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Empress Wu’s voice stopped the ministers from talking. Even Xu Ji Mo could not help but think deeply after hearing Empress Wu’s words.Empress Wu smiled amiably. She then turned her head towards Xu Ji Mo and smiled.”Your Majesty, This Wife thinks that in order to thwart the negative rumors surrounding the Imperial Family, we have to show a good omen and let the people feel that Qian Zou is still blessed with fortune. In order for them to forget the attempt during His Majesty’s Birthday banquet, we must divert their attention.”Empress Wu glanced at the left side where her supporters were standing. Sensing Empress Wu’s signal, the ministers immediately supported her idea.”The Empress’ suggestion is indeed good, Your Majesty! Please, consider!””This Minister implores His Majesty to consider!””Please consider, Your Majesty!”Xu Ji Mo, who was sitting on the throne, turned his head towards Empress Wu, trying to gauge her reaction before looking at the court ministers in front of him. After contemplating for a while, Xu Ji Mo thought that it was a good idea. “Then, will the Empress explain clearly? Zhen would like to hear your idea.”Hearing Xu Ji Mo’s approval, Empress Wu rejoiced inside her heart. She smiled and opened her mouth to speak.”In order to successfully divert the people’s attention and move their heart, one must think of a positive way to suppress the rumor. What happened during His Majesty’s birthday banquet could not be forgotten over trivial matters and nonsensical rumors. One must think of something that could rival the intensity of the situation. This Wife thought a good idea, hoping that it could help Your Majesty.”Empress Wu turned her head away from Xu Ji Mo and slowly moved her eyes around the entire courtroom. One by one, she stared at the ministers standing below her. XuanLi, Great General Chen, her maternal father and the supporters of the Wu family, everyone were looking intensely at her.”An Imperial Marriage is a good sign and a good omen for prosperity and unity. Since a big scale celebration like that would definitely divert the people’s attention away from recalling that incident during His Majesty’s birthday banquet, we must grab such a great opportunity.”The ministers once again fell into a deep discussion among their peers. One minister could not help but ask when he realized that the Empress only mentioned an Imperial Marriage but did not say who would marry into the Imperial family.”May this humble official ask Her Highness? This humble official would want to know who would marry into the Imperial Family?”Hearing the minister’s question, the other officials fell in deep thought. Indeed.An Imperial Marriage would mean that someone would marry into the Imperial Family. And by the meaning of Imperial Marriage, one could only think of the Imperial Princesses and Imperial Princes.Empress Wu did not answer the minister’s question but instead, she looked at Xu Ji Mo. The entire hall fell into silence, waiting for Xu Ji Mo to reveal the two names who would be tied by an Imperial Marriage.

Suddenly, Xu Ji Mo’s words echoed in the entire palace hall.”Zhen recalled that Yi’er is betrothed to the Eldest daughter of Prime Minister Xuan of the Xuan Family. Since Zhen had bestowed them an Imperial Engagement, it would not take long before they would share the marriage wine and become husband and wife. Since it is already like that, why must they wait? Yi’er is already old enough to have a wife and three concubines while Eldest Young Miss Xuan has already reached the marriageable age few months ago.”Hearing Xu Ji Mo’s words, even if he did not directly say that it was Xu Qinw.a.n.g and XuanRong, the court officials and ministers already understood Xu Ji Mo’s intention. “Indeed, what His Majesty said is correct!””His Majesty truly loves His Highness!””Indeed! Indeed!””This Imperial Marriage is truly a blessing!””They would definitely become a pair of mandarin ducks[1]!””Yes! Yes! They are a match made in heaven!””They perfectly fit with each other!””Hahahah! Such a good fortune for Prime Minister Xuan’s Eldest Di daughter!””Congratulations! Congratulations!”The entire palace court were filled with good words and happy laughter, as if everyone were celebrating for the union of Xu Qinw.a.n.g’s Palace and Prime Minister’s Residence.Only one person was not in the mood to celebrate, and that was XuanRong’s maternal grandfather, Chen Zi Tao.Great General Chen stood in the middle of the crowd, not responding to his fellow officials’ congratulatory words. He knew, behind those smiles were full of contempt and goading. Their words were full of hidden insults, mocking him and his granddaughter inside their heart.He wanted to oppose the Emperor’s decision but what could he do? He was only a small official. Even if his family held a great portion of military power, in the end, the one who was above them was the Emperor himself.Sensing Chen Zi Tao’s displeasure, Xu Ji Mo’s eyes narrowed.”My beloved Official Chen, what are your thoughts about it?”———-While the imperial court was busy, Xu Fei Yi was reclining on a chair.Mu Qing was standing beside him.”How’s the plan?”Mu Qing stared at Xu Fei Yi. Up until now, he still could not believe that His Highness was not mentally ill. Looking at Xu Fei Yi’s side profile, Mu Qing could see the Late Emperor in him.Not hearing Mu Qing’s reply, Xu Fei Yi turned his head and looked at him.Due to the pressure of Xu Fei Yi’s gaze, Mu Qing was pulled away from being daze.”…. Your Highness should not worry. This subordinate already send someone to give ideas to the Empress.””Oh?”Xu Fei Yi’s eyes darkened. He recalled the looks Xu Ji An gave to his RongRong. He knew that the Empress also saw the desire in his eyes. It would not be long before the Empress move. Instead of allowing the Empress to harm his RongRong, why not help her in stopping Xu Ji An’s delusion?Xu Fei Yi smiled evilly. Since it was like that. Why not let them send RongRong in his palace? [PLEASE ADOPT ME (T^T)/ and DONATE @ and]———-[1]. Mandarin ducks are believed to be lifelong couples. They are also a symbol of conjugal affection and fidelity. [Unedited Chapter]


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