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Chapter 1057: h.e.l.lo, demonic school hunk (Part 81)

“France? n.o.bles?” Luo Qing Chen gave a cold laugh, “Old lady, you should stop! What position you have at that school, you think I don’t know?”

When she said this, Bai Na’s face turned pale. She never expected Luo Qing Chen’s words to stop her since in the eyes of the people here, she was mister Ji’s eldest disciple, naturally she could decide things here.

“What nonsense!” Bai Na looked up with cold eyes, not letting her lose her momentum. She looked at her with a cold smile, “You are a commoner who has never even been on a plane before! Do you know where France is? How can you say such shameless words!”

Although her words were a bit sharp, the reason why France and China never had an exchange program was because China’s n.o.ble academy had these commoners.

“I think I don’t need you to teach me where France is.” When her voice fell, she looked at Han Zai Zi and he made a call.

The door opened on one of the three Lincolns parked outside the school and Jitov came out. There was a deep worried look in those blue eyes under those golden frames.

This time he might really be in trouble.

“Ai, ai, ai, this tone! You say it like you’ve been to France before! Please, a commoner like you, do you even know how much a ticket to France costs?”

“Mother, how could she know how much it costs! For a person like her, she has only seen a plane flying over her and she has never seen a ticket before!” Mi Zhi directly responded with the same tone as Bai Na.

“That’s enough!” Su Jing coldly looked at Bai Na. He was wearing a clean set of clothes that had the scent of soap on it and his lips were curled at just the right angle.

He came forward as F Cla.s.s’ representative, telling Bai Na’s F Cla.s.s’ thoughts, “I really have never seen someone who talks about commoners and n.o.bles like you. Even when the leaders of the country talk, they care about the opinion of the public. Have you seen them care about the opinion of the n.o.bles?”

Su Jing, he was good looking and elegant, he was second to none. The people in the cla.s.s all thought that he was a young man who seemed like a painting, with a spring like feeling to him.

This was first time speaking in public like this, for a cla.s.s that he thought he didn’t care about that much.

Actually, he did care since this was a family that had been with him for two years.

“Then I’m really sorry, we in France follow the royal system. Do you know the royal family?” Bai Na gave a cold laugh, “Forget it, you wouldn’t understand if we told people like you!”

The standing on the stage had an ugly look, he was feeling a bit embarra.s.sed at this time. It’s just a few commoners, it was just an international exchange, was there a need for such a big sacrifice?

“Young miss Bai……”

“In short, the and I will make this decision. Even if cla.s.smate Li wants to sell the school with the Li Group’s 50% shares, we can just rebuild the academy.” Bai Na directly cut the off and said, “In order to get rid of these lowly things, it’s worth it to spend a bit more time!”

She naturally could see that the was shaken, but she already said that she would fight for her daughter.

“Shut up for me!”


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