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Chapter 765: Fourth Uncle Qi’s Malicious Intentions (1)

As soon as Fourth Uncle Qi finished speaking, his wife immediately chimed in and said that she had a niece who was especially outstanding, especially beautiful and especially good. She had just come back from university abroad.

She even said directly to Mother Qi, “Sister-in-law, I think Zhenbai is really compatible with my niece. When can I help to bring a matchmaker in?”

To be honest, when Chi Shuyan had heard from Brother Feng that the fourth uncle of the Qi family wasn’t a good person, she really hadn’t thought much of it.

At that moment, she was blatantly treated by this couple like she was invisible. The woman even said in front of her that she wanted to arrange a meeting between Qi Zhenbai and her niece. This scene momentarily stumped Chi Shuyan. After all, she had always thought that the Qi family was one of those rare aristocratic families that got along well. Who would have thought that they too had some rat feces?

Chi Shuyan wanted to curse. Did they think she was dead, even arranging for her man to cheat on her right in front of her?

Fortunately, before Mother Qi could refuse, the man next to her interrupted Fourth Uncle Qi and Fourth Aunt Qi coldly. His expressionless face was covered in a layer of frost as he said in a cold tone, “I don’t need to trouble Fourth Uncle and Fourth Aunt to worry about me!”

They were a little reluctant, but cowered in fright at the cold face of this nephew.

Fourth Aunt Qi didn’t dare say anything else, but Fourth Uncle Qi couldn’t help but say to Father Qi, “Brother, look at how my nephew treats me. Does he treat me as his elder? I don’t think he thinks anything of me at all!”

As soon as Fourth Uncle Qi finished speaking, Grandpa Qi scolded him fiercely before Father Qi could say anything. “If you want to come back, then behave yourself. If you don’t want to come back, get out and live your own life! Acting as an elder in front of Zhenbai? Do you think he’s still young and doesn’t know what you did in the past?”

Other people might not know, but Grandpa Qi knew very well what kind of trash his son was. It was said that parents doted on the youngest the most. He hadn’t been biased toward this fourth son back then, even if he did like to dote on him, yet how had this youngest son grown up to be so terrible?

What uncle would make life so difficult for his nephew? What uncle would use all sorts of ways to try and take his nephew’s life?

Yet he still had the face to act like an elder in front of Zhenbai. If it wasn’t for the sake of his grandchildren, Grandpa Qi would have gotten the security guards to throw him out.

Ever since he saw the true nature of this son, Grandpa Qi was really disappointed in him.

Fourth Uncle Qi’s face alternated between green and white at Grandpa Qi’s public lecture, and he almost blurted out the words “old fart.” Other parents doted on the youngest, but his father was biased toward Qi Zhenbai.

Fourth Uncle Qi was resentful, but he just laughed dryly. “Dad, I was just saying it casually to my brother. Besides, I’m also concerned about Zhenbai. Zhenbai is the eldest grandson of our Qi family and will be the heir of the Qi family in the future. How can we treat finding a partner and getting married so lightly? The family background has to at least be comparable, right? I’m doing this for Zhenbai’s sake!”

How could the Qi family patriarch not know what his fourth son was thinking? Not to mention that he was very satisfied with Zhenbai’s wife, even if he wasn’t, it wasn’t a matter for his fourth son to worry about. After all, Zhenbai still had his parents.

The Qi family patriarch said coldly, “You better not foist your thoughts on Zhenbai and his wife. I’m very satisfied with the partner Zhenbai found. I’ll only acknowledge this eldest granddaughter-in-law in this life! There’s no need for your blind worries!”


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