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Chapter 1010: h.e.l.lo, demonic school hunk (Part 34)

Indeed, this was where this dish was expensive.

After all, foie gras and truffles were super expensive ingredients by themselves, they were even more expensive than the nine section shrimp.

“Sorry……” Su Xiao Xiao lowered her head in embarra.s.sment again. It seemed like the small door to her heart had just closed again.

She really was not in the same world as them, she wasn’t even in the same world as Qing Chen beside her…..

“Xiao Xiao, actually I feel…..” Luo Qing Chen put more food into her dish as she said, “It would taste better without these two things. Next time, why don’t you cook for us!”

“Ah!” Li Si Nai let out a surprised cry.

“Be quiet!” Luo Qing Chen instantly gave him a vicious stare.

Un, he closed his mouth this time.

This also attracted Nan Luo Ze who had wanted to speak at first.

There was no one who could speak to Li Si Nai like this, whether they were man or woman!

Someone that could talk to him like this was no longer in the academy or even A City.

This girl really had fed this proud young master some love potion, she really was powerful!

Su Xiao Xiao raised her eyes with a bit of courage and looked at Li Si Nai. Li Si Nai quickly changed his tone, “Ah, good, good, good!”

“Pu.” Nan Luo Ze couldn’t help laughing. He touched Li Si Nai’s forehead with his right hand, “Did you eat the wrong medicine!”

“Who cares!” Li Si Nai’s tone changed and he entered his domineering mode again!

“Then we have to thank Xiao Xiao first.” Nan Luo Ze raised his gla.s.s of red wine, “I look forward to your work!”

“I……” Su Xiao Xiao pursed her lips as she looked at Luo Qing Chen.

This was a look of needing affirmation, she had never shown this look to anyone before.

Because she knew that no one cared about her performance, no one cared about the results.

She only had herself and her grandmother, it was a good thing she still had her grandmother.

“I feel that is ok!” Luo Qing Chen raised her gla.s.s and looked at her, “I’m also looking forward to it!”

As soon as her voice fell, she didn’t forget to look at Li Si Nai. He gave a helpless smile as he said, “Un, looking forward to it!”

The night was dark and filled with skies.

After they ate and drank their fill, Nan Luo Ze had a suggestion.

“How about we play truth or dare!” When Nan Luo Ze said this, his eyes couldn’t help turning to Su Xiao Xiao.

He wanted to understand this quiet looking girl who defied the heavens and had first cla.s.s taste buds.

This kind of elegant girl, why was she so humble?

He hoped that this game of truth or dare would give him an answer.

But he didn’t know that Luo Qing Chen and Li Si Nai would break his fantasy once they spoke!

“Not playing.”


“Hey!” Nan Luo Ze cleared his throat, “Why are you speaking in unison, working together against the same enemy!”

Luo Qing Chen thought: d.a.m.n, he’s inciting me!

Li Si Nai thought: A real brother, he’s actually inciting me!

The two strangely spoke at the same time.

“I’m playing!”

“I’m playing!”

“This is the right att.i.tude!” Nan Luo Ze looked at the two dissatisfied people with a satisfied expression. He clapped his hands and said, “Young master Li has a table for truth or dare at his house, how about we…..change locations?”

“I…..I’m also playing?” Su Xiao Xiao asked in a soft voice.

She wasn’t timid anymore, but she was a bit nervous since she never played this before.


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