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Chapter 2: Oh My Goodness, Are You Really Su Huiqing?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Handsome lad, please dye my hair black and give it a little trim,” said Su Huiqing to a man holding a scissor after she had sat on a chair inside a hair salon she found.

In her memories, Su Huiqing visited this hair salon before.

After she had sat down, she casually and lazily placed her legs on the table. She then curled her lips to form a casual smile. Although her smile was gentle and warm, one could not help but feel that there was a hint of evilness to it. The mirror in front of her completely mirrored her every action.

The young man could not help but blush after a gorgeous lady had called him a handsome lad. And after seeing her reflection in the mirror, he had blushed even harder. “M—Miss, your purple hair looks very nice.”

“I think black hair looks good, too. What do you think?” Su Huiqing slightly turned her head around and propped her chin in her fair palms. She stared at him for a while before flashing him another smile.

The young man suddenly felt at a loss. “I—I think so, too.”

It had been a long time since Su Huiqing saw a boy who blushed so easily. Upon seeing the lost look on his face, she could not help but curl her lips up. She leaned against her chair with her eyes slightly closed.

She searched through Su Huiqing’s memories again while trying to figure out how she had ended up there. Where did the original Su Huiqing of this body go? Moreover, the scene where she pushed Shen Anan seemed a little blurry. It was though someone had taken it away from her memories.

Caught up in her thinking, her fingers unknowingly touched a jade pendant on her neck.

Why did the jade pendant from her past life ended up there as well?!

The guy tr.i.m.m.i.n.g her hair saw that she had already closed her eyes since her long eyelashes were drooped downwards like a paintbrush. Su Huiqing, who was asleep, was no longer the stern person she was earlier on. She looked like a harmless angel. In fear that he might wake her up, the guy could not help but trim her hair more gently than usual.


A loud noise resounded. Someone pulled the chair beside Su Huiqing backward with a screech. A seventeen-year-old young man sat on the chair.

“Young Master Yu.” The guy naturally knew this young master who had frequented the shop. But unlike his usual bright and handsome face, a malicious intent etched on his face at that moment. His face was so dark and gloomy that it frightened the hairstylist.

Yu Xiangyang stared at the girl sitting on the chair and his face darkened even further.

He initially wanted to visit Shen Anan at the hospital. But after he had pa.s.sed by a flower shop on the roadside, he decided to buy some. Unexpectedly, he saw a familiar figure with purple spiky hair in the hair salon near the flower shop. He immediately recognized that it was Su Huiqing.

There was only one person in Green City who would visit that hair salon in that hairstyle. It was none other than Su Huiqing.

He purposely made a scene. However, she did not even budge. Yu Xiangyang scoffed, “You pushed your younger sister down the stairs because you are jealous of her. Su Huiqing, I have underestimated you. This time, I support Brother Mingxi’s decision to cancel the marriage.”

Zhang Mingxi was such an outstanding man and only Shen Anan was worthy of him. As for Su Huiqing, in what way was she worthy of the Young Master of the Zhang Family?!

In the past, if he were to talk about this, Su Huiqing would have thrown a fit by then, but why didn’t she react?

Yu Xiangyang stared at the girl with purple hair. If she was Su Huiqing, just simply judging from how infatuated she was with Zhang Mingxi, how could she remain so calm? He couldn’t possibly have recognized the wrong person, right?

Thinking up until that point, Yu Xiangyang stood up and walked towards her. He then lowered down his head to take a clear look at her face.

After he had done so, he became stumped.

He hadn’t spoken a word and it seemed as though his soul had left him. He looked at her as though he had seen a ghost. “Y—you are Su Huiqing?”

The girl in front of him still had her usual spiky hair. But her face looked strikingly different from the Su Huiqing in his memories. The girl had fair skin while her eyebrows were almost indigo, and her lips were as red as that of the Danxia landform… Did the arrogant trash girl turn into a drop-dead gorgeous beauty overnight?

She still had the same face. But in the past, people were so disgusted by her face that they would not even want to spare her a glance. However, she looked so beautiful at that moment that he strangely did not want to shift his gaze away from her.

It was as if she became another person!

Something unexpected really happened!

In the next second, the girl’s thick eyelashes slightly trembled, and she opened her eyelids. There was a glazed look in her eyes which made her look especially clear and yet calm.

She had taken a nap. Despite this, her eyes still looked especially pure and bright when she opened them.

Su Huiqing slightly raised her head and casually flipped her hair. Her lips curled up and a glint flashed past her eyes. She raised her eyebrows. “If you are talking about the Missy of the Su Family, you should be referring to me.”

‘How could she be you?!’

Yu Xiangyang instinctively doubted her. After all, how could he not be more aware of the type of person Su Huiqing was?

The infamous useless prodigal of the Green City. Be it values, looks, manners, or intelligence… there was nothing she was good at.

Upon the mention of her name, everyone would shake their heads in disapproval.

It was that in the very instant she opened her eyes, he saw how sharp and cold they were for the first time. However, before he could snap back to his senses, she had already returned to her lazy and casual self. It was as if it was just his hallucination.

Su Huiqing wore a faint smile on her face with her eyes slightly closed, hiding the gloomy look in her eyes. “Aren’t you going to visit Shen Anan at the hospital later?”

Upon hearing her words, Yu Xiangyang immediately answered her. It was as though she had bewitched him. Yes, he was going to visit Shen Anan later.

“Wait for me,” said Su Huiqing in a faint voice. She closed her eyes again and leaned against her chair.

She seemed exhausted since she fell asleep within the next few minutes.

Yu Xiangyang opened his mouth, and he initially wanted to lift her by her collar to ask what she was up to. But upon seeing her flawless features and the cold expression on her face, he suddenly did not feel like doing it anymore.

He furrowed his eyebrows before sitting down on his chair. He played with his phone as he waited.

Although it was peak hour and he was occupying a seat, no one dared to chase him away.

Su Huiqing spent two hours in the hair salon. After she had stood up, Yu Xiangyang instinctively followed her to the door.

He stepped out of the salon and felt as if a bolt of lightning had struck him.

What the heck! Why did he wait for her? He clearly could not even bear to look at her for another second!

Seeing that Su Huiqing was walking towards his car without hesitation in her steps, he could not help but chase after her. He pressed the car door with his hand and then used his other hand to grab Su Huiqing’s collar. “Su Huiqing, what are you up to? Do you want to visit Anan at the hospital? Who isn’t aware of your hate for her? You already pushed her down the stairs, so what are you planning to do this—”

Before he could even finish his sentence, he found himself pinned against the gla.s.s window with both his hands clasped behind his back.

His remaining words were stuck in his throat.

Yu Xiangyang tried to struggle out of her grip, but to no avail. How was she so strong when she only used one hand?

Su Huiqing looked at him and built up more of her strength. Her narrowed eyes slowly turned colder, but her voice was as casual as usual. “Which eye of yours saw that I pushed Shen Anan down the stairs? If you say it again, I will bring you to the police station!”

This side of her, which no one had seen before… The originally pure and refined girl suddenly exuded a dangerous and evil aura.


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