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Chapter 450: We’re Here to Be Disciples

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Now, Longxing Martial Arts School had its doors closed all day long for the sake of refusing the people who came to challenge the school to preserve the last bit of face the martial arts school had.

Even if Longxing Martial Arts School had long been a laughingstock in the industry.

A fist-sized bell hung on the left side of the door. Si Yuehan was walking at the front. Seeing this, he raised his hand to shake the bell.

The bell made a crisp sound. However, before the door of Longxing Martial Arts School was opened, the people from the other martial arts schools around them heard the sound and ran out like a swarm of bees!

“Another person went to Longxing Martial Arts School to challenge them?”

“Haha, I’ve been waiting for almost a year. I’ve finally waited for the fifteenth consecutive defeat of Longxing Martial Arts School!”

“I heard from my master that the record of Baiyun City Martial Arts School was fifteen consecutive losses. It happened over sixty years ago. Longxing Martial Arts School is probably going to break the record now!”

Everyone craned their necks to look over excitedly with expressions of excitement.

Si Yuehan stood tall and could not hide his powerful aura. He was the most eye-catching among them.

“Look at that youth in black. He looks like a ruthless person.”

Someone looked at Jian Ai and said, “That girl is not bad-looking. I wonder how strong she is? However, she shouldn’t face a problem dealing with Qi Wei, right?”


Discussions and ridicule fell incessantly. Moreover, these people seemed to not avoid it at all, and they didn’t conceal their words.

Jian Ai frowned imperceptibly and turned her head. Her eyes were cold and filled with impatience.

“Oh, this girl’s eyes are sharp. She scared me!”

“My heart thumped. It looks like she’s a capable person!”


Although Jian Ai’s gaze shocked them, these people did not take it to heart. The most exciting thing they were looking forward to was to see Longxing Martial Arts School’s fifteenth loss with their own eyes!

Two minutes pa.s.sed, but the door was still closed.

Si Yuehan and Jian Ai looked at each other. Jian Ai said, “Shake it again!”

Si Yuehan nodded and shook the bell in his hand.

After a while, just as Jian Ai was about to use her X-ray vision to look in, the door was finally slowly opened.

The person who opened the door was a boy who was about seventeen or eighteen years old. He looked exceptionally handsome and delicate. His body was slightly slender, but he had a faint elegant temperament, like the wind.

“Who are you looking for?”

The boy spoke slowly. His voice flowed like a clear spring, and his expression was calm, like a lotus. Although he didn’t show any hostility, he maintained a defensive distance.

Jian Ai immediately took a step forward and revealed a friendly smile. She drawled, “We’re here to learn from you.”

This voice was neither loud nor soft, but many people around could hear it.

“d.a.m.n. What’s going on? Aren’t they here to challenge the school?”

“They went to Longxing Martial Arts School to learn martial arts?”

“Indeed, we can see many things after living for a long time…”

These people could not hide their mockery in their surprise. Their words were mocking Longxing Martial Arts School, and they thought Jian Ai and the rest were ignorant.

After all, Longxing Martial Arts School’s reputation in Baiyun City’s martial arts school circle was a joke.

Li Mobai, who was behind the door, was stunned when he heard that. He thought he had misheard. A look of shock flashed in his eyes before he asked, “What did you say?”

Jian Ai answered calmly, “We’re sincerely here to learn from you.”

Li Mobai came back to his senses and swept his gaze across the three of them.. In the end, it landed on Chi Yang and he frowned.


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