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Chapter 555: You Don’t Want This Royal One Anymore?

Lu Chengfu was just sounding her out at first, but when he heard his sister-in-law actually agree, he was thrilled. He was instantly afraid that Chi Shuyan would go back on her word, and immediately agreed. “It’s convenient! It’s convenient! My apartment is so big, and there are several floors; it can take a few more people! Besides, I especially like the two kids!”

Yu Jinzhou was naturally very happy for Chef Li and the others to stay. Just as Chengfu had said, a few more people staying in the apartment wouldn’t be a bother.

After confirming that it wasn’t empty talk, Chi Shuyan decided to let the three ghosts stay.

Li Yu, who had just come out from seeing his little attendant in the bedroom, tensed up and fell silent when he heard this.

Chi Shuyan saw him and waved for him to come over. The little guy’s face was incomparably cold and had regained its previous arrogance, but he still obeyed and walked over to Chi Shuyan. He didn’t speak or stick to her like before, and just stood in front of her. He pursed his lips and didn’t speak, but his big eyes were a bit red.

The little guy originally thought that Shuyan would comfort him, but when he went over, she didn’t say anything. He bit his lower lip and suddenly said, “You don’t want this royal one anymore?”

Chi Shuyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she saw the little guy’s tears. She sat him on her lap and wiped his tears. When did this kid like to cry so much?

Where was that smug look from before?

Compared with this kid’s tears, she liked it more when he bared his fangs and brandished his claws. She hugged him and wiped his tears. “Who said I don’t want you anymore? I’ll pick you up in a few days, okay?”

Seeing that Li Yu was silent, Chi Shuyan said, “These two brothers are my friends. Once I fix up the villa, we’ll go back.”

On the side, Lu Chengfu was stupefied as he watched his sister-in-law coax the child gently. Yu Jinzhou was also very surprised.

Lu Chengfu immediately got up to help coax the child, but he had never coaxed a child before. At first, he was a bit stumped and didn’t know what to do. It was Yu Jinzhou who quickly helped coax Li Yu.

After confirming that it wasn’t that Shuyan didn’t want him, Li Yu was relieved. When Chef Li came out, Chi Shuyan also told him to stay here for now, and she would fix up the villa first.

Chef Li immediately said that he wanted to help, and Chi Shuyan said, “I’m going to set up an array. In the future, even a Celestial Master won’t be able to break in.”

The worry in Chef Li’s heart was immediately swept away, and he was now completely at ease; he knew that it wasn’t that Miss Shuyan was abandoning them because they were a burden.

Before Chi Shuyan left, the little guy, Li Yu, was still reluctant. Chi Shuyan didn’t have her own kids, but for the first time, she felt a little soft toward this child. She took his hand and let him see her off.

Before Chi Shuyan got into the car, Li Yu pursed his lips and suddenly said, “Shuyan, lower your head. This royal one has something to say!”

Chi Shuyan didn’t lower her head much, when her cheek suddenly felt wet. There was some surprise in her eyes, and her heart warmed. Li Yu, on the other hand, was very embarra.s.sed. His cheeks flushed red as he stuttered, “Thank you for saving Grandpa Chef and Xiao Yu today!”

Chi Shuyan also kissed the kid. Li Yu immediately jumped away with a flushed face and ran to Chef Li.

Lu Chengfu picked Li Yu up again. The little guy struggled, but Lu Chengfu didn’t let go. Lu Chengfu beamed and said to Chi Shuyan, “Sister-in-law, don’t worry. I’ll definitely take care of Chef Li and the two brats for you!”

Chi Shuyan raised her eyebrows and suddenly laughed. “If I remember correctly, it’s Jinzhou who usually takes care of you.”

Lu Chengfu: …


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