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Chapter 2: You’re So Noisy

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

With a wicked laugh, Su Muyan stood before Shen Xi and was about to pour the basin of cold water onto the girl.

All of a sudden, the unconscious Shen Xi got up and plucked the whip out of Su Yi’s hand.

The Su family was horrified.

A hint of a smile appeared at the corners of Shen Xi’s mouth. Then, using all of her strength, she cracked the whip at Su Muyan’s face.

As an idol and a singer, Su Muyan’s face was his prized possession. His face was insured for up to fifty million yuan!

“How dare you!” Su Muyan roared in anger. There was a painful, burning sensation on his face.

Due to the unexpected force, he spilled the basin of cold water onto himself and his clothes were drenched.

“Too bad.” Shen Xi heaved a long sigh as she looked at Su Muyan coldly.

“Shen Xi!” Su Muyan gritted his teeth.

“Too bad I just woke up. I’m still weak and don’t have the strength.” Shen Xi sighed again and toyed with the whip in her hands. “I couldn’t kill you with a single whip!”

Su Muyan was shaking with rage.

No, it could not be.

Shen Xi was not that sort of person!

She was like a dog that wagged its tail and begged. She appeased them all the time and had not an ounce of dignity.

No matter how they treated her, she would still stick around them like a repulsive fly that could not be shooed away.

Li Jingran’s heart ached when she saw the wound on her son’s face. She glared at Shen Xi, “Are you crazy?! Don’t you know that you…”

“Shut up!” Shen Xi returned a threatening stare and scorned, “You’re so noisy!”

Li Jingran was shaken by her intimidating gaze and swallowed her words. When she realized what was going on, she was about to burst into flames. “Shen Xi!”

“I said you’re very noisy!” Shen Xi frowned and threw her a look of contempt.

“Get out, get out from here!” Li Jingran’s expression was twisted with fury. She pointed at Shen Xi with a trembling finger. “Dear, get her out of here, I don’t have her for a daughter! I’ll just pretend I never gave birth to her!”

“That’s for the best.” Shen Xi beamed happily. “I’ll also pretend that I never had you for a mother. I only have one mother, and her name’s Yun Jinping!”

Her past self had naively a.s.sumed that one day, they would notice her and like her if she was nice to them and obeyed them.

Nonetheless, that day never came. No matter how hard she tried to express herself and how much she excelled, she was nothing compared to Su Ruowan.

Since the start, all of her efforts had been for naught.

To them, she was just a parasitic and pathetic dog who had to kowtow and submit to her family whenever they gave her a bone.

Su Ruowan was their precious baby.

As the true heiress of the Su family, her presence was often overlooked and her personality was tough and unwavering. She was not loved by her parents and was constantly disregarded by her brothers. Moreover, she was despised, abused, and harmed by Su Ruowan.

Su Ruowan once sobbed and whined to her eldest brother, Su Muxuan that since her leg broke, she could not dance properly. She realized how excellent Shen Xi was at dancing and how much the teacher complimented her talent.

One day, Shen Xi got into an accident and broke both of her legs. She was able to stand up, but she could not dance again. On rainy days, her legs would hurt terribly.

Su Ruowan moaned to her second elder brother, Su Muyan about how little she looked like her family members. Outsiders said that she was not the daughter of the Su family, but Shen Xi was.

One day, Shen Xi was locked in the restroom by her cla.s.smates. Someone poured a bottle of acid onto her face and it disfigured her permanently.

Su Ruowan told Su Mus.h.i.+ enviously that Xixi was skilled in drawing and playing musical instruments. She was jealous of her sister’s hands.

One day, Shen Xi was kidnapped and her hands were crippled, resulting in fractures in her arms. From that day onwards, she could never draw or play any instruments again.


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