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Izroth used «Flickering Steps» to leave a flickering afterimage of himself behind as he moved towards the direction where he sensed the closest player to him. They may have thought Izroth was just bluffing, but he really did know their exact locations.

It was not too hard to discover their positions as there were small abnormalities where the three were standing. Even if they believed that they were staying perfectly still, there was no way to achieve perfect stillness unless one possessed countless years of training.

The first person Izroth appeared before was HappyTimes. They did not have any time to react as Izroth unsheathed his «Nameless Blade» which was covered in a light milky blue aura. It was done in an instant as Izroth’s sword sliced cleanly across the neck of HappyTimes using the «Sword Aura» skill from his weapon.

Soon after, at the tip of Izroth’s right index finger, concentrated energy began to gather. He used the skill «Fissuring point» and quickly pierced through the throat of HappyTimes before flickering away.

He did not stop there and immediately flickered over towards FatalSymmetry who was the next closest target. The group had not yet even registered what happened to HappyTimes before an oppressive aura was unleashed from Izroth’s «Nameless Blade».

Using the skill «First Baneful Sword: Destruction», Izroth aimed directly for the head of FatalSymmetry striking with deadly accuracy. Afterward, he slightly adjusted his position before lightly kicking off his left foot and accelerating towards the last enemy, Coldface.

Izroth quickly slashed out with a phantom trailing behind his «Nameless Blade», he was using the skill «Phantom Strike» to attack Coldface. As he appeared in front of Coldface, Izroth aimed the first strike at his head and the second strike towards his neck. His accuracy was incredibly frightening.

After that was finished, the flickering afterimages of Izroth spread throughout the area began to vanish one by one until all that remained was Izroth’s true body.

He was standing where he first made his move with his hands behind his back, and his «Nameless Blade» already returned to its sheath as though he never left that spot to begin with. Izroth let out a small sigh of disappointment, “I didn’t expect them to be so weak… Maybe I should have held back a bit…” Izroth thought to himself.

He felt a bit of regret using «Flickering Steps» and ending the fight so fast. He was supposed to use this chance to hone his skills and get used to combat against other players, however, these three could not even handle a few moves. How was he supposed to practice that way?

Coldface, Happytimes, and FatalSymmetry were all dumbstruck. All they saw was their screens turning gray and not a single one of them were able to take any action. What just happened? Did they die? That was impossible!

It all happened in a mere instant. In less than a second, Izroth eliminated three players. It’s not like these players were a much lower level than him, in fact, one of them was even a level higher than him!

«Critical Hit: 380 Damage» [Fissuring Point]

«Critical Hit: 750 Damage» [Basic Attack/Sword Aura]

«0/825 HP Remaining» [HappyTimes]

〈System Alert: Player HappyTimes has died!〉

«Critical Hit: 1,360 Damage» [First Baneful Sword: Destruction]

«0/825 HP Remaining» [FatalSymmetry]

〈System Alert: Player FatalSymmetry has died!〉

«Critical Hit: 370 Damage» [Phantom Strike]

«Critical Hit: 570 Damage» [Phantom Strike]

«0/875 HP Remaining» [Coldface]

〈System Alert: Player Coldface has died!〉

The three players who were about to surprise attack Izroth wanted to cough up blood. Not only did they not succeed in forcing Izroth to hand over that rare item or killing him to have a chance for it to drop, but they had died and did not even know how!

They felt wronged and as the saw the battle logs their faces all turned extremely ugly. This guy was a freak! He dealt so much damage in such a short period of time and managed to kill all of them before they could even move against him.

Their entire group was using «Stealth» and yet he still accurately located all of them and landed a critical hit with every single strike. It wasn’t until this moment they understood why Scarlet called off the attack. It had to be a lie that this player was the unplayable and trash Combat Master cla.s.s!

They had been so blinded by greed that they ignored the warning of danger and ran straight to their own doom. What made them even more regretful was that after hitting level 10, one would receive a penalty for dying.

The first was a loss of EXP, and the next was being in a weakened state for 1 hour which meant they would lose an entire hour of leveling up. The last thing that made them want to cry was that they all dropped a piece of «Uncommon» equipment!

For players like them, that was the highest level of gear they would receive for a while until rare bosses became more common. So the fact that all of them dropped one of their «Uncommon» pieces of equipment, made them want to faint from anger at themselves.

How could those three know that they were just unfortunate to run into Izroth who just recently obtained the «Luck» stat?

Izroth walked over and looked at the gear for a moment before just tossing it into his inventory. The things that dropped were two weapons, and a torso piece. There was no way that any of that equipment was better than what he currently possessed, so he would just sell it to the highest bidder.

“You two can come out now, I got rid of the little creatures” Izroth said with a slight smile on his face as he spoke towards the direction of the «Valley of Death».

Not too long after, Luna and Halls exited from the valley. The had helpless expressions on their face, but they were not shocked by what just occurred. At this point, they felt as though anything Izroth did from now on would be unable to surprise them as they had grown numb to it all.

“Ha… Ha…” Halls could only let out a weak laugh. Luna chose to remain silent and just inwardly sigh before thinking to herself, “I have to find a way to catch up to him… At this rate, he’ll leave me in the dust…” Luna was very compet.i.tive by nature, but when it came to Izroth she had to admit that she held little hope at competing with such a monster.

The group once again started their journey back to «Amaharpe». Luna and Halls were naturally excited from having completed an S-Ranked quest. The thing that they were looking forward to the most was that rare piece of equipment they would receive!

In a small room within the headquarters of RML, a woman with bright red hair stood by the door of a small crowded room with different types of wires and computers everywhere. At the desk sat a man with and messy hair who looked like he had not slept in days.

When he heard the door open behind him, he turned around with a smile on his face, “How was it? Playing the villain that is heh…” the man with asked the woman with bright red hair.

She let out a long sigh with her arms folded as she shook her head, “Tiring… It’s really not something I enjoy. Just know that you owe me now. I think with this, I’ve paid you back many times over” the woman held a small memory drive in her hand. “I transferred all of the replay data to this device” she tossed the small memory drive to the man with

He fumbled around with it a bit before successfully catching it within his hands. “Hey hey, you should treat technology with more respect you know? They are a very fragile existence” the man with said in a sincere tone of voice.

“Whatever you say tech freak… If you need me again please, do make sure you hesitate to call me” the woman with bright red hair said before walking out of the room.

“Aye… It seems like she’s really upset at me this time haha…” the man with helplessly rubbed the back of his head. He then switched his attention to the memory drive within his hands. “Now, let’s see what surprises you have for me…”

The group traveled for a bit more than 30 minutes before arriving back at the gates of «Amaharpe». The process of getting through the gate this time was much faster since they had the magic mark and could just walk on through without checking in.

A couple of minutes later, the group arrived at the Combat Master cla.s.s building. Luna and Halls were shocked by how extravagant the building was because it was even more luxurious than their own cla.s.s buildings! Wasn’t the Combat Master cla.s.s supposed to be the weakest of

Izroth entered into the building with Luna and Halls following closely behind. When they arrived inside, the s.p.a.ce before them seemed to distort and soon after a figure appeared from out of thin air.

The one who appeared was Terminus. Due to the nature of Terminus power and the fact that he set up certain things here, he could tell when someone entered the Combat Master cla.s.s building and instantly travel there. It was the same movement technique Izroth saw him use when he left last time.

“I hope you bring good news, time is not on our side” Terminus had a gloomy expression on his face as though he were very troubled by something. He hoped that Izroth was successful in obtaining that item from the Seer.

He briefly glanced over in the direction of Luna and Halls but found nothing that special about them. Though that divine aura they were emitting was a bit interesting. There were not many people blessed by the divine beings.

Izroth nodded before removing the «Anivarity’s Bell» from his inventory.

As soon as Terminus saw that item his eyes widened in disbelief as he appeared directly in front of Izroth examining the item closely. “This…” Terminus only knew of the item from the sacred library within the main palace. Not many had access to that sacred library beside a select few that could be counted with one’s fingers alone.

“The abundant divine power… The change in appearance… This has to be it…!” the gloomy expression on Terminus face immediately disappeared and was replaced by a pleasant smile. He was not one to smile often and so when he did it was because Terminus was very pleased.

“What you have accomplished, I Terminus shall never forget in this lifetime!” Terminus facial expression turned very serious. One could tell with just a glance that his words were quite sincere.

Izroth handed the item over to Terminus and with that, they finally completed the S-Ranked quest «Journey to the Seer».

〈System Alert: 1/1 Deliver the special item to Terminus in Amaharpe has been completed for the quest «Journey to the Seer»〉

〈System Alert: Congratulations, you have completed the quest «Journey to the Seer»〉

〈System Alert: You have been awarded 1 gold coin〉

〈System Alert: You have been awarded 10,000 EXP〉

〈System Alert: You have leveled up to level 16〉

〈System Alert: You have been awarded +3 stat points for leveling up〉

〈System Alert: You have been awarded +1 skill point for leveling up〉

〈System Alert: You have been awarded «Blade of Lightning»〉

When Halls and Luna received their own rewards, they could not help but look at Izroth with eyes full of respect. This was a debt that they would probably never be able to repay, and so they both thanked Izroth from the bottom of their hearts.

Izroth responded with a small smile at Luna and Halls thanks. He was still quite new to this world, so it would not hurt to create some solid connections. Izroth knew that with the way Halls and Luna were, they would always remember his kindness and try to repay him any way they could.

Izroth examined the «Blade of Lightning» he received from the quest. When he saw how strong this item was, he immediately thought to himself, “It seems as though the «Nameless Blade» will be useless from now on… I think it’s about time I sell it…”.

Izroth actually had quite a lot of items to sell at the moment. “This game has something called an auction house if I recall…” he remembered that on the «Official Combat Master Badge» he received from Terminus, there was mention of an auction house.

Originally, he was going to go through Metronome to sell the items, but he did not know him well enough to trust him with selling a rare item and various other things. “I’ll have to find the auction house and see how things work after I leave from here…” Izroth thought to himself.

Izroth unequipped the «Nameless Blade» and replaced it with the «Blade of Lightning». With this new blade, it would be like giving wings to a tiger!


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