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For the past few years, it was still a beautiful city filled with beautiful flowers. Shen Longxuan didn’t know why he came here, but since he had come, he might as well take a break.

He found an inn and was about to sleep when he suddenly opened his eyes.

“That’s not right? Could it be an illusion? “

After realising that nothing was wrong, Shen Longxuan finally fell into a deep sleep. He slept until the sun rose and took a stretch. He had not slept like this in a long time.

After opening his eyes, Shen Longxuan saw two big black eyes staring at him without blinking, his face was like a painting, and on his head there was even a horn, he looked a little familiar!

“Ah?” Shen Tianxing! ” Shen Longxuan sat up, and really saw Shen Tianxing standing there.

Shen Longxuan felt like he was in a dream. He hadn’t seen this little girl for more than a year and she hadn’t changed at all.

On her wrist, neck and even the horn s were hung with expensive decorations, typical of a nouveau riche.

“Big brother Shen Longxuan, what do you think of me?” She even posed for a few moments, her jeweled body so bright that people couldn’t open their eyes.

was able to accept her high cultivation being able to find him, but what kind of state was this in? Who taught her this?

A beautiful little girl like you, there’s no need for these. These things are all for ordinary people to use, for a natural beauty like you, these things can only make you look ugly. “said in a calm voice.

Shen Longxuan patiently explained.

“Really? So why do they say these things look good? And I bought a lot? “

d.a.m.n, Shen Longxuan could tell that this little girl had been deceived by an unscrupulous merchant. All these things must be because she had a lot of money, money?

“Little girl, how much did you spend?”

“I don’t know, I traded it all. Look, I traded one Sixth Rank demon core for this ring, I traded two Heavenly Sword Gra.s.s for this bracelet, I traded one Martial Saint Pill for this necklace, and I used this headdress …”

As Shen Longxuan listened to Shen Tianxing’s description, his heart was bleeding. All of the junk on her body added up together wasn’t even worth a single Sixth Rank.

“Stop talking, take me to the person who sold your stuff. If I don’t teach him a lesson, I’ll have a good family name with you!” Shen Longxuan roared.

He could tell that Shen Tianxing was too wasteful, but he was puzzled as to where this girl got all these things from. When he suddenly thought about the treasury in Myriad Sword Sect, she revealed a sly look, and his heart trembled.

“Why are you looking for him? I have a lot of the things that he wants. How much is it worth to be able to exchange for so many good items?”

“Shen Tianxing, tell me, where did you get all those things you exchanged them from?” Shen Longxuan stared at her and asked.

Hearing that, Shen Tianxing was enraged, she looked away and pursed her lips, not daring to speak.

Shen Longxuan understood right after he saw it. He had already guessed it at least eight or ten times, “You took it out from the Myriad Sword Sect right? Little girl, didn’t I tell you that stealing from others isn’t a good habit? “

“But they are bad people, it isn’t a bad thing for us to steal them!” Shen Tianxing tried to explain.

Shen Longxuan choked, he said, “Alright, I will not blame you for this, I will not allow it in the future, understand? Now tell me, how much did you steal? “

“Big Brother Shen Longxuan, are you really not going to blame me?” Seeing Shen Longxuan nod his head, Shen Tianxing began to count with his fingers …

“I don’t know how many things there are, but aside from Profound Awakening Sect and Dragon Profound Sect, and the Fire Spirit Sect that you mentioned, I’ve also been to all of the sects in Dragon-Beast Realm. I really can’t count exactly how many things there are!”


Shen Longxuan felt like he was struck by lightning. This fellow actually robbed the entire Dragon-Beast Realm, this was outrageous, but what could he say?

He could only blame himself for being greedy for such a cheap thing, and not going to the Myriad Sword Sect to steal the Eight Branch Holy Lotus. However, there was no medicine for regret in this world.

No matter what was said, Shen Tianxing was still very willing to listen to what Shen Longxuan said. She had already taken off her ornament and changed back into the original Shen Tianxing.

“Big brother Shen Longxuan, where should we go next?”

“Let’s go to West Royal City.”

When the two of them walked out of the room, the sun was already high in the sky and the red sun was shining brightly. Under the shocked gaze of the shop owner, Shen Longxuan brought Shen Longxuan and left the inn.

After coming out, he saw a large crowd gathered, as though they were all rushing towards the City Lord’s Mansion. Shen Longxuan was not the type of person to cause trouble, so he decided to ride his teleport array and rush to the West Royal City.

It happened to be in the same direction as the crowd of people, so he walked on the streets. Looking from afar, he realized that these people were all gathered at the entrance of City Lord’s Mansion looking at something.

When the City Lord Hua was fleeing for his life, she had helped him before, he should have given her a huge gift when she married!

“Little girl, I want you to meet an acquaintance!”

“I know, I know, it’s that pretty big sister who wants me to drink my milk …”

Shen Longxuan’s originally happy mood completely disappeared, she remembered this matter clearly.

When the two of them arrived at the entrance of the City Lord’s Mansion, they were stopped by a guard.

“This big brother, we are friends of the City Lord Hua. We came here to congratulate her on her grand wedding. You …”

“Scram, who knows what you guys are doing. What if they are here to cause trouble? Don’t mess around here, otherwise I’ll beat you to death.”

The att.i.tude of the guards made Shen Longxuan suspicious, and looking at the guards’ cultivation level was unexpectedly Peak of Martial Grandmaster Stage, this kind of cultivation level was considered rare in the Flower City, how could they come here to be guards?

Shen Longxuan immediately stopped talking, and the two of them came to the front of the notice. On it was written: In three days, City Lord Hua and centurion will get married at West Royal City.

Shen Longxuan’s eyes flashed. Wasn’t this Huang Ying the Chieftain? It seemed that he had done enough. He had interacted with the new centurion before. This person was narrow-minded, could not be bothered with others, and had a poor character.

Back then when they were in the city that the underworld was guarding, they had made things difficult for him and Shen Honghai, why would the City Lord Hua set her eyes on him?

“Hey, City Lord Hua is a G.o.ddess in my heart, and he was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by someone just like that!”

Who asked him to be the centurion, he is someone who has earned meritorious service on the battlefield, even the Heavenly King of The West has to give him some face, who do you want to marry?

“Lower your voice. If anyone hears it, they will kill you!”

Shen Longxuan heard the discussions of the crowd and his heart turned cold. He could rob contribution points as he pleased, what kind of logic was this, not to mention the City Lord Hua doing him a favor, even if he did not recognize the City Lord Hua, he would still save him.

Displaying his cultivation, Zhang Xuan’s figure blurred, and he walked in through the door. The guards glanced around, and it seemed as though a gust of wind was blowing by.

Shen Longxuan walked into the residence and discovered many people dressed in armor standing guard. The soldiers that were trained in the Flower City were all watching from afar, and this sentry line went all the way to City Lord Hua’s chamber.

Shen Longxuan and Yue Shan were walking right inside, but strangely no one noticed, this was the difference in their realms. In a moment, the two of them appeared in City Lord Hua’s room.

“Get out, don’t bother me!”

“Aunt Hua, you don’t even welcome me? If you have any worries, I can help you! ” Shen Longxuan said with a smile.

Shen Tianxing immediately ran over, his pitch black eyes staring straight at the mountain in front of City Lord Hua’s chest, gulping down saliva, “Aunt Hua, Sister Hua, your b.r.e.a.s.t.s are so big, you must have quite a bit of milk, can I drink some?”


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