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Chapter 189: Useless Wolf (2)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Ye Qingtang was going to retract her hands but suddenly realized that the wolf only cast her an aloof look before looking away as though it did not plan to resist or attack her.

Happiness filled her, and she automatically took the silver wolf’s reaction as an acceptance of her. Insatiably, she reached her hands out and rubbed the fluffy wolf fur.



The silver wolf froze slightly but did not resist at all, and Ye Qingtang caressed it even more brazenly.

Warden Tu’s lips twitched. He just said that the wolf would never wake up, but then it woke up? His face was completely gone.

“Uh. Since it is awake, there should not be any big problems already.” Warden Tu was obviously not too attentive to this “useless wolf.”

But Ye Qingtang said very seriously, “But it slept for so long, could it have any internal injuries?”

Warden Tu replied casually. “Perhaps. However, there shouldn’t be any big problems. If you’re worried, you can ma.s.sage it with spirit energy. Anyways, this will only benefit and not harm it.” Although Warden Tu said that, he still felt that Ye Qingtang was crazy. Otherwise, why would she use such precious spirit energy to ma.s.sage a “useless wolf?”

However, Ye Qingtang remembered his words clearly.

Warden Tu saw that there was nothing much and left after saying a few words insincerely.

After walking Warden Tu out, Ye Qingtang walked back to her bed and smiled extremely brightly as she looked at the “seductive” and handsome wolf. A pair of small hands had already unconsciously started directing her inner qi as they touched the wolf’s body.

A certain wolf’s body completely froze, but Ye Qingtang grinned. “Little baby. Don’t be afraid, I’ll give you a good ma.s.sage. Don’t worry, I’ll be very gentle.”

“…” A certain wolf froze for a while and ultimately turned its head around. Let her be then…

Once Su Wan returned to the room, she saw Ye Qingtang smiling extremely evilly while touching a silver wolf all over. She was slightly shocked, but she subsequently remembered what Yun Shu told her to pa.s.s on to Ye Qingtang. However, at this instant, Su Wan narrowed her eyes into a slit and looked away without telling Ye Qingtang anything as though she did not know anything.

She would definitely not let Senior Brother Yun and Ye Qingtang have anything going on between them!

At the same time, the file that the Rewards Pavilion warden sent to the outer sect elder had already reached the hands of the outer sect elder.

Elder Huang was the elder of the outer sect’s sword faction and was also the one who introduced the sect rules to the disciples. As he read the file that was sent over by the Rewards Pavilion, his brows were slightly furrowed.

An outer sect sword faction disciple standing beside him obediently handed him a cup of tea.

“Does elder have any troubling matters?” The disciple asked.

Elder Huang said, “Zhou Xuan, have you heard of a disciple called Ye Qingtang in the outer sect?”

When Zhou Xuan suddenly heard the words “Ye Qingtang,” his eyes sharpened, but he hid his emotions away skilfully and replied calmly, “I did hear of her previously. I think she is a new disciple.”

Elder Huang nodded and placed the file aside.

“When this disciple first entered the outer sect, I didn’t expect her to have such skills…”

Zhou Xuan was confused but did not dare to probe.

Elder Huang did not say anything more and ordered someone to deliver the file back. Then, he spoke to Zhou Xuan again. “Zhou Xuan, how is your brother Zhou Qu’s injury?”


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