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Chapter 564: Hitting Someone Down

Su Rongguang never expected such an answer. He gritted his teeth and decided to reveal Su Huiqing’s possible ident.i.ty.

The Su Family belonged to Su Huiqing. Wasn’t it enough that they had stolen it for so many years?

At this moment, Su Xiao spoke again. “Dad, you should thank me for not stepping on her right now. Otherwise, do you think she would still be alive today? Let me tell you this. I won’t step on her directly, but I won’t help her as you wish.”

“Wait…” Su Rongguang looked at Su Xiao’s mocking expression and suddenly recalled something. “Previously, when I got someone to announce that Su Huiqing was from the Su Family, you intercepted it?”

Su Xiao looked at Su Rongguang without speaking.

“So, now that Su Huiqing is alone in school, you have your own hand in this?” Su Rongguang continued to guess.

Su Xiao remained silent. Indeed, she was the one who did this. Now, everyone in school knew that she, Su Huiqing, had not only offended the Fu Family, but also the Su Family.

“When did she have a feud with you?” Su Rongguang stared at Su Xiao.

Su Xiao smirked. “No, it’s just that Miss Fu Meng asked someone to pa.s.s the message. I naturally have to give her face. After all, being on good terms with the miracle doctor’s sect doesn’t do me any harm. However, Dad, aren’t you a little too naive? Have you forgotten that no one paid attention to you when you went to look for the miracle doctor’s sect? Let me tell you, I definitely won’t be someone who others look down on like you! In this world, the strong are respected. I think you’ve been staying in the Su Family all day and have forgotten how cruel overseas is!”

“You can choose not to help…” Su Rongguang did not answer. He just felt that… since when did Su Xiao become like this? The Su Family had always done things in an upright manner. To befriend the miracle doctor’s sect, they actually did such despicable things? “How can she live overseas if you hit her while she’s down?”

Su Xiao played with her fingers and sneered. “What does her life have to do with me?”

With that, she felt a little frustrated. Not wanting to stay at the Su Residences, she went straight to school. She felt frustrated whenever she saw Su Rongguang.

If she was not Su Rongguang’s daughter but someone from the miracle doctor’s sect, even she would not be able to make the decision to go to the International a.s.sociation. Thinking up to this point, she could not help but clench her fists.

Inside the house, Su Rongguang remained silent for a long while before sighing.

He never expected his daughter to be involved.

Now, he could only wait for news from the elders. If it really didn’t work… he would directly announce Su Huiqing’s ident.i.ty.

On the other side, Su Huiqing returned to school. Her car was still parked in the parking lot outside the school.

The chief detective followed beside her and whispered a few words.

“Brother Yu and the rest will be back the day after tomorrow?” Su Huiqing touched her chin.

The chief detective nodded. “But Mr. Hua told me to listen to your instructions for the time being.”

“How about this? Go look for Apollo first. You should really want to meet him.” Su Huiqing gave him Apollo’s address.

Seeing that Su Huiqing had nothing to instruct him, the chief detective felt somewhat regretful. It was obvious that something fun had happened just now, especially with so many level seven and six weapons.

However, since Miss Su didn’t allow him to partic.i.p.ate, the chief detective didn’t insist. He just looked at Su Huiqing and said, “Then, Miss Su, I will leave first.”


Su Huiqing took off her keys and watched as the chief detective left. She prepared to go back and watch tomorrow’s show.

At this moment, Su Xiao’s car stopped. She had seen Su Huiqing and the chief detective’s conversation.

If it was just Su Huiqing, she wouldn’t care. However, that person beside Su Huiqing… Su Xiao’s eyes darkened. She knew him when she was in the International a.s.sociation!

However, that person… how did he know Su Huiqing?

Moreover, how did he come overseas?

Su Xiao thought about many things, but it was undeniable that she was a little confused at this moment. Before this, she didn’t want to bother about Su Huiqing at all.

However, the moment she saw the chief detective, she suddenly regretted it.

Initially, Su Huiqing was a useless p.a.w.n to her, but she just… had to know the chief detective!

“You have it easy!” Su Xiao took a deep breath and walked in front of Su Huiqing. She said mildly, “I heard that your situation is very bad now. The Liu Family, who is backing you up, probably can’t last for a few days. No matter what, you are still part of our Su Family. I will definitely help you if I can.”

At this point, she paused. Although she looked down on Su Huiqing, for the sake of the chief detective and the person behind him, Su Xiao held back her disgust. “From now on, move your things to the Su Family. I admit that you are from the Su Family. However, you have to draw the line between you and your bunch of friends. I know you really want to return to the Su Family. I didn’t agree previously, but I changed my mind now. Go back and pack your things. I will wait for you here.”

She always felt that Su Huiqing was alone and helpless here. Any Tom, d.i.c.k, or Harry[1] could kill her.

Su Xiao, who was famous overseas, naturally looked down on her. Now that she could help, Su Huiqing should be grateful.

When Su Xiao said the first sentence, Su Huiqing still thought that she was still in the right mind.

Unexpectedly, she spoke again.

Su Huiqing calmed down.

Hmm, changed her mind? Did Su Xiao really think that she was a cornered cat? Did Su Xiao think that it was a great honor for her to be allowed to return to the Su Family?

[1] This phrase means ‘anyone’, not necessarily an individual in particular.


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