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Hearing Shen Longxuan’s words, Second Prince almost sat down in anger. He felt that he could not understand Shen Longxuan at all, and did not know his depth.

That’s why he asked this question. Heavenly Duke Lin opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, Shen Longxuan interrupted him: “Second Prince, isn’t this obvious? He must have done it.

Shen Longxuan’s accusations made Heavenly Duke Lin feel depressed, he spat out another mouthful of blood. He had really been defeated by Shen Longxuan, utterly and thoroughly defeated.

“Shen Longxuan, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you were the one who instigated all this trouble, why are you trying to frame me? Stop with your tricks, how could Second Prince believe your lies?”

Although he was convinced in his heart, he still could not admit it with his mouth. Heavenly Duke Lin pointed at Shen Longxuan and cursed.

“I believe it!” Second Prince suddenly said.

The hand Heavenly Duke Lin raised, his gaping mouth, and the exaggerated expression on his face all froze completely at this moment.

These two are in the same group!

Heavenly Duke Lin knew that a great calamity had arrived today, and he also knew that he had become the sacrifice in the battle between the two princes. He also knew that this Shen Longxuan who seemed to be pretending to be stupid had played him to death!

“Men, lock Heavenly Duke Lin in the Sky Prison and inform the First Prince to come and fetch her!” After Second Prince had finished instructing, someone took Heavenly Duke Lin away. Shen Longxuan and Second Prince were the only ones left here.

“Heavenly Duke Shen, are you really not Shen Linger’s family member?” Second Prince suddenly asked, “Hahaha …” You must be tired to go back and rest! “

Second Prince patted Shen Longxuan’s shoulder.

Shen Longxuan was so shocked that cold sweat broke out all over his body. He returned to his own Heavenly Marquis Manor and did not contact Shen Tianlei.

In a single day, two hundred shops had signed a contract, and his territory had begun to gain popularity.

As Shen Longxuan sat in his own heavenly duke tower, he could feel that his Second Prince was definitely suspecting him. This d.a.m.ned Shen Tianlei, why did he capture a man to be his bride?

However, everything had been completed, and there was no way to save him now. He could only hope that Shen Tianlei had hidden Shen Linger well!

For the next three days, Second Prince searched the entire city for Shen Linger, but to no avail.

Shen Longxuan had also heard that the First Prince and the Second Prince had quarreled over Heavenly Duke Lin’s matter. In the end, the First Prince had redeemed Heavenly Duke Lin with a bustling feudal fiefdom.

This was not because Heavenly Duke Lin was that important to him, but rather, the First Prince did not want to disappoint the other Sky Marquis.

Shen Longxuan originally thought that a chaotic situation would occur, but after ten days, everything actually quieted down. It was as if nothing had happened before.

Leaving a clone to cultivate in the heavenly duke tower, he himself went to the Qian Family quietly after becoming a disguise.

In a secret room, he finally met Shen Linger.

“Sis, are you alright?”

“Xiaoxuanzi, you have grown up. I am fine!” Shen Linger’s eyes were filled with hot tears, looking at her brother in front of her, she felt that this was not real.

Shen Tianxing blinked her eyes at the side. Looking at the beautiful big sister’s towering chest, she couldn’t help but swallow her saliva, “Big sister, I’ve asked you for three days already, do you have milk or not?”

“This little girl is really interesting. Why does she love drinking milk so much?” Big Sister really doesn’t have any! “

“Go, go, go. Stop making trouble here. Sis, tell me quickly, how did you get here all these years? How come there’s no news of you after you leave with your master?”

Shen Longxuan knew, with Shen Linger’s lively and moving personality, how could she have followed her master and cultivated the entire time?

“Sigh!” “Don’t mention it, have you ever seen my master? She’s even stricter than our father. I feel like she’s not from the heavens, right?”

Shen Linger patted his chest, his big eyes looking around, and then continued: “This master of mine has an extremely high cultivation level, I have never seen anyone stronger than her.

All these years, she had been bringing me around as she searched for various types of water for me to cultivate. Let me tell you, big sister’s Xuanyuan Heavy Water Art has already been cultivated to the perfect realm, so I’m now at the first level of Martial Sovereign Stage.

Shen Longxuan nodded his head, “En, very powerful!” What he said was the truth. If he did not go to underworld, he was afraid that he would not even be able to break through the Martial Sovereign Stage.

“Humph!” You don’t look that surprised? I am famous. These people who have lost to me in the past few years, even if there’s a thousand, there’s still at least eight hundred. That’s why I was given the t.i.tle: Little Flower of the Waves, Little Ling’er!

How about this sister instructs you and see how your cultivation is? ” Shen Linger was not satisfied with Shen Longxuan’s att.i.tude so he was shocked.

Shen Longxuan anxiously stopped her, “Sis, look how bad it is when we start fighting! Furthermore, the first stage of the Martial Sovereign Stage is not a match for me at all.

Big Sister Elder Sister Ling’er, Big Brother Shen Longxuan is already at the fourth level of the Martial Sovereign Stage, I only need to hit you with one finger to use it! Shen Tianxing said naively.


Shen Linger was fatally injured, her proud heart almost breaking into pieces, “You … You… With such a perverted brother like you, how can I, Xiao Ling’Er, be proud?

“Let me go, I will find master to cultivate, and if I come out this time, he will definitely be in a hurry!”

Just as Shen Linger was about to leave, Qian Duoduo coincidentally walked in. She said: “You silly girl, everyone outside is capturing you, aren’t you just sending yourself out?”

“Err … Since everyone welcomes me so much, I’ll stay for a few more days. Sister Duo, what’s the realm of your cultivation now?”

“Martial …” the third level of Martial Sovereign Stage! ” Qian Duoduo replied a little fearfully.

Shen Linger wanted to leave again, but when he looked back and saw Shen Tianxing, he asked, “Little Sister Tianxing, your cultivation has reached the Martial Sovereign Stage?”

“Hm!” “We’re here, about seven or eight levels!” Shen Tianxing casually replied without even raising his eyes.

Shen Linger had the urge to cry. She relied on her arrogant cultivation and was unexpectedly at the bottom in front of these people. Then, she saw Qian and asked: “What about him?”

“Him! Because he has awakened, he is suppressing his cultivation. If he does not, he should have reached the Martial Saint Stage! ” Shen Longxuan said in envy.


Shen Linger raised his head up as he shouted.

There seemed to be a strange atmosphere in the room.

“I don’t want to stay here any longer. I want to leave you guys and send a message to Master now. Yes, that’s it!” Shen Linger muttered to himself.

“Sis, you still haven’t said why you were taken as a concubine by Second Prince?” Shen Longxuan understood Shen Linger very well, and he was a person who thought highly of himself.

Sure enough, after Shen Longxuan changed the subject, Shen Linger immediately became spirited. She mysteriously smiled, flipped her hand, and took out an exquisite cloth bag, slowly opening it.

Suddenly, a burst of colorful light bloomed. The entire room was filled with a rich fragrance. Everyone felt their minds become tranquil as their comprehension towards the laws instantly increased.

Afterwards, a b.u.t.terfly similar to white jade flew out from the small cloth bag. This b.u.t.terfly flapped its wings, and it was clearly seen that every time it flapped its wings, a regular line would be pulled.

The lines were like pollen, being pulled by a b.u.t.terfly and scattered into the air, turning into a five-colored light that filled a radius of ten zhang. It could be considered a miracle.

“See? This is what I went for. It is the Jade b.u.t.terfly of Creation. Not only can it rapidly increase one’s cultivation base, it is also said that it can draw a picture …”

Shen Linger’s eyes lit up.


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