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Chapter 662 – Pointless Struggle, A Ruthless Jin Part(2/2)

Or, at least, that’s how it looked to onlookers. In reality, Bloodhound was still alive!

But, after what Jin did to him, Bloodhound would have undoubtedly preferred a swift death.

In essence, Jin placed Bloodhound into an eternal sleep. This “sleep” was similar to a permanent coma; however, those affected by it were forced to perpetually relive what they believed to be the final moments of their life in a never-ending cycle. And, whenever they got remotely used to it, the method would change, digging into the thoughts of the inflicted and invoking their deepest fears before transforming them into an unmerciful nightmare.

But, it did not end there. The most terrifying part of the eternal sleep that made it so feared was that while it may only exist in the person’s head, the pain they underwent felt completely authentic!

The majority of people who experienced this usually went insane within the first 24 hours.

Few could last more than three days before their heart gave out from the constant heavy stress, and even those who possessed the strongest of wills could only endure it for up to a week.

In other words, Bloodhound might as well be labeled a dead man!

‘Haigen’s Trial… To think I would use that crazy guy’s technique in this world.’

The technique Jin used on Bloodhound was created by a tyrant cultivator from the Seven Realms by the name of Haigen.

Haigen had an entire nation under his thumb and was regarded as a mighty deity by his subjects. He even created the nation’s religion so that the people would wors.h.i.+p him as a higher being.

Haigen’s Trial was Haigen’s original technique. It served as a form of punishment for disobeying his twisted laws and was often used on mortals and low-level cultivators.

The way Haigen used it was simple. If one awakened from the eternal sleep, then their crimes or whatever wrong they committed would be forgiven. However, if their eyes never opened again, then they deserved their fate.

Of course, Haigen’s Trial was designed with only the former in mind. In truth, no one ever awakened from Haigen’s Trial except for one person—Izroth!

‘That used up more spiritual essence than I antic.i.p.ated. Well, I suppose it’s fine. I don’t need any spiritual essence to deal with the likes of them.’

Jin casually tossed Bloodhound aside as he swept his gaze across the Mad Dogs who encircled him at Meng Wu’s order.

The Mad Dogs could not help but glance at Bloodhound’s motionless body and wonder if he were truly dead. Either way, this guy was absolutely ruthless!

“Well? Are you going to avenge your boss? Attack me.” Jin said calmly as he took one step forward.

This action alone immediately caused the Mad Dogs to retreat a few steps and widen the encirclement.

“What the h.e.l.l are you all doing?! Why are you afraid of one guy?! Just attack him together!” Meng Wu shouted from the safety of the staircase.

However, despite Meng Wu’s words, none of the Mad Dogs made a move.

Some of the Mad Dogs quietly cursed under their breaths at Meng Wu’s words.

If he’s just one guy, then why don’t you come over here and give it a try?! Didn’t you see how he took out the boss with one move?! Did he want them to die?!

Those were just a few of the thoughts racing through the minds of the Mad Dogs around Jin.

It did not take a genius to see that no one was willing to make the first move against Jin and risk becoming a primary target. Therefore, they were left at a standstill.

“What’s the matter? Do you only know how to pick on women and children? This is the last time I’ll say it. Attack me.” There was no emotion within Jin’s eyes—a gaze that gave one a feeling of pure emptiness.

But, despite his insults, the Mad Dogs swallowed their pride and silently grit their teeth. They wanted nothing more than to teach Jin a lesson, but they were reluctant to follow in Bloodhound’s footsteps.

The only thing that kept them from escaping was the fear of Meng Wu sending hunt squads after them for going against his orders. They could not afford to withdraw!

As they grappled with themselves mentally, one of the Mad Dogs, Spike, accidentally looked into Jin’s eyes.

When his eyes met with Jin’s, Spike s.h.i.+vered uncontrollably as his body became drenched in sweat from head to toe.

“Spike?! Hey! What’s wrong with you?!” He Chang exclaimed as Spike fell to his knees with an appearance of dread on his face.

“…M-Monster…” Spike uttered quietly.

Just now, Spike was sure that his head had been severed, and his body was devoured whole by a ferocious beast!

But, what he glimpsed in that moment was merely a tiny thread of the natural killing intent contained within Jin’s eyes.

“Very well. If you won’t come to me, then… I’ll just have to come to you.” Jin said coldly.

When the last word left his mouth, Jin’s figure disappeared.

“?! Where did he-” Without having time to react or finish his sentence, He Chang suddenly felt as though he was. .h.i.t by a train.

He Chang coughed up blood as he was sent flying to the opposite side of the room, joining Bulldog under a heap of rubble.

After He Chang was taken out, chaos and confusion quickly followed.

“Where the h.e.l.l is he?!”

“I can’t see him?!”

“I-idiot! Watch where you’re swingin’!”

One by one, the Mad Dogs were eliminated by Jin. They stumbled around each other, and the disorder got to a point where some of them were even attacking their own allies!

In the blink of an eye, the Mad Dogs numbers started to dwindle. To 20…



Meng Wu had an ugly expression on his face as he watched his allies get wiped out with seemingly no effort on their attacker’s part.

“Where the h.e.l.l did such a monster come from?! We shouldn’t have offended anyone who can send out someone like him…!” Meng Wu thought to himself with an expression of dread.

Bloodhound and the Mad Dogs were wild in their actions; however, Meng Wu was careful to keep track of who they could and could not afford to offend.

Furthermore, their target was a bunch of orphans with zero backing. After all, if they had a backer with connections this powerful, would someone like Wendell dare raise a hand against them? None of it made sense!

Nevertheless, Meng Wu was sure of one thing. If events continued to unfold as they had been doing for the last few moments, then the Mad Dogs would be annihilated!

“Wait…! If he’s here to do that, then I still have a chance! I have to hurry!” Meng Wu internalized as his eyes landed on the six children huddled in a corner on the first floor. They were bundled together with their eyes closed and their hands over their ears, and when he saw that, an idea came to Meng Wu’s mind.

Meng Wu moved sneakily with hastened steps towards the corner of children.

“If I can take one of them as a hostage, then I can leave this place without that b.a.s.t.a.r.d chasing after me!” This was Meng Wu’s thought process.

He did not know how Jin moved so fast from one place to another; however, Meng Wu understood that if he tried to flee without a hostage, there was a good chance that Jin would pursue him. Therefore, he needed a bit of insurance!

Keeping his presence to a minimum, Meng Wu reached the corner. He wasted no time and reached for the smallest child among the group. He planned to carry them out with him!


Just as Meng Wu was about to seize the child, he felt a sudden chill down his spine.

The next moment, an overwhelming force spread throughout Meng Wu’s face.

“?!” Meng Wu’s eyes widened in shock. Out of nowhere, a hand had grabbed ahold of his face!

Meng Wu glanced out the corner of his eye and nearly fainted at the sight he witnessed.

Every single member of the Mad Dogs… More than twenty people with fighting experience—had been utterly decimated!

That was the last sight Meng Wu saw before his feet left the ground, and his mind went blank.

Jin, holding Meng Wu by his face, spun around halfway and launched Meng Wu across the building!


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