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Chapter 759: Show-Off Qi Hao (1)

Qi Hao was certain that his sister-in-law had magnanimously given him a Storage Talisman this time. Although his sister-in-law said that the storage s.p.a.ce was only a few square meters in size, that didn’t stop Qi Hao from feeling that this storage talisman was too novel and awesome.

He started putting things away in thin air. He was too excited and couldn’t stop moving after that. He performed this stunt countless times in front of Chi Shuyan and Lin Hao. Chi Shuyan was very patient, but her eyes couldn’t stop twitching. Her vision blurred at the kid’s non-stop movements.

Lin Haoxing, who had been cheering and exclaiming earlier, was also dazed by Qi Hao’s movements. However, this Storage Talisman was indeed very rare and novel for ordinary people. Lin Haoxing didn’t hide his excitement and support.

“Sister-in-law, aren’t I awesome?” Qi Hao was incomparably proud and happy. After asking Chi Shuyan the question, he didn’t wait for her to reply before he asked the excited Lin Haoxing the same thing. The little guy was especially supportive and clapped his hands excitedly. “Brother Haozi, you’re awesome!”

Qi Hao feigned a modest expression. “You flatter me! You flatter me!”

Even then, his eyes never left the Storage Talisman. He had thought that it was something that only existed in novels and TV shows. He didn’t expect there to really be such a thing in real life. Now that he had one, Qi Hao was so excited.

He continued to praise Chi Shuyan non-stop, and she lamented at how glib a tongue this kid had.

“Sister-in-law, I realize that I love you more than my mother now!” Qi Hao spat out excitedly.

Chi Shuyan got gooseb.u.mps all over and said, “Don’t, you should just love yourself!”

Qi Hao still wanted to say something, but then recalled that this was his brother’s apartment and his brother cared very much for Sister-in-law. Usually, his brother would turn cold whenever Sister-in-law looked at Qi Hao; if his brother had heard what he said just now… Qi Hao shuddered and hurriedly shut up obediently. “Sister-in-law, it’s enough that you know how I feel about you! We’re all family! No matter how many sisters-in-law I have in the future, you’ll always be my closest sister-in-law!”

This kid was too good at talking, and Chi Shuyan couldn’t help but be amused. Although she understood what he was trying to say, his words were so weird.

Even as Chi Shuyan laughed, she didn’t forget the little guy, Lin Haoxing.

Seeing the curious round eyes of the little guy, Chi Shuyan wasn’t stingy and also gave him a Storage Talisman.

Qi Hao: Why was such an awesome thing common goods in his sister-in-law’s hands?

The little guy didn’t expect to get one himself. He had just seen Brother Haozi casually put away and pull things out of thin air, and had been very amazed and astonished. Now that he had obtained such a treasure, Lin Haoxing’s little face also became excited, and he hurriedly said, “Sister Chi, is this for me?”

Chi Shuyan rubbed the little guy’s head and gave a light sound of acknowledgement. Seeing him jump up and down excitedly, Chi Shuyan was also quite happy.

Ever since she refined a storage ring with a s.p.a.ce that was dozens of square meters in size, she wasn’t too interested in this Storage Talisman which only had a few square meters of s.p.a.ce. If it wasn’t for Qi Hao talking about the Storage Talisman from time to time, and taking into account the fact there was a market for them, she probably wouldn’t have bothered making them.

Although the storage s.p.a.ce wasn’t big enough, it was occasionally very convenient. Most importantly, it wasn’t that eye-catching in the ordinary world. Thinking this, Chi Shuyan heaved a sigh of relief.


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