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Today scene is about the biggest conflict of the story, Li Zhi Zhi is plotting the biggest scheme in this story. She will herself, the emperor as her whole family will fling to run away from the country.

It was inventible; her whole family life was in a stack if she didn’t kill the emperor now. Prime Minister Wu from the left branch power has surpa.s.sed her grandfather’s power from the right branch.

PM. Wu is Xiao Meng Wa’s father. Xiao Meng Wa herself has slowly stolen the emperor’s heart, making Li Zhi Zhi the jealous evil concubine.

Apart from an a.s.signation, she also is poisoning Xiao Meng Wa that will prevent her from pregnant forever.

The second scene she will shot is the scene where she will stab Yun Zhe herself after confronting him about everything.

Right now she is standing in a dim light room, trying to get herself into Lin Zhi Zhi’s mood. She was about to kill the man she loved to save her family, even though she still has to put her mean and vicious face.

So that he will hate her and forget her because he has to live on.

“Yun Zhe, the feeling you have to show is quite complicated. You have to choose either to kill the woman you love or to save yourself.” The director said, his face was serious. He is also nervous that his work being watched by w.a.n.g Kai, the biggest investor.

Lucky for him, there is only a little skinship between NiNi and Yun Zhe on today’s scene. So he wouldn’t breach the contract.

“Did you need another time NiNi?” the director asked, stealing some glance nervously at w.a.n.g Kai who sits on the director seat, putting her cold face as he watches NiNi.

“No, I’m ready.” She answered; give her script to LuLu as the property manager gives her the fake sword she will use.

As w.a.n.g Kai watch the NiNi intently, he realized something on NiNi hand. Focusing his eyesight on NiNi hand he frowns when he learns that NiNi has an injury on her wrist, near her veins to be exact.

w.a.n.g Kai gives a look at LuLu, making LuLu forget how to breathe because she was d.a.m.ned scared by w.a.n.g Kai’s unhappy face to her.

Ignoring w.a.n.g Kai’s existence, the moment the camera record, NiNi turns into Li Zhi Zhi.

“You finally reveal your true color at the end, you have planned the whole thing didn’t you?” Yun Zhe put a disdain look before he laughs as he ridicules Li Zhi Zhi.

“Hah, you can’t blame everything on me. If you didn’t push me to the corner I won’t do this.” Li Zhi Zhi sneer, not intimidated at all by Yun Zhe’s sharp gaze.

“So everything is fake, your love for me is fake. Such a good actress.” The emperor said, lifted one corner of his lips.

“Yeah, everything is fake, guess who make every trouble in this palace?” Li Zhi Zhi raises her eyebrow, still loving divine as ever. Even at her last minutes she still looks beautiful and seductive as ever. It makes Yun Zhe’s eyes turn dark as he tightens his grip on his sword.

“Of course it’s you, you think I don’t know?” The emperor’s voice turns weak as he felt his heart has bleeds before she kills him. But another second, he let out an enormous laugh as he looks at Li Zhi Zhi with deviously.

“That is why you have to die!” He raises his sword to stab Li Zhi Zhi’s heart, Li Zhi Zhi was caught unprepared, but she quickly raises her knife too. Li Zhi Zhi was at a disadvantage as the emperor use a sword that is longer than her knife.

The last-minute before Yun Zhe stab Li Zhi Zhi, she turns her knife to her direction, stabbing herself right to her heart. The emperor’s eyes widen, but it was too late, the sword he held has also stab into Li Zhi Zhi’s heart.

“I’m sorry, be happy.” Li Zhi Zhi said before she smiles peacefully and closes her eyes. The emperor falls on his knee, hugging the lifeless Li Zhi Zhi as tears start to fall on his handsome face.

Everyone on the studio holds their tongue, carried away by the scene NiNi and Yu Zhe portrait. Their acting is very neat and real, even some of the crew cried watching Yun Zhe grieving at the lifeless Li Zhi Zhi on his embrace.

However, the almighty CEO furrow her eyebrow while he raises his wrist with a watch on it. He keeps watching the long needle-moving clock wisely.

While he mocked the scene he seen as the cheesiest scene he ever scenes, there are important problems he faced.

Someone is hugging her fiancée. Her fiancée is in another man’s embrace, not to mention that he paid that man to hug his fiancée. He felt a pang of regrets letting NiNi into the entertainment industry again.

“3 minutes.” He said with ashen face to the director. The director widens his eyes, their chemistry is so good right now, how could he stop their acting and replace NiNi with her body double at this time?

But w.a.n.g Kai’s gaze is scarier. Turning her body to the crew, the director still felt a cold gaze on his back. Swallowing hard, he decides to announce “Cut, it’s great. NiNi you are finished, your body double will continue with Yun Zhe.”

With that, w.a.n.g Kai ashen face turns into expressionless again.


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