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Chapter 781: You Must Die

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“How is it?” Su Ruohua, who had been anxiously waiting for news beside the law enforcement team, asked anxiously.

The captain of the enforcement team looked at her without saying anything.

Su Ruohua took out her cell phone from her pocket and dialed Su Huiqing’s number. She mumbled, “I will go look for Qingqing…”

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the bottomless abyss of the Gu family’s mystic realm, a fire was lit up. The scorching temperature almost melted the rocks. The blue virus in Gong Yu’s hand was swallowed by the fire, and the solvent instantly evaporated in the air from the blast.

If Gideon was present, he would definitely be able to tell that Su Huiqing had thrown the STN-9 solvent into the bomb.

Looking at Gong Yu’s frightened expression, Su Huiqing finally smiled. She sighed. “Gong Yu, why can’t you learn your lesson? Back then, I was able to blow up your laboratory on the island. Now, I can naturally destroy all your hard work.”

“It’s you!” Hearing Su Huiqing’s words, Gong Yu finally reacted.

“Of course, it’s me. I am the person you have been looking for to create a level eight weapon. Are you very surprised?” Su Huiqing stuffed one of her hands into her pocket and carefully held the lamp with the other. She looked at Gong Yu expressionlessly. “From the moment I returned to the International a.s.sociation, I swore an oath. Many people thought that I had forgotten. Even Brother Yu thought that I didn’t remember. Did you also think that I had forgotten? Unfortunately, I never forgot that I got Gideon to research STN-9 from the day I went overseas.”

She was Su Huiqing.

Back then, the Island Master of the Unknown Island had saved her and handed over the Unknown Island to her. The entire Unknown Island was her responsibility.

She was the one who set the rules of the International a.s.sociation. How could she watch these people touch the territory she was guarding?

“The only thing I didn’t expect”—Su Huiqing smiled—”is that your target is actually Brother Yu. I can only apologize. It’s a pity that I can only kill you first. As for your base, leave it to my companions.”

As the last sentence was said, Gong Yu was poisoned by the potion that had melted into the air. His skin rapidly turned black and eventually turned into ashes that scattered in the air.

Until his death, he did not know why.

He had planned for so long and researched so many ways to achieve immortality. He had also researched monsters that were neither dead nor alive. In the end, he found out that this array could help him achieve immortality through the lives of others. He just needed two more hours to obtain that lamp, and he would succeed.

He had always thought that his greatest opponent was Yu Shijin. After all, he had lost to Yu Shijin many times, so he had been using his overseas powers to restrain this man. He even wanted to find the King of Mercenaries to fight Yu Shijin head-on.

However, his greatest opponent was really Su Huiqing, someone whom he didn’t even care about.

Gong Yu had disappeared, but Su Huiqing didn’t look any better. She clutched her chest, and a mouthful of black blood gushed out from her throat.

She didn’t care and just casually wiped the blood off her lips. There were still many injuries on her body, all caused by the shock after the explosion. However, she was wearing a black coat, so she couldn’t see the blood on her body and could only smell the b.l.o.o.d.y scent around her.

“Come out.” Su Huiqing spat out another mouthful of blood as if nothing had happened. Then, she turned around and looked in a certain direction.

A figure gradually appeared in the place. It was that old man in Yu Shijin’s study room.

“You are very outstanding.” The old man was still holding the gourd in his hand, but he didn’t drink it this time. He only looked at Su Huiqing with a complicated expression. “I have already thought of helping you clean up the aftermath.”

“Cut the c.r.a.p. How am I going to save him now?” Su Huiqing didn’t want to talk to him anymore. She stared straight at Yu Shijin.

“Do you see that starlight under Yu Shijin’s feet? That’s the direction of the Big Dipper. The once-in-a-century Big Dipper constellation appears in an hour. He has been using the method I taught him to extend your life for a long time, but there’s no such thing as an easy thing in this world.” The old man sighed. “I warned him not to continue, and now the Big Dipper is furious. The entire world will suffer if this continues. The Dark Angel organization is just one of the opportunities. Now, you must satisfy it. Place the lamp in the center of the starlight and sacrifice your own life. I will set up an array here to burn your life.”

As he spoke, the old man threw down a few stones. A corner of the starlight ignited with a blue flame.

“Brother Yu saved me in the same way?” Su Huiqing pursed her lips and looked at the blue flame.

“Yes, but back then, he could have avoided the Heavenly Secrets without dying. But the price was that every time he recognized you, you would die again. This time, he finally found a loophole. Unfortunately, it was leaked, and he had to trade his life for yours,” the old man said, “Unfortunately, he couldn’t trade his life for yours. You are still the source of everything.”

“So, why did you ask him to save me back then?” Su Huiqing looked at the old man. Back then, Yu Shijin was just an ordinary person. How would he know this method? It was obvious who taught him.

The old man was silent for a moment before saying, “Back then, when I met him, he wanted to die, but he was a rare genius, so I couldn’t let him die. I didn’t expect you to be so extraordinary. Even the Big Dipper didn’t allow it, which led to what happened afterward. I tried to persuade him to give up on you several times, but he wouldn’t listen. But now, you can’t. You have to die. Sorry.”


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