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Chapter 208: Living Corpse, Stupefied

The crowd, who had been worried that something would happen to Chi Shuyan, was stupefied at how she dealt with the living corpse so easily and decisively, and was dazzled by her countless magical tricks.

Lu Yunfeng was originally so scared that his hands, feet and throat were cold. Now, he was completely stupefied by Lu Chengfu’s sister-in-law’s inhuman skills. His eyes almost popped out of their sockets in disbelief. He incoherently wanted to say something, but found that apart from the air rus.h.i.+ng in, it was as if his throat was suddenly blocked and he was silenced. In the end, he could only directly curse, “F*ck!”

Lu Chengfu’s sister-in-law was actually so good at keeping a low profile when she was so powerful? Was she still human?

Yu Jinzhou’s reaction was similar to Lu Yunfeng’s. Just now, Yu Jinzhou had also been watching Lu Chengfu’s sister-in-law’s smooth movements as she dealt with the monster. His pupils contracted. He, who was originally a realist, was struck an incomparably heavy blow.

Whether it was the appearance of the monster today or Cheng Fu’s sister-in-law’s smooth handling of the monster just now, they directly shattered his worldview as a science student.

He even suspected that not only were there ghosts and monsters in this world, but also immortals, and Lu Chengfu’s sister-in-law was an immortal.

Yu Jinzhou’s eyes fluctuated with emotions for a long time, and he was unable to calm down. He looked excitedly at Chi Shuyan, unable to utter a word, and could only stare blankly at Chengfu’s sister-in-law.

Xiao Le’s thoughts were much simpler. After the shock, he couldn’t help but wail and cry when he saw that he was saved. “Sister-in-law, I won’t dare to not believe you anymore! I won’t dare anymore! I won’t dare anymore!”

Xiao Le had been stifling his cries, but now that he saw that the living corpse had been dealt with, he couldn’t help but bawl loudly!

Chi Shuyan finished dealing with the living corpse and was about to walk over to Yu Jinzhou with no change in her expression, when she heard Xiao Le crying. She paused and looked sideways at him.

She still had a slight favorable impression of Xiao Le. Although he hadn’t believed her, he still had a pretty good character.

She deliberately examined their foreheads and so that the black cadaveric qi had dissipated. She relaxed completely. “It’s good that you’re fine!”

Seeing that they were fine, Chi Shuyan prepared to withdraw.

Saving people was fine, but treating people was something else; let them sort it out themselves.

There was no money in saving people, but you had to pay to be treated, right?

It wasn’t like she was a saint.

Chi Shuyan made up her mind to teach them a lesson as she recalled how the people in Lu Chengfu’s dormitory had been hostile toward her a few days ago.

If it wasn’t for Lu Chengfu, she wouldn’t have bothered to save anyone.

Just as Chi Shuyan had confirmed that Yu Jinzhou was fine and turned to leave, a black shadow suddenly pounced at her. Chi Shuyan was about to throw out a talisman, but when she saw that it was Xiao Le, that rascal, she immediately stopped. He hugged her leg and cried miserably as he yelled, “Sister-in-law, I was wrong!”

The corner of Chi Shuyan’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. She was willing to be Lu Chengfu and the other boys’ sister-in-law, but not anyone else’s. She raised her eyes and said to Yu Jinzhou and Lu Yunfeng, who were still dazed and unmoving, “Help me remove this kid!”

When Lu Chengfu rushed over, he saw Xiao Le hugging Sister-in-law’s leg and crying like h.e.l.l.

Yu Jinzhou and Lu Yunfeng were looking at each other in dismay.

Chi Shuyan’s expression was even more indescribable. Seeing Lu Chengfu, it was as if she had seen her savior. She hurriedly said, “Chengfu, help me pull him off!”

This weak dormmate of Lu Chengfu’s was actually so strong that the two big men, Yu Jinzhou and Lu Yunfeng, couldn’t pull him away?


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