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Chapter 1443 Enemies Meet Again 3

If she really received all sixty strokes of the rod, Ye Qingtang would be half-dead even if she survived.

Jiang Yiming and the others, who knew how severe punishment by the rod in the Jiang Family was, all laughed. This Elder Meng’s punishment was even more vicious than theirs!

Let’s see how Ye Qingtang gets out of it!

Jiang Liu was shocked to hear the punishment.

“Elder Meng, Tang Tang is still young and a girl. How can you…”

“Since she is a member of the Jiang Family, she must abide by the Jiang Family rules.” Elder Meng was unmoved.

Ye Qingtang could see that Elder Meng was set on killing her. He had not gotten to the bottom of the matter before judging. He was clearly using the opportunity to vent his anger.

Even if she told the truth, Elder Meng probably would not show any mercy.

“But…” Jiang Liu still wanted to dissuade him.

Jiang Yiming who was standing nearby said, “Third Uncle, am I not also your junior, like Ye Qingtang?”

Jiang Liu gaped. He looked at his dear nephew’s ashen face but felt conflicted when he thought of Elder Meng’s judgment.

Although he wanted to protect Ye Qingtang, in the end, Jiang Yiming was still closer to him…

Ye Qingtang completely lost hope when she looked at the silent Jiang Liu.

Even within family members, there were different degrees of intimacy…

Even though she was now a child of the Jiang Family, she could not compare to Jiang Yiming and the other Jiang Family disciples, who had grown up by Jiang Liu’s side.

“You are going too far! What has my little sister done wrong that you want to punish her? They clearly started the trouble, yet how can you forbid my little sister from retaliating? This is the clan of the Domain Monarch, but all of you have ganged up to bully my little sister. What’s the point of remaining in a family like that? Little sister, let’s go!” The Beidou Demon Lord could not figure out the intricacies of these human interactions.

He only knew that ever since they had arrived in the Jiang Family, few had been good to Ye Qingtang. All of them wanted his little sister dead. What was the point in remaining in a place like this?

“You’re a mere demon. Who are you to speak here?” Elder Meng swept a cold look at the Beidou Demon Lord. He was suddenly surrounded by an imposing aura, which caused the Beidou Demon Lord’s big frame to shudder.

“As a member of the Jiang Family, she cannot leave until she has been punished for her misdeeds.” Elder Meng turned to look at Ye Qingtang. Then, his eyes narrowed. “Ye Qingtang has broken the family rules again and again. She must be punished immediately. Men, bring the rod.”

A few servants immediately brought out the two-meter-long meteoric iron rod.

Elder Meng personally took the rod and ordered men to hold Ye Qingtang down to receive her punishment. He would conduct this punishment personally.

Ye Qingtang narrowed her eyes. She watched the men walk towards her and reach out to pin her down. A gleam of cold light flashed across her eyes. She secretly summoned up her strength, ready to escape.

But the moment those men reached out for her, two streaks of cold light suddenly flew out from behind Ye Qingtang, heading straight for the two servants.

The next instant, the two streaks of cold light had pierced the two servants’ brows. They collapsed backward before they could react.

There were two thumps. The moment they fell, huge gushes of blood sprayed out from the red speck on their brow.

“I would like to see who dares to punish my Mo Yi’s daughter.” A cold voice suddenly rang out from behind Ye Qingtang.

The moment this voice rang out, everyone’s eyes turned to look behind Ye Qingtang!


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