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Chapter 1196: Sea emperor: Lifting up the hostage princess (Part 7)

When the surrounding people saw Lin Ruo Jing, they all focused their attention on him and broke out in discussions.

“Ai, isn’t that the sixth king’s son in law? I’ve heard that young miss Luo was kidnapped by pirates and there is white silk hung all over the king’s palace!”

“d.a.m.n, what is he doing in the Ten Thousand Spring House, is he here to see Long Peace City’s number one singer!”

“Ze, ze, don’t say anything. This Lin Ruo Jing used to work as a chef for the Happy Red House, I’ve heard that he and Liang Ji were together!”


“Peng!” The table was shattered in half as Xu Wei angrily roared, “What nonsense are you little things saying! Liang Ji belongs to father, all of you open your dog eyes for me!”

The entire Ten Thousand Spring House fell into silence.

Zheng Kuan, the son of the high ranking minister gave a cold snort. He turned with his cross eyes and said, “It seems like young miss Liang truly has many new and old loves!”

“You are also involved!” Xu Wei was a bit afraid of Zheng Kuan since they were both ministers in court and they were both second grade ministers.

“Young master Xu is joking.” There was a slight hatred in Zheng Kuan’s eyes as he said in a taunting voice, “In bed at the Happy Red House the night before last, she told me that some people seem mighty, but they can’t compare in other aspects. At first I didn’t know who she was talking about, but now I can see it clearly.”

Zheng Kuan was also afraid of Xu Wei, but this was related to his dignity as a man.

After all, the girl that he had placed in his heart was actually this sloppy.

If he didn’t say anything, it was hard to vent the hatred in his heart.


The surrounding people took a cold breath since this atmosphere became very awkward.

But from Zheng Kuan and Xu Wei’s words, the number one singer of the capital Liang Ji wasn’t as she praised herself to me.

Selling her art and not her body!

Liang Ji’s face was very pale at this moment. Lin Ruo Jing tightly gripped his fist as he looked at her in hatred.

He had taken great risk for her, sending his fiancee into the bed of the pirates.

He could have married the princess and had a smooth road, but to be with her, he had decided to take this risk.

But her? What did she give back to him!

There were just two men other than him!

Xu Wei clenched his fists and looked at Zheng Kuan before looking at Liang Ji. He then spat onto the floor, “This girl, you really make father feel disgusted! No wonder father felt you were so loose, it turns out you were serving other men!”

Xu Wei’s outburst made Liang Ji’s pipa fell to the ground. She wanted to explain, but she found that no one would believe her even if she did explain.

“Xu Wei, I agree with this!” Zheng Kuan’s cross eyes turned as he said, “A service girl is a service girl, she definitely is dirty! Just playing around, there’s no need to be serious!”

When everyone heard this, whether it was the men or women, they all looked at Liang Ji in disdain.

Everyone’s gaze made Liang Ji unable to breath as large beads of sweat fell down from her forehead.

What worried her the most was that they were all speaking the truth!

Lin Ruo Jing’s face was green, he had been truly devoted to Liang Ji.

But he never thought that it would end like this.


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