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Chapter 399: Desperate Face

With that, she also sat on the ground.

Seeing her like this, Yu Xiangyang immediately picked up a few tree branches and lit a fire in front of her.

The light from the bonfire lit up Su Huiqing’s face.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, even Su Huiqing became unreasonable. This was something Gu Sheng didn’t expect. They just watched Su Huiqing and the rest start the fire.

“You guys …” Gu Li took out two bags of dried fish from his backpack.

One bag was handed to Su Huiqing and the other to Qu Yan.

Gu Shan’s eyes almost popped out. How could this group of people be so relaxed?!

“Gu Sheng, look …” Gu Shan tugged at Gu Sheng’s clothes. She was so angry that she almost vomited blood.

Unexpectedly, Gu Sheng turned around and looked at Gu Shan with a pale face. “They … they are here …”

Upon hearing Gu Sheng’s words, Gu Shan’s expression changed as well. She looked in the direction of Gu Sheng’s gaze and saw a few humanoid creatures walking towards them step by step. Her heart seemed to be gripped by something. “Quickly … quickly inform the chief and the rest!”

Gu Sheng took out his walkie-talkie, his face still pale. “It’s … useless …”

“What should we do?” Gu Shan was incoherent. She saw Su Huiqing and the gang still surrounding the fire and eating dried fish in a daze. “Are you guys seeking death? Didn’t you see those things coming? Aren’t you going to escape?!”

Upon hearing Gu Shan’s words, Yu Xiangyang looked at her in confusion. “What? What? I didn’t see anything?”

“Escape? None of you can escape.” Upon hearing Gu Shan’s words, those humanoid creatures had already approached. They licked their lips with their red tongues. “Six fresh and beautiful young humans. Very good …”

Gu Shan and Gu Sheng could feel that they could no longer use their spirit energy. They looked at each other in despair.

They could see the despair in the other party’s eyes. The chief and the rest were probably lured away by these things.

“Hurry … didn’t Mr. Hua give you a weapon just now? Hurry up and take it out. It will be too late if you don’t take it out now!” Gu Shan suddenly thought of Hua Guangxuan, and hope flashed in her eyes.

Upon hearing this, Su Huiqing flashed the knife in her hand and asked in confusion, “Are you talking about this?”

Upon seeing this scene, the last bit of hope on Gu Shan and Gu Sheng’s faces disappeared. The two of them, who were originally full of energy, could not help but reveal the panic of youths in the face of such a powerful danger.

Gu Sheng had already been caught by one of them.

At this moment, Su Huiqing also seemed to have seen the person who grabbed Gu Sheng. She spun the knife in her hand and smiled. “Eh, there’s actually a tail. There are actually people who retraced their ancestry in this mountain. How magical.”

Upon hearing her words, Gu Sheng and Gu Shan: despairing_face.jpg

“These four people are all ordinary people. If you let them off, I won’t struggle or resist.” Although Gu Shan didn’t like these four people, she knew that if anything happened to them, Yu Shijin would definitely not let them off. Thus, she immediately said to those people beside her.

As she spoke, she looked at Su Huiqing and the rest. She anxiously said, “Hurry up and go up the mountain! Do you want to die?! This is not an ordinary thing. They can flatten a car with one palm!”

Upon hearing this, Su Huiqing glanced at her and smiled. “I can flatten a tank with one palm.”

Gu Shan was about to vomit blood. “This is not the time to joke. Sister, I beg you, can you leave quickly?” She looked around as she spoke. She was not that old, and this was the first time she had encountered such a situation. Naturally, her face was filled with fear.


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