black only appeared for a few dozen breaths of time, if not Shen Longxuan would have died a long time ago.

Shen Longxuan’s consciousness once again arrived at the battle spirit’s s.p.a.ce, but there was an unexpected guest in the s.p.a.ce, and that was the ball of black gas man in black struck into his body.

This group of black gas formed a black vortex, slowly revolving. Shen Longxuan could see that it was absorbing the energy from his body.

It was just that because it was still too small, it could be swallowed very slowly. Shen Longxuan believed that once this fellow grew, it would definitely be as cruel as a Heaven Swallowing Beast.

But this group of black gas was a Profound Rank level 8 battle spirit, although it was only a part of it, it was not something Shen Longxuan could tame.

Even the soul of profound dragon had moved to the side, staying far away from it as if the owner of this s.p.a.ce had already changed.

“This is bad, this must have been left behind by the man in black, what is this thing?” Although Shen Longxuan did not know what it was, but if he used his toes to think about it, it should not be anything good.

It seems that he must be heavily injured this time, if not he would not be here again. He had to think of a way to get rid of this thing, Shen Longxuan thought as he walked towards the black swirl.

The whirlpool seemed to have sensed that something was approaching and it started to spin faster. Shen Longxuan only felt a bit of dizziness and immediately retreated far away from the place, only then did the whirlpool return to normal.

“Hahaha, Shen Longxuan, are you surprised?” This was man in black’s voice from the whirlpool.

“Even though the process of engulfing you just now wasn’t complete, you still couldn’t escape in the end. Even though this group of black swirl only has traces of my consciousness, they still have your aura, so you don’t need to think about getting rid of it.

He has been closely a.s.sociated with you, and will destroy it unless you die.

He is just like a seed, he will slowly grow inside your body, until he finally devours you, or when I break through to the Martial Grandmaster Stage, refining you into my avatar would be good enough. “


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