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Chapter 1980: Crimson League (4)

“What is it?” the Fox Demon asked.

“The Ancient You Clan is eying the Crimson League,” Ye Qingtang said.

The Fox Demon paused for a moment before it laughed. “Holy Lord, you don’t make a lot of sense. The Crimson League is based in the Second Domain, while we’re at the Central Mainland now.”

The Fox Demon looked at Ye Qingtang and continued.

“I’m not completely clueless about the outside world even though I’m at the Frost Abyss. From what I know, the Ancient You Clan has been quite radical recently in the Central Mainland. Their powers have also significantly increased, but this is all due to rivalry in the Central Mainland.”

“I know that the Ancient You Clan and Temple of Shadows had a conflict previously. You’re underestimating the Crimson League’s information network if you think the Crimson League will join in just because you made up some news.”

The Fox Demon never took her words to heart.

No matter Ancient You Clan’s powers, they were based in the First Domain. If they were to come head to head with the Second Domain’s powers, it would be akin to seeking their own death.

After all, the two domains were worlds apart.

“I’m here to say what I want to say and it’s up to you whether you want to believe it or not.” Ye Qingtang remained composed.

“Though the Temple of Shadows has already been removed from the Crimson League, we were still once allies and so I came to let you know about it.”

“Oh? Holy Lord, you’re quite nice then, aren’t you.” The Fox Demon let out a chuckle.

With that, Ye Qingtang glanced at the Fox Demon. “I’m sure you have your ways of learning about the outside world, but how much can you know? The Ancient You Clan can increase their powers by tenfold just in a year. How far do you think they can go over time?”

Ye Qingtang’s words made the Fox Demon’s expression change. Before the Fox Demon could even say anything, Ye Qingtang spoke first.

“Anyway, that is all I can say. Goodbye.”

Ye Qingtang didn’t give the Fox Demon any chance to speak and just turned around and left. She was straight to the point and the two tribe leaders were shocked. They quickly rushed out after her.

“Holy Lord, is the Ancient You Clan really that ambitious? They’re eying the Second Domain’s powers?” The Demon Tribe leader asked Ye Qingtang right after they stepped out of the cave.

The two tribe leaders were shocked by Ye Qingtang’s actions earlier.

Ye Qingtang hadn’t mentioned a single word about returning to the Crimson League and absolutely nothing about repairing a relations.h.i.+p with the Crimson League.

This made her words even more credible.

“What do you think?” Ye Qingtang replied with composure.

“With the Ancient You Clan’s current powers, they are considered the best in the First Domain. However, they are still collecting the Spirit of Chaos fragments, which shows that they are not after the First Domain. Moreover, the Ancient You Clan despised alien races all along. The Crimson League is the league for alien races in the Second Domain and would naturally be their first target.”

Ye Qingtang sounded confident and absolutely convincing, leaving the two tribe leaders bewildered.

The Holy Lord was formidable to discover the Ancient You Clan’s aims! The Crimson League had already removed them but the Holy Lord was nice enough to let them know of the threats.

“That d.a.m.ned fox is very arrogant, it might not have just disregarded the Holy Lord’s words. The Crimson League might not be able to appreciate the Holy Lord’s good intentions,” the Demon Tribe leader scoffed.


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