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Chapter 149: The First Management Meeting

Everyone was shocked.

Jian Ai’s words were like an atomic bomb that blew up everyone present.

Everyone turned to look at Bai Zhou at the same time with an expression that spelled ‘What was going on?’

Bai Zhou curled his lips and revealed a sinister smile. Then he nodded lightly. “Let me introduce you to our big boss.”

Although Bai Zhou spoke casually, everyone’s hearts felt like ten thousand horses had galloped past, leaving behind a puff of smoke.

It was no wonder. Everyone present was an elite in the business world, and they were all talents who had worked in famous enterprises globally. However, at that moment, their new boss was a young lady who had not yet reached adulthood. No one could possibly accept it immediately.

Everyone looked at Jian Ai. Although they did not show it, they sized her up carefully. They wondered what this girl was capable of to make Manager Bai submit to her.

M Group’s registered capital was only one million yuan. In the eyes of these people, it was not enough.

Jian Ai seemed to have expected the situation before her eyes. She immediately smiled playfully and looked at everyone. “I know everyone is shocked, suspicious, and has thoughts, but this cannot change the established reality in front of you. I have seen everyone’s information on the way here. Let me do a simple introduction for myself. I am Jian Ai, fourteen years old this year, and a Year One student in Baiyun City’s Erzhong.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Jian Ai slowly sat down. She looked ridiculous with her pet.i.te body in the main seat, but she looked at everyone calmly and said, “Everyone can discuss or even question it, but not now. All of you are industry elites, so I hope everyone can uphold the professionalism that they should have in this conference room. After this meeting and leaving this room, you can say whatever you want.”

Jian Ai kept her expression and opened the doc.u.ment file on the table. “The meeting begins now.”

“I believe everyone already knows that although our East Sea Real Estate has just been established, we bought two pieces of land at the City Hall land auction yesterday. One of them is the largest, and the other is the best in terms of geographical location. As for the development of the two pieces of land, I wonder if anyone has any constructive opinions?”

Jian Ai looked at everyone indifferently. Almost instantly, Jian Ai exuded the aura of a leader. Even Jian Ai was in a trance for a moment, as if she had returned to her previous life when she dominated the capital’s real estate world.

These people didn’t disappoint Jian Ai. Although everyone had their own doubts about this new boss, the conference room was still a sacred place in their eyes. They had to be professional.

A strict-looking woman sitting to the left of Jian Ai said, “h.e.l.lo, CEO. I’m the operations director of the development department, w.a.n.g Hui. Regarding these two pieces of land, our development department discussed this over a meeting overnight last night. The second piece of land is in the center of Haicheng District, and it’s close to the train station. Its geographical location is outstanding. Our development department’s suggestion is that although the location of this second piece of land is good, the overall area is limited in development. If we build a residential area, the area will be too small and too close to the train station. There are over five shopping malls around. If we build a mall, it will only cause an economic diversion. The initial investment will be huge. If we don’t manage it well, I’m afraid we will experience a lack of funding and it will be difficult to make a profit.”


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