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Chapter 1000: h.e.l.lo, demonic school hunk (Part 24)

Just like it meant, he never chased anyone.

“Young master Nan, how could you be with this dirty commoner?” Yan Shui Qing looked very anxious and almost like she was about to cry as she muttered, “Young master Nan, quickly come over here. She’s this dirty, don’t stand with her.”

How could an elegant man like Nan Luo Ze stand with a dirty commoner? In her eyes, he was a match for a girl like her.

She even dreamed of a beautiful scene where she would be with Na Luo Ze, standing by Mi Xue Na and Li Si Nai’s side.

Then the four of them would attract everyone’s attention when walking through the campus!

This was her dream. She also firmly believed that if she stayed in a good relationship with Mi Xue Na, this dream would become reality.

But now, reality had given her a fierce slap that caught her off guard.

“I’ll say it again, she is my girlfriend now.” Nan Luo Ze’s eyes turned cold. Although his tone was gentle, one could hear a chill from it.

Without knowing why, Nan Luo Ze felt a desire to protect her right now that came from the bottom of his heart. He wanted to protect this person who was trembling in his embrace.

It was very strange, but also very new.

Nan Luo Ze said this word for word, so Mi Xue Na knew that she couldn’t touch Su Xiao Xiao today.

She stomped her foot and left without a word.

Yan Shui Qing wasn’t the same, she angrily pointed at Su Xiao Xiao and said, “I’ll be waiting in three days!”

When Luo Qing Chen arrived, she heard what Yan Shui Qing said.

Of course, she also saw Su Jing standing not far away. There was a deep look in his eyes and a helpless expression that people couldn’t see through.

When they all left, Su Xiao Xiao struggled a bit and broke free of Nan Luo Ze. She lowered her head and said, “Thank you.”

She never raised her head since the beginning, lowering it the whole time, afraid that someone would see her.

“Why don’t you raise your head!” Nan Luo Ze gently took the strand of noodles off her head before stretching out a slender hand, “h.e.l.lo, I am Nan Luo Ze.”

“I know…..” She gave a slight nod as she rubbed her burnt red hands together.

She was a girl with low self esteem, so she grew up without love since her parents were separated.

Gradually she became more silent and she felt that she wasn’t worthy of having anything. She gradually became a very lonely and depressed girl.

For Su Xiao Xiao, Nan Luo Ze was like a ‘dream’. She could only silently watch from afar, he was someone she could never approach.

At that moment, she was embarra.s.sed like this in front of him, she felt herself becoming smaller, humble, and embarra.s.sing.

“So, what is your name?” Nan Luo Ze seriously looked at her and he was feeling a bit nervous without knowing why.

He felt very afraid the other side would reject him, rejecting to have contact with him.

“She’s called Su Xiao Xiao.” Luo Qing Chen slowly walked over and narrowed her eyes. She had a faint teasing smile as she looked at Nan Luo Ze and said, “Thank you for saving our Xiao Xiao.”

“Don’t let others take care of your troubles.” Nan Luo Ze’s tone wasn’t good, completely changing his original intention of wanting to save Su Xiao Xiao.

The him with a high EQ said such a low EQ thing, he felt like he had suddenly changed.


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