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Chapter 1542 I Am The Evidence 1

“Jiang Qin! What nonsense are you saying!” Mo Yi’s expression darkened immediately.

However, Jiang Qin ignored Mo Yi’s question and turned to kneel before the Domain Monarch.

“Father, Jiang Qiu and the rest entered the forbidden area with Ye Qingtang. They did it out of goodwill but were unexpectedly killed by Ye Qingtang.”

Jiang Qin spoke so well that it seemed as though she witnessed it for herself.

“Jiang Qin, what you said is truly ridiculous. You didn’t even enter the forbidden area. How do you know Tang Tang has something to do with their deaths?” Jiang Xun said.

Jiang Qin was prepared from the start. “They entered the forbidden area together with Ye Qingtang, so why was Ye Qingtang the only one who made it out of the forbidden area alive? Ye Qingtang’s skills are the poorest among all of them. If even Ye Qingtang could leave the forbidden area, obviously Jiang Qiu and the others would be able to. However, they died, and Ye Qingtang survived. On the way there, Ye Qingtang got into a conflict with them, and soon afterward, they entered the forbidden area together. Given Ye Qingtang’s wickedness, how could she leave the forbidden area on her own without sacrificing their lives?”

It was indeed shocking that Ye Qingtang could make it out of the forbidden area alive, but what Jiang Qin said was not implausible.

The Domain Monarch did not make an arbitrary decision on this matter and merely looked at Ye Qingtang. “Did Jiang Qiu and the others enter the forbidden area with you?”

“Yes.” Ye Qingtang nodded.

“Did you see them die?” The Domain Monarch questioned.

Ye Qingtang knew that the Domain Monarch was not a biased person and naturally recounted how those Jiang Family members died in the forbidden area.

The Domain Monarch’s expression darkened as he listened.

Yet, Jiang Qin scoffed and said, “How ridiculous. Ye Qingtang, do you think all of us are fools? If the forbidden area was as dangerous as you said, why are you the only lucky one? Not a single demon could hurt you? Only you made it out of the forbidden area alive. Of course whatever you say will be it.”

“Jiang Qin, stop making false accusations. You said it just now as well. Tang Tang’s skills are lower than theirs. How could she kill them?” Jiang Xun countered.

Jiang Qin cast Ye Qingtang a look and said nonchalantly, “Jiang Qiu and the rest don’t have their guard up against Ye Qingtang. Furthermore, they were in a dangerous place. If Ye Qingtang snuck up on them, how could they know?”

“It is easy to find a stick to beat a dog!”

Jiang Qin said, “Whatever I said has evidence. She’s not the only one who entered the forbidden area but is the only one who made it out. Ye Qingtang was already domineering when in the Jiang Family and caused so many troubles. If not for her, how would Jiang Qiu and the rest die in the forbidden area? You said that they were not killed by Ye Qingtang, but what evidence do you have?”

Jiang Xun glared at Jiang Qin and direly wished to strangle this woman, who was actively distorting the truth.

Yet, Ye Qingtang appeared expressionless at Jiang Qin’s accusations and merely looked at her with a smile.

“Aunt, even Ye Qingtang is not saying anything. I think that she’s clearly guilty. Don’t s.h.i.+eld her blindly out of your favoritism for Jiang Lang and lose sight of the Jiang Family rules,” Jiang Qin said proudly.

Ye Qingtang would have no evidence either even if she denied the claims. Regardless of how Ye Qingtang came out, the deaths of Jiang Qiu and the rest must be blamed on Ye Qingtang.

The elders had a complicated look as well. They were indeed surprised that Ye Qingtang made it out of the forbidden area alive, but the deaths of the others were suspicious. However, what exactly happened in the forbidden area was unknown to them.


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